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28 March 2010

Bunny Pins Anyone interested? [More:]I would like one but not 10.
Those are really cute. I'm having to reckon with the fact that I don't wear the pins I already own, though. Love the thought, but know they would sit in my jewelry box with all the other cute pins, languishing.
posted by Miko 28 March | 22:29
I would be in. I don't wear pins, usually, but these are totally retro-cute. I'd be willing to split costs.
posted by occhiblu 28 March | 23:13
I've been getting really into pins (especially vintage rhinestone ones) to put on my blazers and spring jackets. I don't know how I'd tell my black trench from everyone else's in NY without the sparkles

Anyway, I am buying these!
If you want one, just send me a SASE (probably 2 stamps I am guessing if the pin is heavy) and a drawing of a bunny (the worse the better) to my work address:
Rebecca L
2315 Broadway
NY, NY 10024
posted by rmless2 29 March | 00:53
I like it. Thanks for doing this. I like the pins and I love the sentiment.

Expect a bad bunny drawing in your mail.
posted by lilywing13 29 March | 04:09
I also love that it's from Etsy and has a little loop that you could attach more dangly bits near the back foot.
posted by lilywing13 29 March | 04:11
As I already have (and still wear to meetups) my original bunny pin, I feel that a second one would begin to tip me over into crazy-person-who-wears-lots-of-the-same-types-of-pin territory.
posted by essexjan 29 March | 12:06
I had one of the original bunny pins, but I lost it, and although I would love one of these, I can't think where to buy American postage to send you... *frowny face*
posted by Specklet 29 March | 14:03
Done! Thanks!
posted by occhiblu 29 March | 14:05
That's ok Specklet, just send me your address and something fun.
posted by rmless2 30 March | 11:52
Ooh. I'd like one too but I'm going to have visitors for a week so may not get my drawing in the mail for a while.
posted by tangerine 30 March | 16:47
that's ok, I still haven't gotten them in the mail yet anyway!
posted by rmless2 30 March | 17:37
Mine is drawn, but must scan and refine a smidge. Will probably send out on Monday. I hope that's ok.
posted by lilywing13 08 April | 03:29
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