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22 March 2010

Conan O'Brien's twitter feed remains hilarious
Now he's on a kick about someone or something named Justin Bieber. [More:]Some recent tweets:

"Sweet victory! I'm now trending higher than my twitter nemesis, Justin Bieber. Who's the tween heartthrob now?"
12:10 PM Mar 19th

"I just learned that retweets of my Bieber tweet mentioning Bieber actually help Bieber. Bieber, you're a worthy foe. Bieber."
12:50 PM Mar 19th

"I've added shows in Atlantic City and Vegas. Bieber plays Houston tomorrow. We circle each other like cobras."
9:55 AM Mar 20th

"As Bieber sleeps, I grow stronger. Sleep, Bieber. Sleep."
11:05 PM Mar 20th

"Damn! Bieber revealed that I'm opening for him with a Whitney medley. It was supposed to be a surprise. Advantage: Bieber."
40 minutes ago
Haha, it's weird. I had no idea who Beiber was until my friend used him as a facebook picture and now I can't seem to avoid references to him. But yeah, Conan's pretty funny ab it.
posted by Spontaneous Maximus 22 March | 18:29
"catching Bieber fever, forget the Swine Flu!"

Kid has an actual flow going on from the 1:00 to 1:17 :|
posted by Firas 22 March | 18:59
Bieber Fever? No, BEAVER Fever...
posted by oneswellfoop 22 March | 20:26
They're OK tweets, but it's incredible how thin the tweetstream still is. 34 tweets in ... 26 days. What's more he only follows one person. I don't know how he expects to get followers.

I kid, but also not, as @ebertchicago is a textbook example of how to be a successful tweeter. Fresh content daily, a mix of links and self-promotes and human touch thoughts, and every day retweets of at least three followers.

Are textbook examples still "textbook" examples? Wonder how much longer they will be?
posted by dhartung 22 March | 21:18
Hahaha dhartung
posted by Spontaneous Maximus 22 March | 22:17
I kinda like Conan O'Brien so I feel bad that I so disliked his show.
posted by arse_hat 23 March | 00:06
arse_hat, you're making me cry. The man is hilarious, and sexy, and also God.

In fact, if you could combine Jon Stewart and Conan, (averaging out the height, obviously) you'd have the perfect man. Or a complete hideous Franken-creature.
posted by brina 23 March | 15:59
Badgers! We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers || So I saw the new Alice In Wonderland: