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14 February 2010

I'll take "Stuff that costs over $1500," please So our refrigerator compressor blew out and I finally gave up (after repeated disassembling and cleaning) on fixing our dishwasher. Now I keep thinking about stuff I could have bought with that money.[More:]We financed everything at zero percent for a year.
Together both appliance cost about $1500. I torture myself in the same way whenever we have an expensive car repair.
posted by craniac 14 February | 13:37
Say hello to our new fridge. Mind you, I hated, loathed and despised the old one, and prayed for its death so we could replace it. But of course, the old fridge died at a particularly broke time in our lives. Such is life.
posted by Savannah 14 February | 15:02
New washer and dryer replaced the ones in my condo that had been there since it was built. (They were technically only $1200, but I had spent extra to have the door to the utility room widened so I could get full size ones instead of the weird narrow ones.)

And getting the pipes replaced from polybutelene pieces of crap that fail violently without warning to nice copper ones.
posted by sperose 14 February | 15:16
Yeah, wish I was one of those people who budgeted for known expenses, like new appliances ever eight years, but looking that far into the future makes me think about my own death too much.
posted by craniac 14 February | 19:49
In other words, I have about four refrigators left in my life.
posted by craniac 14 February | 19:49
"wish I was one of those people who budgeted for known expenses, like new appliances ever eight years" Eight years? Hell, I want 20 years out of a major appliance.
posted by arse_hat 15 February | 01:35
According to our repair guy and the elderly salesperson, those days are gone.
posted by craniac 15 February | 02:12
Felt the same way when I recently had to replace the airbag computer in a '96 Mazda. Do I really need that? I've never actually USED the airbags . . .
posted by fogovonslack 15 February | 14:17
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