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22 March 2010

Random: I'd like to share a meal with [More:] Tesla and Cold Chef.

The inventor, but the band would do, too, come to think of it.

I've never met Cold Chef, and Tesla might be an insufferable asshole (s), but I just read a short story by Lydia Millet that contained Tesla, and that's what I though.

Your small dinner companions lists welcome and encouraged here. No limitations as to size or containing the dead or members of the metaverse, or anything.

In fact, I thought about including NeNe, the older Lebanese woman who cuts my hair sometimes, but I don't know. . . If NeNe, then others, probably, it turns into a bigger party.

Cold Chef, if you read this, don't freak, not feeling stalkery. It'd possibly be even better if your whole fam was there.
posted by rainbaby 22 March | 19:17
ColdChef is the best!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 March | 19:22
...a coyote.
posted by Wolfdog 22 March | 19:26
Patti Smith and HP Lovecraft
posted by Ardiril 22 March | 19:57
James Randi and Ricky Jay. Or D. Boon and Buddy Holly.

Or Felicia Day. I could show her the mind flayer figurine I painted in high school (look at that brushwork!) and then we could play Talisman. *dreamy sigh*
posted by BitterOldPunk 22 March | 20:24
Jim Henson.

I'm sure there are other people who will come to me pretty quickly and cause me to add them to my next imaginary dinner party, but as soon as I finished reading the question, Jim Henson.
posted by Sil 22 March | 20:46
Elsa would be very polite, and have a perfect American accent (according to historical sources) Cold Chef will tell you dirty shorties and get you drunk and then lead into the private rooms of historical places cause he can and then introduce you to a bunch of fun people.

Cold Chef is kinda awesome, and you know, not dead.
posted by The Whelk 22 March | 20:47
I just wanna give famous historical personages tours of NYC and see how badly I can break their brains.
posted by The Whelk 22 March | 20:48
posted by The Whelk 22 March | 20:49
I'd be too intimidated to be any fun at a meal with one of my heroes ):
posted by serazin 22 March | 20:50
Eleanor Roosevelt. She fucking rocked. Zelda Fitzgerald. F. Scott, for that matter. Isabella Blow. Isadora Duncan. Gianni Versace. Edward Norton. Any of the Beastie Boys.
Vladmir Nabokov. Salman Rushdie. Tibor Fischer. Titian. God, no end in sight. I better stop. My lunch would have to be a luncheon, so I could get to every table and greet my guests. I would leave the Fitzgeralds until the end so we could get wildly drunk together.
posted by msali 22 March | 21:25
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I reckon the food would be really good.
posted by pompomtom 22 March | 21:26
A.J. Liebling would have the most gusto and the best stories to tell. But Nigella Lawson would be the most pleasant to look at and she could actually cook the food.

I suspect they would get on well together, so I'll say both of them.
posted by Joe Beese 22 March | 22:01
posted by Doohickie 22 March | 22:19
The/a love of my life.

I wonder if all of my past, present, and future loved ones would get along well enough to dine together. That'd be an interesting time, too.
posted by notquitemaryann 22 March | 22:36
Leonard Cohen. . .I would love to share a table with him.

posted by danf 22 March | 22:37
I would happily dine with Elsa. Potential third, Emilia Earhardt.
posted by rainbaby 22 March | 23:09
John Cage. Marcel Duchamp. Henry David Thoreau.

Amongst the Living? Thomas Pynchon, Douglas Hofstadter, Jasper Johns.
posted by kodama 22 March | 23:55
Helen DeWitt, John Stuart Mill, Neko Case, John Waters, women from Mujeres Libres, aaaand Barbara Pym. That should do it.

Previous to nickyskye's account of him I might've put Joseph Cornell on my list as well. But now he's banned FOREVER! No meal with me, jerk! Your loss, because I am AWESOME at eating meals. AWESOME.
posted by birdie 23 March | 01:17
Wow, someone else knows who Tibor Fischer is?!
posted by Wolfdog 23 March | 06:19
F. Scott, for that matter

According to accounts of his time in Hollywood (which was, granted, his utter decline) F. Scott was a utter bore who did nothing but drink until he passed out and refused to talk to anyone. Ms. Dorthy Parker had a reputation for being sullen, quiet, and muttering his famous barbs under her breath.

I've always wanted to get Whistler and Wilde in the same room cause apparently they just had knock-out screaming fights about Art which would be endlessly amusing to me. Also, Whistler? Kind of a dick.
posted by The Whelk 23 March | 07:51
I'd like to have dinner with my younger self, so I could slap some fucking sense into him.
posted by DarkForest 23 March | 07:54
J.O. Keefe, the acorn guy, Newton, Liebnitz, several friends and relatives that have passed on, FDR, J. Gordon Holt, Alberto Vargas, Henry Comans, Mike Judge, Burroughs, V, Tinkerbell, Arcee, Springer, Freud, Betsy Ross, Jung, Holly Wood, and many more.
posted by buzzman 23 March | 08:05
I'd like to have dinner with my younger self, so he could slap some fucking sense into me.
posted by Obscure Reference 23 March | 08:41
.....must ...resist.....obvious ....joke.
posted by The Whelk 23 March | 08:44
Cold Chef, Elsa (who is, in fact, polite) and any other MeFi rockstars and non-stars. Haven't had anything but fun at a meetup yet.

Laurie Colwin, Calvin Trillin, Margaret Drabble would make sparkling conversation, and I have a crush on Trillin. Maybe Brian Williams, from NBC; I've been crushing on him since I saw him on Ellen, funny and interesting. And Craig Ferguson, who is funny, charming and Scottish.

Of course, they'd all talk to each other, but I could listen keep the wine glasses full.
posted by theora55 23 March | 08:57
I'm with Obscure Reference.
posted by chewatadistance 23 March | 11:42
I'd like to share a meal with you.
posted by dg 24 March | 07:34
So I saw the new Alice In Wonderland: || I feel a little stupid asking you guys this...