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17 December 2010

Email address advice needed please! [More:]OK so for the past five years I've used the same personal email address. It's the name of my husband's company with a number added, @comcast. Within the next month we won't be using Comcast and I want to change my address to a gmail account.

I want to use my own name, more or less, and keep it simple, and keep this address hopefully for a very long time.

So .. firstname.lastname is not available. It's also not available with several of the single and double-digit letters I tried. When I add in my middle name, as in firstnamemiddlename.lastname, with a single digit letter, that IS available. But I hesitate to use my full name in an email address .. somehow I feel like when I add in the middle name, it's too much personal information.

I don't like the _ underscore for some reason.

I'd prefer not to use my last name first.

Is it better for some reason to use a dot between my first and last names? Does that cut down on spam or is there some reason I should do this? I probably could come up with firstname.lastname with a double digit number on the end if I keep trying. But somehow that looks, I don't know, kinda cheap to me.

As I said, I'd like to keep this as my primary email for a long time .. does anyone have a suggestion or any advice?

Thanks a lot!
Yeah, I was just going to say that if it was gmail, they consider firstname.lastname the same as firstnamelastname.

Don't know what to suggest, though. :-(
posted by Stewriffic 17 December | 07:58
I have firstinitial UNDERSCORE middleinitial UNDERSCORE surname at yahoo, which works well for me. Maybe try that but @gmail and with dots instead?
posted by altolinguistic 17 December | 09:06
What about firstinitial.lastname? Using a hyphen or nothing if you want to leave out the meaningless dot. Using a first initial instead of the whole first name seems more professional to me since it's similar to every work email I've had.
posted by youngergirl44 17 December | 09:33
I think it's better to have an e-mail address without a number, even if it's not your name. When I see a number, it's either a random number, or a birth year, and who wants to give away how old they are with their e-mail address?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 December | 10:36
I use just my last name.
posted by Obscure Reference 17 December | 12:41
I use middlelast with no space. Now, of course, all of the scammers know my full name, but screw 'em.
posted by Madamina 17 December | 12:44
Have you considered getting a domain name for your husband's company?

Then you could use whatever email addr you want, e.g.
posted by philipy 17 December | 14:16
How about FMLast@gmail (first initial, middle initial, last name)?
posted by filthy light thief 17 December | 16:06
I was going to suggest what FLT said. Or what I do:
posted by deborah 17 December | 17:26
How about last name + useful number? All of Maine has the 207 area code, so Or, try yahoo or MS-Live mail. They might have a preferred name.
posted by theora55 18 December | 10:06
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