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10 November 2009

Salutations, Ladies and Germs! This is the post where I feel all of you up.
To see how you feel about doing an EmCee. Click the link to see what it is. Everyone is welcome, no one turned away. Millions served. Lurkers included. No talent needed - I can personally vouch for that. You still have time to change your mind or lose interest - this is just a "putting out feelers" post.
I feel tingly and excited about this. I also feel slightly cool to the touch and squishy. Unless you hit the pelvic girdle or the elbow. Then I feel less squishy.
posted by crush-onastick 10 November | 10:03
Yes, yes, and again yes!

Also, yes on the Emcee thing.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 November | 10:24
I wouldn't mind giving this a go. I was worried I would have to actually, like, draw stuff, but it seems I'm allowed to push pixels instead and that's something I've been known to do from time to time.
posted by chrismear 10 November | 10:56
Why yes, that IS a copy of Photoshop in my pocket.

And I'm very, very happy to see you.
posted by mudpuppie 10 November | 11:19
This is pretty neat. I'm in!
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 10 November | 11:22
Sounds like fun!
posted by rmless2 10 November | 11:34
I'm also so VERY happy to see you. So very happy.

I am excited to see another emcee, but still too chicken to take part. Maybe another time though!
posted by richat 10 November | 11:54
I'd love to join, but do I need Photoshop? I have GIMP which I don't love and Paint.NET which I do love... will that suffice for the kind of image files being launched around? I'm excited.
posted by Hugh Janus 10 November | 12:34
Well, there's no talent, and then there's no talent.

If there's ever another MS Paint one, I'm totally down.
posted by box 10 November | 12:39

So glad to see this re-happening. I have no image editing skillz, or I'd love to take part, but I really enjoy just seeing the work.
posted by Miko 10 November | 12:46
Hugh- in the one I participated in, everybody used JPGs. I suspect that's usually the case.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 November | 12:50
Cool beans! Richat, don't be afraid, it's easy. If you wanted you could go first, that way there's nothing to match up to. Less pressure. Hugh Janus, you can use any image editing program you like (or have). I'll make it work.

I've tattooed all of your names on my arm, so none of you can change your minds.

Yeah, I lied about the part where you could change your minds...sorry.
posted by iconomy 10 November | 12:54
I feel so close to you right now, iconomy!
posted by chrismear 10 November | 12:58
I'm in!
posted by arse_hat 10 November | 13:16
They also serve who only sit back and appreciate the results.
posted by Obscure Reference 10 November | 15:23
I'm scared HOLD ME but I'm in.

Hugh, I don't have any of those fancy schmancy programs either, I use PSP 7.
posted by deborah 10 November | 16:20
One could argue that without the spectator, the art MIGHT NOT EVEN EXIST.

Of course, one would be foolish to do so.

Anyhoo, fuck it, ico, I'm in. If I could go first that would be wicked, for the first try...I have a photo of a piece that I did, that I can imagine expanding on. Weeee!
posted by richat 10 November | 19:45
well, you know I'm in. IM IN UR EMCEE!!11!
posted by taz 11 November | 03:52
*whuffles ico, offers duct tape on bended knee*
posted by Specklet 11 November | 04:35
I feel cheated. I came in here expecting to be felt up and what do I get? Nothing, that's what!
posted by dg 11 November | 06:08
Hi iconomy! I would like to sign up for this too.
posted by misteraitch 11 November | 06:46
dg, the way it works is you post in this thread, and then you get felt up later.

That's what I'm hoping, anyway.
posted by chrismear 11 November | 07:35
Yes, the feeling up will begin soon, possibly tomorrow! We're all going to meet in front of the giant pink bunny on that hillside in Italy.

This is going to be so amazing with this many people doing it!
posted by iconomy 11 November | 09:33
posted by danostuporstar 11 November | 10:24
Ooh. Can I, pleasemaybe? This is one of the things I've been clicking on wistfully for about a year, wishing it still existed.
posted by notquitemaryann 11 November | 12:39
Aren't there some EmCee's missing from that page?
I'm in, barring technical difficulties.
posted by ethylene 11 November | 12:49
I know I flaked whatever time I signed up for it (maybe the squared one? or paint?) but I would love to give this a real shot.
posted by kyleg 11 November | 20:34
Ok! I will do this officially with a new post on Monday, but for right now the teams are:


filthy light thief

Hugh Janus

Yeah, three! This is going to be awesome. My email is in my profile, now it's time for deborah, richat and kronos to do the first panel. Read the directions here, but send to me instead of taz. Whee! Hopefully the order of the teams is ok with everyone; if not, please let me know. I haven't tattooed the lists on my bum yet, so there is still time to switch people around. Deborah, if you'd rather not go first, please let me know!
posted by iconomy 14 November | 11:51
Tuesday three-point status update: || help me crosspost!