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22 March 2010

So I saw the new Alice In Wonderland: ..and while I gots lots to say about it (good and bad, tl; dr: it was okay), the last thing I expected to come up in an Alice movie are Scottish/Irish themes.[More:]

I mean, Evil Queen Lizz? Deep's brouge? I can't be the only person who saw this
.... the dance, oh god no, the dance ...

The peachfuzz and I were disappointed.
posted by -t 22 March | 23:21
....the Joan of Arc Catholic imagery which just makes the whole Evil Liz 1 thing more odd? It can't have been deliberate - right?

And I agree with the A.V Club. It didn't feel like an Alice story, no puns, no puzzles, no wordplay or sinister undertone. It didn't even feel like a Burton movie (granted, his movies have become increasingly lazy and unfocused ever since Ed Wood), it felt like Disney wanted to reboot its' Alice franchise and stuck a bunch of references onto a generic fantasy script. Anne Hathaway's White Queen has the only charming bit, as she seemed to be inhabiting a much goofier, stranger movie then anyone else. There was just , nothing I haven't seen before a hundred times and Alice is such well-worn ground that you gotta be outstanding to make it work. This was not outstanding. Also, WTF opening China to trade in the end? Hey screenwriter - you know that led to a huge fucking war right where lots of people died right? Alice the Imperialist indeed.

I starting to think the only reason this movie exists is cause someone high up has a huge(heh) giantess fetish.
posted by The Whelk 23 March | 07:10
Ha! from Spike "I know Depp and Burton are like super hetero-lifemates and all but I think the relationship is now officially toxic. Intervention time."
posted by The Whelk 23 March | 12:34
Ha, you said "Deep's brogue" and I thought you might have been referring to Deep Roy.

But the dance, apparently, is actually a real person dancing with Johnny Depp's head digitally placed on top of it. (link)

Happy Frabjous day.
posted by jabberjaw 23 March | 17:35
Conan O'Brien's twitter feed remains hilarious || Random: I'd like to share a meal with