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18 November 2009

Ask MeCha: food/drink for 90s party? I've been invited to a 90s party on Saturday. I was thinking it might be fun to bring some food or drink that is 90s themed—any ideas? Options to buy or make both welcome.
Zima, if they still sell that crap.
posted by desjardins 18 November | 00:44
goat cheese
gourmet pizzas
posted by occhiblu 18 November | 00:48
Or, really, a gourmet pizza with goat cheese and tapenade.
posted by occhiblu 18 November | 00:48
If it's going to be a late night, something to do with espresso/cappuccino etc. No disgusting high-fructose flavors, just the coffee and milk. Savor the authenticity (preferably in plaid shirts and dirty jeans).
posted by treepour 18 November | 01:52
Mt. Dew and/or Gatorade. Food...hrm, Lunchables?
posted by mullacc 18 November | 03:43
Zima and that soda with the floating orbs of multicolored snot-balls in them, what the hell were they called? And who drank that stuff?

Vegan pesto pizza.
posted by dabitch 18 November | 04:49
Pearl jam.
posted by Wolfdog 18 November | 06:12
Jello Shots. JELLO SHOTS! I hate Jello shots

Jolt Cola. Snapple. Fruit smoothies. Yoohoo.

Tiny bagels, or bagel chips - anyway, something wee and bagel-y; blue tortilla chips; fruit flavored yogurt or frozen yogurt; hot pockets; Jelly Bellies; Mentos; chocolate covered pretzels (?); Pocky!; those candies that look like pacifiers; Cookies n' Cream ice cream; Tofutti; deep-fried onion mums; any "Mexican" food that isn't tacos (chimichangas, for example. What's a chimichanga? I DON'T KNOW!); pesto + designer pasta (pasta must not be white!); mac and cheese (made a 90s comeback); veggie burgers or dogs, or tofu anything that is supposed to be like something else... tofu chili?

And for everything, put sprouts on top.
posted by taz 18 November | 08:45
That thing where you take a loaf of pumpernickel bread, hollow it out so it's a bowl and fill it with spinach dip.
I think every party I went to in the '90's had that.
posted by chococat 18 November | 09:06
Orbitz, dabitch.

My mom was just introduced to jello shots at a recent work party. I was a little embarrassed for her.
posted by dhartung 18 November | 10:23
posted by Triode 18 November | 10:59
anything "cool ranch" flavored.
posted by The Whelk 18 November | 11:32
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm having trouble thinking of some of these as "90s" ideas but maybe that is my own ignorance.

The people at this party mostly would have been born around 1980, so we probably weren't going to any highfalutin parties with tapenade and bread bowl spinach dip back in the 90s (sorry!).
posted by grouse 18 November | 12:05
The people at this party mostly would have been born around 1980, so we probably weren't going to any highfalutin parties

Well, from 10 years old to 19 years old is a pretty wide margin to narrow down an archetype for the typical 1990's partygoer:
When I was 15 I'd steal booze from my parents' cupboard or get my older brother to buy me beer and I'd eat chips or whatever was lying around at the party, usually nothing (eating wasn't really the point.)
When I was 19 I'd buy my own alcohol and, ya, people made stuff to eat. We were that sophisticated.

But yes, I'm more from the '80's I guess.
You youngsters were wearing giant novelty pants, stuffed animals on your backs and sucking on candy pacifiers when I was in my 20's.
posted by chococat 18 November | 12:28
Sorry, but my inner 80s child lays claim to both Jolt Cola and "cool ranch" as being property of MY decade, not your grungy one.

(also, I just discovered that Hidden Valley Ranch dressing ... originally made popular at a dude ranch in my former home town of Santa Barbara ... is ultimately owned by CLOROX! Ewwwwww!)

I spent much of the 90s stoned, so pretty much anything I could suggest beyond "food" would be pointless.
posted by WolfDaddy 18 November | 12:29
I spent much of the 90s stoned,

This would probably be the best way to re-create that elusive 90s feeling.
posted by The Whelk 18 November | 12:44
Squeezits. Those juice bottles in the plastic bottles? Those were the bomb.

Oh, and if you can time travel to the 90s and buy Lunchables when they first came out. Remember? Back in the day they marketed them as an easy lunch solution (before they got into marketing for kids with all the XTREME CHEEZE and FLAVR PACKS type stuff? I remember even when the Snackables were innocuous blocks of cheese, meat and crackers) for people on the go? It came with Dijon/spicy mustard that you bent with your thumb and forefinger so it came out like the plastic packet was girding up and pooing out grainy mustard, and for a "dessert" there was that tiny Alpine mint chocolate thing. Yea. I miss that. I can't take this pizza and roll up tacos bullshit they're doing now.
posted by kkokkodalk 18 November | 13:04
Power Bars?
posted by danf 18 November | 13:44
Boutique bottled sodas--Jones, Natural Brew, etc.
posted by box 18 November | 14:47
Ice beer.
posted by box 18 November | 14:50
Oh man, I had totally forgotten about Ice Beer.
Snapple is very,very 90s to me. So is Starbucks. And clear things--Pepsi Clear, Clearly Canadian.
posted by jrossi4r 18 November | 15:39
New York Seltzer. Or was that an 80s thing?
posted by TrishaLynn 18 November | 16:52
posted by Miko 18 November | 17:13
The Lunchables mint! OMG. Day: made.
posted by mdonley 18 November | 18:54
And seconding Snapple.
posted by mdonley 18 November | 18:57
I missed the 90s; I was raising a family.
posted by Doohickie 18 November | 19:24
I've never had a Jello shot.
posted by deborah 18 November | 19:34
Fruit Roll-ups, Hot Pockets, granola bars.
posted by halonine 18 November | 23:04
I think New York Seltzer was an 80s thing like Jolt. The soda with the candy spheres was Orbitz...definitely a 90s drink; 1996 to be precise.

Fruit roll-ups? They made me sick when I was a kid in the mid 80s. Granola bars as a 90s product? No...

Like the plaids (add leather jacket!) and base-model lattes idea. Snapple, too.

I missed the 90s. Spent much of it it as a commuter college student fighting social anxiety. Yikes. What a waste.
posted by codswallop 19 November | 00:28
Ice Beer

Man, I never drank that stuff but I did the most awesomest career changing campaign ever for it that was never presented to the client because they dumped the agency one day before the presentation - aaaaaargghh, I hate Ice beer more than anyone else.
posted by dabitch 19 November | 10:03
This is the first time I've looked at myself and thought I looked like an adult || Doggy IQ Test.