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10 December 2010

A Friday Night Question, chosen at random from The Book of Questions:[More:]

#103- Does the fact that you have never done something before increase or decrease its appeal to you?
Increase! Unless it's something that I know in my bones I shouldn't do. Like trip, or skydive. Generally, though, total increase.
posted by rainbaby 10 December | 19:23
Um, um, I dunno. It depends on whether the new thing is something I'm doing or something that's being done to me.

... that sounded dirtier than I meant it to.

But it's true! If I am undertaking a task with my own hands, a task that I can complete on my own, its novelty may amp up my enthusiasm for it. For example, right now I'm re-upholstering a chair, which I've never done before. Even with something as simple as this, the pleasure of learning a new skill makes it really fun for me!

But putting myself in someone else's hands for a brand new experience --- well, that's harder for me, unless it's someone I really trust.
posted by Elsa 10 December | 19:49
Reminds me of some of the best advice I ever got: "Don't do anything I wouldn't do twice." If something new comes up where the cost and/or risk is not unreasonably high, I'll say "hell yeah!" (a little less strong than a "fuck yeah!" but still enthusiastic). But once the cost and/or risk reaches a certain level, I'll flop over quickly to "hell no" mode. That's why I don't own any Apple products (which shows how low that 'flop over' level really is for me).

Related question: if you have done something before with a bad outcome, how many other people's good outcome might convince you to do it again?
posted by oneswellfoop 10 December | 19:58
Increase. Especially travel to new places.
posted by Ardiril 10 December | 20:12
Honestly: decrease. I'm a creature of routine and I find it very very hard to be enthusiastic about new things. My initial reaction to change is OH GOD NO. I try to stifle that, but it's usually too loud.
posted by punchtothehead 10 December | 20:15
Neither, really. If I want to do something, it's because it interests me.
posted by JanetLand 10 December | 20:43
It depends. If it were bungee jumping I wouldn't be interested. If it is a new food, or an exotic locale, I'm interested.
posted by LoriFLA 10 December | 21:00
Pretty much increase. I'm one of those people who has done a whole lot of things, but most of them only once. That tends to satisfy my curiosity and give me a basic understanding, and then I am ready to move on to trying more, new, different things. In other words, I am more of a dabbler than a delver, except for a few areas like history, music, cooking, writing.

posted by Miko 10 December | 21:05
Hmmm... probably increase. It's the curiousity factor- what will it be like to do it? Then, once I've done it, I know, and whether I do it again will be solely based on whether or not it was, in actuality, a lot of fun.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 December | 22:00
Totally USED to be a decrease in likelihood. Nowadays though, the opposite is true. Also, perhaps related, if I find myself scared to do something, that tells me I'd better do it. I mean, within reason. I'm scared to drive into a rock cut with my car...I still don't do that one.
posted by richat 10 December | 22:15
It depends on what it is. Should someone ask, "Do you want to do something new?", without telling me what it is, it's definitely increase until I know what it is.
posted by deborah 10 December | 22:42
Increase, probably. I get antsy when the novelty index dips too low.
posted by tangerine 11 December | 04:23
I'm with JanetLand. I'm interested in what I'm interested in. Sometimes it's things that are new, sometimes not.
posted by dg 11 December | 06:00
Decrease. I'm not good at doing new things. I try to force myself to though, because it's a weakness.
posted by apoch 11 December | 09:19
Where's the edit button. Social things, decrease. Books, music, movies, etc... increase.
posted by apoch 11 December | 09:20
Increase. I like to see new things, taste new things, etc. I guess I secretly believe that I'll find something new and wonderful. Sometimes I do, and sometimes, I should have had the pasta. Only up to a point, though. I'll try the fish sausage happily, but the lemon sorbet with basil syrup, and cardamom creme anglais turns out to be too weird. And I'm probably not ever going to skydive.
posted by theora55 11 December | 14:01
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