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11 June 2010

How do I captain my kickball team? I'll probably post this to AskMe but I won't be able to for another five days, and our first game is on Sunday. I met with my independent co-ed rookie league kickball team (special rules) last night, and apparently they took one look at me and decided I was to be captain. [More:](We also decided our team name, given that we had never met each other before, should be "Strangers with Candy.") The problem is I have no idea what to do! I don't even think I've played kickball in 20 years. And neither has a lot of the team. The main things I am concerned about now is how to decide on fielding positions, how we decide when fielders substitute, and the batting order. There are probably a zillion other things I haven't thought of. Suggestions?
Eeeeek, no suggestions at all?
posted by grouse 11 June | 12:27
Never played kickball, but I know that Hugh Janus did or does, so maybe he will pop up at some stage with some advice.
posted by gaspode 11 June | 12:32
If you're all that inexperienced & are in it for funsies, come up with quick & fun ways to change up fielding and batting lineups. Rock Paper Scissors, leg wrestling a la Stephen Colbert, etc.
posted by knile 11 June | 12:52
Keep it fun.
posted by jtron 11 June | 14:10
Judging from a roommate who was captain of our pool team:

1) You don't have to be like strategic captain. Just ask the people present what position they wanna be, don't try to be team strategic leader. The team will evolve its own will to win/goof off and that's sort of separate from captaining.

2) Do the paperwork,

3) Show up a bit early and sit down where the team is supposed to be sitting down so people know where to go (distinctive hat helps).

4) Have everyone's phone number.

5) Get someone else to be backup for the (hopefully rare) times you will be late or absent.

6) Bring a first aid kit?

Sorry if this is not what you were asking. The last time I played kickball was 3rd grade!
posted by fleacircus 12 June | 01:27
My department has a beer league softball team. I don't want to play, so I made a new position for myself: DJ. People submit to me requests for batting music. I load up a playlist, bring my ipod & some portable (battery-operated) speakers and everybody have a bit more of a good time. See if somebody on the team or their significant-other is willing to do this?
posted by knile 12 June | 17:26
have you guys seen you iphone drenched in blood? || Is anyone else watching the World Cup opener?