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11 June 2010

have you guys seen you iphone drenched in blood? I get exited about the True Blood app-ad (cuz I'm exited about True Blood) and show it off to my webcam, wanna see? Will you watch the season premiere?
I've never seen the show, but that was fun. A very cool ad indeed, and also cool to see you! *waves to dabitch*
posted by BoringPostcards 11 June | 08:27
*waves back* /mug covering face - I gotta remember not to be drinking coffee just when the camera fires up hehehe
posted by dabitch 11 June | 08:30
I don't have an opinion on the show or iPhones, but I love your hair.
posted by desjardins 11 June | 09:40
Don't know the show but I'm seconding the coolness of the app and the loving of your hair.
posted by arse_hat 11 June | 11:09
Seconding desjardins!
posted by msali 11 June | 11:12
I approve of this video in all of its contexts.
posted by danf 11 June | 11:31
Love the app.

Love True Blood.

Love Love Love dabitch's hair!
posted by gomichild 11 June | 11:33
wooo! I should do this on bad hairdays more often. *struts* Seriously, I haven't had it cut in like a year.
posted by dabitch 11 June | 12:39
fab! echoing all the above, we're total TB fans in this house!
posted by Wilder 11 June | 12:52
I'm a freaking TB addict. Never got the SO to watch any of it, but man the first season and that sudden sex-in-the-graveyard thing? My SO heard my sudden squeal! and wondered what the hell I was watching to make me make that noise. :))

It'll take a while before this season comes to Sweden. aaaargh.
posted by dabitch 11 June | 12:55
That's what teh internets are for...
posted by gomichild 11 June | 13:00
so true. true blood true. ;)
posted by dabitch 11 June | 16:32
I'm very excited that True Blood is starting up again. I was willing to pay for it through itunes but it's such a bloated mess for me to use i may just have to use the beloved internets like last year. I loved how twitter would explode every time True Blood came on.
I was just looking at the hbo special online last night and the minisodes and then i had to order the latest book because i got dled copies of the other nine and feel obligated to pay for it now just for being the pulpy source material it is. I love knowing some of what might be coming up on the show.
If i haven't made it clear, i love this show. It's such fun.

And more vids from dabs.
posted by ethylene 11 June | 19:56
yay! true blood this sunday! yay! i'm still excited from the yay thread! and i don't have an iphone so this was super cool to see... and dabitch still has cool hair!
posted by eatdonuts 11 June | 23:25
Anyone here use Fiverr for selling? || How do I captain my kickball team?