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10 November 2009

help me crosspost! My boyfriend's grandfather is getting remarried. The groom, the bride, and most of the family (who I don't know) are Salvation Army members. I have no idea what to wear. [More:]I suspect it will be a lot less fancy than most weddings, but I don't want to underdress and look like a jerk. My boyfriend's mom, who grew up in the church, said "oh, wear anything, really. even what you have on now would be fine." (which surprised me, as I was wearing a polka dot halter dress with a baby t and combat boots at the time, none of which mentally say "wedding guest" to me).

I was thinking of wearing a plaid red and earthtone bias cut skirt (full length), with a brown knit blouse and a brown cardigan, brown tights and flats. Too casual? Otherwise I was thinking of a black knee length suit-skirt with a pastel green three quarter sleeve blouse, but I wasn't sure on the black skirt part.

My boyfriend is wearing a suit, and if his grandmother's funeral was any indication, most of the guests will be in SA uniforms.
You were getting lots of good advice in the AskMe post. I think you're way too anxious about this.

However, since we're here... the plaid skirt outfit does sound too casual. Plaid doesn't really belong at a wedding, unless you're Scottish and wearing a dress kilt. Of those two outfits, go with the suit. Your boyfriend will wear a suit. Most of other guests will be wearing suit-like uniforms. It'll be fine.
posted by Orange Swan 10 November | 11:06
I agree with Orange Swan on both points. The skirt with the green top sounds nice. Have fun! Eat cake for me!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 November | 11:08
I like the skirt suit and green blouse idea. Don't worry, no one will be looking at you anyway! They're there for the bride and groom.
posted by rmless2 10 November | 11:16
Well let's change that! Wear white sequins!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 November | 11:18
well... most of the responses were of the "what you would wear to church" sort. I grew up in a really laid back catholic church, we always wore jeans.
I'm just on edge since this is the second time I've met most of his extended family and don't want to look like a jerk. :)
posted by kellydamnit 10 November | 11:27
Just dug out an ankle length dove gray skirt with a watery floral print in dark gray/blue/purple, and a purple "velvet" 3/4 sleeve boat neck top (which is a tad bit too tight for the occasion, but covers all tattoos and doesn't show copious cleavage). Figure that with a wide black belt and some black pumps, and I should be good.
posted by kellydamnit 10 November | 12:26
That sounds pretty, kellydamnit!

"Dove gray" always sounds lovely, actually. Magical and dreamy.
posted by crush-onastick 10 November | 12:30
Agree with Orange Swan, and I think the suit w/green top and skirt is more appropriate for a wedding than tight purple velvet. Just dress blandly and nicely, remembering that a wedding is never about you, and you'll be fine. Salvation Army people don't have three heads, and I don't think they have any particular concerns about dress other than being appropriate to the situation. You wouldn't have worn jeans to a Catholic wedding, right?
posted by Miko 10 November | 12:44
Heh, if you're anything like me, you'll try on whatever you decide, find fault with it, and end up with a bed full of clothes. Hee. I like the suit idea, though I like the skirt/top idea too. Just thinking that if the top is a tad snug, perhaps the suit is better. It is his grandfather, after all. A snug top outfit might be better for a friend's casual wedding.
posted by redvixen 10 November | 14:00
All the outfits you've mentioned sound fine to me. Covering the tattoos is a nice (and considerate!) idea, but I'm sure they wouldn't shock any SA people.

Just looked at the AskMe thread, good ideas there:
- demure
- conservative
- no party wear
posted by deborah 10 November | 16:07
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