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18 November 2009

Doggy IQ Test. According to this, our Sky is a bloomin' genius. She got the highest score in every exercise (usually faster than the high scoring example dog), and actually proved herself smarter than us. [More:]

On the hide-the-treat-under-the-towel test we thought she flubbed it as she was appearing to try to get to the treat through the towel (nosing/mouthing the towel). So I lifted the towel to retrieve the treat to give to her - and it was gone! She had snarfed it from under the towel so fast we didn't even see it, and was just snuffling 'round to make sure there wasn't any more of the same stuck in there somewhere.

I also found Cat and Dog IQ quizzes at Parade.

She also got a "Canine-stein" score on the Parade test - 86-90, depending on how I interpret the questions, but it's not a great test. She definitely knows more than five words, for example, but maybe not more than 12... though she knows most words in both English and Greek, so I figure that's got to bring it up to at least 12...

Suitcase? She doesn't know from suitcases, in terms of "something about to happen," but she gets very excited when I put on lipstick, because it means we're probably going... OUTSIDE!!1OMG!! She gets excited if I change clothes, but not if I put on any of the things I wear for pajamas. If I change shoes she gets happy, but not if I'm changing into slippers. She's alert but not assuming too much if I put on sandals.

She's a maniac for sniffing everything, but doesn't roll in shit... She's actually very dainty, does a good bit of self-cleaning, and hates to get her paws muddy, for example (plus, I imagine she's smart enough to know that getting stinky will mean a bath, which is not her favorite activity). She doesn't know the names of her toys (which don't have names), because she's not into toys too much - but she knew "bunny" back when her dearly-departed bunny was still with us. I don't say "here's your Kong" for example, or "here's this star-shaped-plushy-thing." So, some questions aren't that great for what the test-makers are hoping to determine.

Anyway, I think I need to get her some clever doggy puzzle toys... no wonder she's totally bored by "go get the ball!" She's like, "wellll... maybe once. If it will make you happy." :)
post by: taz at: 06:17 | 5 comments
Oh, man! I just tried schyler's treats-tied-in-a-tea-towel game. There was a learning curve.

The first time I did it, she knew there was something in there, but why wouldn't I just let her have it? Why was I tormenting her? She gave me the most heartbreaking look of wounded innocence and betrayal... lay down and refused to even look at me. Knife in my heart!

So, I took it back and primed it by tucking some cheese bits and chicken bits into the folds. A couple times of that, and now she's untying like a maniac and absolutely lurvvvving it. This is proving to be an extremely popular game, one hour in.
posted by taz 18 November | 09:19
You have only reinforced for me how much I want a dog, and not just any dog, I want a smart one. I grew up with German Shepherds in our home, and I bear a fondness for them to this day. I have always admired the intelligence and loyalty of a happy shepherd. There are two things (well three, actually) that prevent me from acquiring this breed: 1) The climate where I live is a bit on the warm side for an animal that has such a heavy coat; 2) They shed like KEEE-RAZY, and I don't think I could handle that much fur in my house; and 3) Racist that I am, I would want a purebred, and I am committed to adopting a rescue dog.

That said, my husband and I have been talking for years about getting a dog, but we haven't done it yet because we spend too much time away from home. I am hoping that in the next few years our travel schedule lightens, and I can get a poochie for myself. I think it's great what Taz and her husband have with their dog. What a great pup, that Sky.
posted by msali 18 November | 09:36
I would want a purebred, and I am committed to adopting a rescue dog.
Buy from a breeder who rescues, and match the money you spend on your purebred with a contribution to your local SPCA or rescue organization of choice. There's nothing wrong with getting the breed you want.
posted by Wolfdog 18 November | 09:55
Way to go, Sky!
posted by Specklet 18 November | 10:10
Msali, the shedding might be less of an issue with one of those new gizmos like the Furminator... you may try asking German Shepherd owners about their success with something like this. Jan sent us a ShedEnder Pro which really helps us during shedding season. Now, if I could have the exact same thing, size of a rake... :)

But ultimately... for our poochy and kitty objects of affection, we resign to committing ourselves to the legion of hair-spackled lunatic grinners who are totally willing to do insane things like express anal glands, pick apart poop to try to figure out what that weird "X" is in there, clean up interesting puke, and something that I won't even mention, that Boring Postcards did. (And so would I, but I'm still not going to mention it. Sweet dreams, everyone who remembers!)

Submit, msali, submit! when you're ready! :)

posted by taz 18 November | 10:13
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