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10 December 2010

where I grew up (this is a google maps stalking thread) [More:]

I just google-map-stalked my old address where I grew up in Ohio.

Lived here from age 5 until 18, with stints off and on in my twenties. No one lives there now; the house is abandoned.

The entire emerald-green section (sown in spring wheat) was ours, as well as the 2 big sections adjacent to the north, and most of the woodlot on the northeast corner. All in all, nearly 400 acres. I rode horses and mountain bikes in the woods for hours and hours out there. You had to be careful though, because there were quite a few old wells (with rotting covers, hidden in weeds) lurking amongst the brambled hedgerows.

Mom sold it off in 2002 to move to a smaller, more manageable place in town, and the fields were sectioned out to the adjacent farmers. She told me me last time we talked that most of the buildings, including the house, have begun to fall down. It's that collection of rusty-looking sheds/barns/outbuildings below the pin. Apparently there's not much of a market for land out there; it's too far from anything. That said, I am rather selfishly glad to see that it hasn't yet been turned into a swath of tract homes.
Lived here from age 9 until around age 23. Just a nice place in the suburbs with funny street names. The neighborhood was called Gay Farms.
posted by JanetLand 10 December | 16:53
Here was my house from 1983-1989, which is what I'd consider "growing up."

We had by far the largest house and yard on the block, including bigger than the mirror image house on the other corner. It's funny; I was looking at it and thought, "Gosh, did they bulldoze the house next door?" No, that was our garage back then, too. (I just never paid attention to it because it was so decrepit that we never went in there.)

In comparison, though, everybody else had boats and beach houses or whatever. Yeah, Delaware has no middle class.

It was an awesome house with a huge finished attic with a hammock and a deck and a front and back stairway and and and...

We moved to an incredibly boring ranch house in an incredibly boring neighborhood in Wisconsin where everybody looked at you funny if you didn't Chemlawn the shit out of your yard. My mom used to punish us for fighting by sending me to the front and my brother to the back to dig up dandelions. That was enough for her.

posted by Madamina 10 December | 17:19
I lived here before we moved to Ohio. That Safeway's been there for at least 40 years because we shopped there. The CVS used to be a Rite Drug I believe, and the car wash used to be a laundromat. I'm really surprised at how much hasn't changed, although granted it would probably look pretty different to me if I actually went there. I vividly remember that watertower and the noise from the beltway tho.

We used to walk from our house to my paternal grandparents' place which is the Y where Grace Church and Dale Drive meet. I doubt you could do that easily these days tho. Montgomery Road looks like a madhouse now; 40 years ago it was basically just a sleepy 4 lane suburban boulevard.

These days I live here. A bit different, but it's still the 'burbs, basically. I'll have to tell the mister that my poor crappy old grey car has been forever preserved by the Google Streetview van; he was ever so tickled to have gotten rid of it a few months back.

Janetland, there's a Gay Park tract housing neighbourhood in Longmont, where a number of my colleagues live, actually. A relic of simpler times, methinks, or (cynically) yet another weapon in the arsenal of modern elementary school bullies...
posted by lonefrontranger 10 December | 17:22
Moved here when I was, what, 12? All those crowded subdivisions weren't there. There was a pond and a creek and miles of woods. There were a few kids to play with over on the next street (over the creek and around the pond), but we couldn't see our nearest neighbor, no curtains at all. It was pretty great.

Now I'm here. We think we're awesome because our back yard is 100 feet long (it's 13 feet wide). The neighborhood certainly has its charms, though--we love it.
posted by mrmoonpie 10 December | 17:29
Grew up Here.

The house was my grandparents' beach house (they lived in the Valley) and they gave it to my mom on the occasion of her marriage. Who the hell eschews the beach for the SF valley, anyway? Different times.
posted by danf 10 December | 17:30
lonefrontranger -- the name for my subdivision came from the previous owners of the land. Gay was their last name.
posted by JanetLand 10 December | 17:41
My first independent living situation was here in South Redondo, and a few years later, and removed by several houses and towns, I lived right across the street from here for a bit.
posted by danf 10 December | 17:42
This is where I spent 1987 to 1998, except we didn't have a pool. The deck my dad hand-built is still on the back (on the second floor). The woods behind the house were pretty nice, and absolutely beautiful when it snowed. Also great for dumping pumpkins and Christmas trees when we were done with them.

After my dad struck it rich in the mid 90s with the Internet boom (pre-dot com), my parents decided my sister and I needed a place where we could entertain out friends better, and we moved about a mile away to our new home. I kind of resented that.

This is where I lived up until March of this year, when the boy and I moved to Japan. Living in the Seattle area, even when I was on the Eastside, made me intensely jealous of the childhood I could have had, where "downtown" was a bus ride or two away.
posted by gc 10 December | 18:40
I grew up mostly here in Santa Ana and here in Orange.

The Santa Ana neighbourhood wasn't nearly that nice while my family lived there. The plantings are new as well as the brick and wrought iron fence.

The house in Orange didn't have that large two story addition in the back, nor the porch on the front. I am pleased to see the large pecan tree (next to the driveway) is still there as well as the old driveway itself. Chapman U was still a College back then and much smaller.
posted by deborah 10 December | 22:38
Here's the road where I grew up. Our house is just northwest of the marker; my parents still live there. Follow the road all the way west and at the very end is my grandpa's house.

The house at the intersection of Little Fireweed Lane and Williams Street belongs to my father's older brother. My father's younger brother's house is just north a wee bit at the end of Misty Lane. My grandparents homesteaded in the 30s and 40s about a mile east of here at the top of McLay Road. Each of my brothers have stolen the McLay Road sign at least once during their teen years.
posted by rhapsodie 10 December | 22:44
Grew up here in Jersey. Cute little town, nothing like most people think of the Garden State. Was a great place to be a kid, totally walkable. I was a completely free-range kid, my parents had no idea where I was most of the time and we had full run of the town.
posted by octothorpe 11 December | 00:25
Did most of my growing up here, in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. None of the pools were there then and many of the houses have been extended. All three schools I went to there are within walking distance. Like octothorpe, I was free-ranging and we used to ride our bikes over to an old quarry that had filled with water to swim, which was probably 5km away via lots of busy roads (my Mother never knew). If you zoom out, you can see the quarry next to Lake Pupuke, although there were no roads anywhere near back then. Now I'm here, trying to build a place where my kids can range around without moving too far away. Time have changed, for the worse.
posted by dg 11 December | 05:56
Here is the house I grew up in. My parents moved in before I was born, my mom sold it and moved to a less urban neighborhood a few years back. I went by there this summer when we were visiting and the roof shingles are threadbare. I talked to our old neighbor next door and he said something like the guy who lives there doesn't own it; he had moved in with his girlfriend and then they broke up and she moved out. I think the girlfriend's mother owns it and won't kick him out, nor will she sell it to him, so he doesn't maintain it.
posted by Doohickie 11 December | 08:56
When I was around 14, I was thrilled to get a letter and house photos from a family in England I had written to. They were living at the address listed on [pop star's name redacted]'s birth certificate, and I was an obsessive fan...

I suppose Google's streetviews have made such discoveries easier and less magically satisfying.
posted by xo 11 December | 14:51
OMG colts! || A Friday Night Question,