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14 November 2009

Just saw 2012 And I LOVED IT![More:] I'm usually disdainful of Hollywood disaster porn like this, but this was honestly the most sheer FUN I've had at the movies since I was a kid watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time. This review totally captures the way I feel. And though it's not a particularly intelligent or artful movie (and it's certainly not trying to be either one), John Cusack and Oliver Platt both give sincere, top-notch performances. Anyone else seen it?
No but now I will. I haven't seen a cgi-porn all action film in a long time and this sounds like it'll scratch that itch perfectly.
posted by dabitch 15 November | 09:48
BF *reeeealllly* wants to see it, in an unabashed love of Explosion Movies. I agrees to see it with me today provided I'm on no less than three mind-altering substances.

I'll let you know how it goes.
posted by The Whelk 15 November | 10:01
The tricky part is going to be finding a movie-night. I'd like to go out with my BF but we haven't done that in 4 years now.
posted by dabitch 15 November | 10:05
Seeing just the previews for that movie jacked up my adrenaline to the point where my knees got wobbly and my eyesight went all grey. Sometimes those movies just do not sit well with me and set off something in the lizard brain of nothing more than DANGERDANGERDANGER.
posted by sperose 15 November | 10:16
Epic Cities Drowning + John Cusack = WIN.

I will see this movie, probably all by my lonesome, as none of my friends are down with either Disaster Porn or Horror Movies.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 15 November | 11:28
I hadn't heard anything about it so I went to Rotten Tomatoes and immediately got sidetracked by Fantastic Mr. Fox.
posted by Wolfdog 15 November | 12:03
Ha! Disaster porn! I love the term. The mister and I are going to see it next weekend.
posted by deborah 15 November | 13:01
So this is some kind of sequel to 2010, right? Is Helen Mirren reprising her role?
posted by dhartung 15 November | 15:31
Okay, just got back, kinda SPOILERY so head with caution.

I feel ripped off. You know all those awesome Destruction Explosion Porn promised? We've seen it. In the trailers. All of it. Even Las Vegas and its parade of Fake Landmarks gets little treatment and they don't even have little aliens running around screaming "Ack Ack!" Lame. The wad, she was blown, and the rest of the movie is the kind of ruthless Pathos Engine Dickens would have sacrificed an orphan to achieve. For a worldwide demolition derby, the real horrors come from watching whatever plate tectonics are working to unmake Oliver Platt's face and what I fear is Woody Harrelson's actual personality.

The barely sublimated desire to break our toys, to gleefully smash all our mounds of stupid shit that we bought with stupid money from working at our stupid jobs where you feel like shit so we can buy more shit permeates the entire movie. Since Americans have spent the last 200 years repressing class issues, it seems almost cathartic to watch a fleet of luxury cars tumble around like so many lego blocks. Project Mayhem without the guilt. There is even some lip service to class struggle speached at us by Black Dr. Baltar (Who is, of course, All Good Always). All must be thrown into the bonfire of the vanities so the important stuff, The Family, can remain. That is, the nuclear white American family with 2 kids and parents who are miraculously back together after the Father Intruder is thrown into the gears. This is a movie where parents die, not children. They even have a fucking dog. Our plucky ethnic characters are expendable so long as Mommy and Daddy get back together. Catastrophe by Jimmy, age 8. Considering where they end up, the movie has a weird God's Poor/Devil's Poor relationship with the rest of the world. Honest Tibetans get a place in the Ark, the entire continent of Africa? Hope you like your new mountain rage and hordes of colonizing white folk!

There is also some sub-plot about saving the world's heritage and treasures which just strikes me as bogus. There is enough art and music and stories to last a thousand lifetimes. Does anyone really need to see the Mona Lisa ever again? Burn the bitch and maybe something new will actually happen for once. Also movie, airlifting animals into the Ark? Cute, but you're not NEARLY wacky enough to let me swallow that. If the ecosystem has been as trashed as you imply, then you're gonna need bees and worms, not giraffes and hippos.
posted by The Whelk 15 November | 16:26
Still, the best scene has to be the supermarket quake, just for the sheer number visible product logos. Is that really something you want your brand associated with?

"Horror and Panic! brought to you by Ruffles Brand Baked Potato Chips, a subsidiary of Pepsico! Now in Sour Cream and Hot Cheddar! Get them before they and everything else is gone!
posted by The Whelk 15 November | 19:16
I totally see your points (btw, I had exactly the same thought about Woody Harrelson) and I found the nuclear family stuff grating too, but I still loved it. I actually may go see it again. For me, the adrenaline rush was that good.
posted by treepour 15 November | 23:03
Hi Treepor. It's nice to talk about stuff!

FURTHERMORE, it wasn't WORLDWIDE, where is the Taj Mahal bursting, The Pyramids, Capetown, The Great Fucking Wall or Tokyo Tower or the huge fucking things they've built in Dubai or that huge earthquake-proof building in Taiwan or like ANY in Australia or Southern Africa? You got a whole LESS major world points in favor of the waves hitting Everest. Which was not very impressive.

I was promised an hour of sheer END OF THE WORLD and I didn't get it. So I am, in a very little movie way, miffed.
posted by The Whelk 16 November | 00:17
St. Basil's domes rolling around killing people like billiard balls, just sayin.
posted by The Whelk 16 November | 00:19
Hey The Whelk! Yeah, I certainly wouldn't have minded more worldwide monuments exploding. Now that you mention it, they did overlook a lot of golden opportunities. But I really dug the giant walls of water pouring over the Himalayas and across India, and have to say I loved that rolling St. Basil dome. (Giant waves are always a win with me -- I've had a primal fear/fascination with the notion since I was a child and first visited the ocean. I think these were the best giant waves I've seen).
posted by treepour 16 November | 21:07
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