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10 December 2010

I wanted you to know... ..that Mr. V passed away this past Saturday. We were divorced, but that was beside the point - I still loved that man. I was able to be at his bedside right to the end. Fuck cancer. It's been three years this month since his operation to remove his cancerous kidney and a wedge on his lung. He had a smooth passing, surrounded by his two kids, his two brothers, his girlfriend of six months, and me. Everyone here has been so supportive during all the ups and downs we've had - I just wanted you guys to know.
Condolences, redvixen, and hugs. I hope you have all you need (it sounds like you do) and it's good to know you're with other people who loved him. Hugs, again, and peace and good memories to all of you.
posted by Hugh Janus 10 December | 20:13

It's so hard to lose someone, and to see them taken struggling with a disease like cancer is heartbreaking.

I hope you have people around you to give you many hugs.
posted by gomichild 10 December | 20:13
I'm sorry, rv. You have been brave and strong at every point along this path. Hugs to you.
posted by Miko 10 December | 20:14
Oh, redvixen, I'm so sorry --- my condolences to you and your whole family. It's good to hear that you're surrounded by loved ones at such a sad time. I'll be thinking of you and yours.
posted by Elsa 10 December | 20:34
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
posted by rainbaby 10 December | 20:35
Very very sorry.
posted by JanetLand 10 December | 20:44
I'm so sorry, redvixen.
posted by LoriFLA 10 December | 20:57
Wow, redvixen, so sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself.
posted by mudpuppie 10 December | 20:59
I'm really sorry to hear that. Sending good thoughts.
posted by Twiggy 10 December | 21:06
I'm so sorry for your loss, redvixen. ((((((rv)))))))
posted by Kangaroo 10 December | 21:22
posted by Ardiril 10 December | 21:43
So sorry, RV. I'm glad you got to be with him at the end.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 December | 21:52
Everyone's said it so well, but man, yes, I'm sorry. Well done, you.
posted by richat 10 December | 22:10
(((redvixen))) Fuck cancer. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you, your family and friends right now. Please take care of yourself.
posted by msali 10 December | 22:27
You are a class act, (((redvixen))). My condolences to you, his friends & family.

PS: Fuck cancer.
posted by deborah 10 December | 22:44
I am so, so sorry sweetie. (((((hugs))))
posted by rhapsodie 10 December | 23:05
I'm so sorry, redvixen. Take care of yourself.
posted by gaspode 10 December | 23:12
That's terrible. Sending all my whuffles and best wishes.
posted by youngergirl44 10 December | 23:31
So sorry Redvixen for your loss. My condolences.
posted by typewriter 10 December | 23:45
I'm very sorry to hear this, and I'm so glad you got to be there with him.
posted by Specklet 10 December | 23:49
So sorry to hear Redvixen. My thoughts are with you.
posted by cheminatrix 11 December | 00:12
Damn, I'm so sorry. What a wonderful thing for him that you stayed until the end. I have such a hard time with death, and I would hate to think that I'd be alone when my time comes.

It's more than fuck cancer, fuck death.
posted by octothorpe 11 December | 00:15
Big hugs, redvixen. My thoughts are with you.
posted by brujita 11 December | 00:35
I'm so sorry.
posted by occhiblu 11 December | 00:44
I'm sorry for your loss. Take care.
posted by Senyar 11 December | 02:06
Fuck cancer!!!!! Hugs.

posted by By the Grace of God 11 December | 04:10
Oh no. I'm so sorry.
posted by tangerine 11 December | 04:10
I'm so sorry. You've had such an up and down time with him, but it's good that you could put other things aside and be there for him. Yeah, fuck cancer!

Take care of yourself and your kids.
posted by dg 11 December | 05:35
My sincerest hugs to you, redvixen; he had an arduous journey — but so have you, and you allowed yourself to be guided by love instead of pain, which is a personal inspiration to me; I will always be looking to that example in how to act be.
posted by taz 11 December | 06:11
I'm very sorry.

(There was more here, but it felt like cancer one-up-ing, and that didn't feel right.)
posted by gc 11 December | 06:38
Thank you for letting us know so we can send you hugs and good vibes and hopefully share the difficult burden of grief with you.


:::sending healing thoughts:::
posted by Stewriffic 11 December | 07:35
Sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you.
posted by TheophileEscargot 11 December | 07:41
Very sorry to hear that, redvixen. You've had such a hard time with all of it; there are lots of people here who admire you greatly for how you've handled it all, and I'm one of them. Try to look after yourself.
posted by altolinguistic 11 December | 07:53
I'm sorry for your loss. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing. At least everyone was their at the end.
posted by apoch 11 December | 08:58
What dg and everyone else said. (((redvixen)))
posted by Melismata 11 December | 09:34
Oh man. Sending extra love and strength to you, rv.
posted by mykescipark 11 December | 10:14
So sorry to hear this, redvixen. Much love and support to you during this terrible time.
posted by mygothlaundry 11 December | 11:41
Fuck fuck fuck cancer! ((({redvixen})))
posted by Obscure Reference 11 December | 12:37
Hugs. I'm glad you were able to be there. Down with cancer.
posted by casarkos 11 December | 14:05
I'm sorry, rv.
posted by box 11 December | 14:22
I'm so sorry about your loss. *hugs*
posted by Firas 11 December | 17:55
I'm so sorry.
posted by dilettante 11 December | 18:02

So sorry.
posted by jason's_planet 11 December | 18:16
((huge hugs. . .))

You being there was the best gift you could possibly give to your children.
posted by danf 11 December | 18:38
I'm so sorry for your loss. It's terrible to die so young. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
posted by Pips 11 December | 20:38
I'm sorry for your loss. Cancer sucks so very much.
posted by theora55 11 December | 20:57
I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss.
posted by TrishaLynn 11 December | 21:27
I'm so sorry for you and your family -- sounds like he was still a big part of it. Best wishes to you all.
posted by Madamina 11 December | 22:05
Thank you all so very, very very much. This is why I love this place. We had his memorial service today - beautifully done, lots of people. And his family and I are still close, hope to always be so. He would have been touched by all the outpouring of love surrounding us. Thank you all again.
posted by redvixen 12 December | 18:14
Wow, I am sorry, that sucks. Hugs and best wishes!
posted by rmless2 12 December | 23:22
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