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04 November 2009

Here's one of my favorite Sesame Street clips. Will you post a link to one of yours?
Unfortunately, the quality on this one is poor, but I love this one with Grover and his usual, frustrated customer. In this scene, Grover tries to help the guy buy a suit, because, as he says, "I am many things to many people, but now, today, at this moment, I am here to to sell you some new clothes to make you look HIGHLY SPIFFY".

Who wouldn't want to look highly spiffy?
posted by richat 04 November | 18:54
Smart-ass answer. (I think I found this via here, actually.)

More truthful answer.
posted by BoringPostcards 04 November | 19:00
Double shot of Grover:

Over and Under and Through

What Do I Do When I'm Alone?
posted by Atom Eyes 04 November | 19:26
It's the music of early Sesame Street segments which most strongly remind me of childhood.

Milk crisis (Milk, mi-ilk, milk . . . )
Interview with Robert Dennis, composer of "Milk"

Doll House (Incredibly twee and then two cats arrive)

Two kids help an old Chinese man get his dragon kite in the air. (Love that the soundtrack is only the guitar piece with no audible dialog)

Ladybugs' Picnic
posted by D.C. 04 November | 19:29
Didn't not_on_display post most of them to the blue recently? Fan-tastic.

Anyway, there is NOTHING like C Is For Cookie.

posted by Melismata 04 November | 22:09
The Original
posted by rollick 04 November | 22:17
A B C D E F [giggles] Cookie Monster
Jim Henson at his finest.
posted by anastasiav 04 November | 22:56
and I'll give you one more with the same girl. Her name is Joey, and she was about three in 1972, which would make her about 40 now. I wonder where she is and what's she's doing. I hope she remembers doing these.
posted by anastasiav 04 November | 23:04
To me, the internet was made so that i can watch Sesame Street clips in any order, any time I wish.

These are the earliest ones I have bookmarked:

One Way

The Golden AN

Telephone Rock

Fat Cat Sat Hat
posted by Riverine 04 November | 23:12
Teeny Little Super Guy was always a favorite. I definitely remember the pet spoon.

Looooved "Here Fishy Fishy," and the mummy sketch.

Grover the waiter was always great. Would you like the soup or sandwich first?
posted by kyleg 04 November | 23:29
A more recent one (that I helped focus test): Desperate Houseplants
posted by rmless2 04 November | 23:50
Lots of great clips already posted! Some more of my favorites are:

We All Sing with the Same Voice

The King of Eight

Teeny Little Super Guy
posted by charleena 05 November | 00:00
Love all these!

Yep yep yep yep yep uh-huh uh-huh!
posted by Specklet 05 November | 07:03
Stevie Wonder doing "Superstition" straight up. Yeah, I've linked to it here before, but it is full of ossem.

I couldn't find a video on line of the Count being depressed about running out of things to count, then going into the Miami Mice closet and finding all kinds of stuff. So, I'll have to just link to Kermit and the Miami Mice.

(I was an original Sesame Street kid who started watching it in 1969. It was also enjoyable to watch in college after smoking a bong hit or few. That and Scooby Doo were the best stoner shows.)
posted by eekacat 05 November | 15:43
The Monsterpiece Theater with Alistair Cookie was always great, but one of my favorites was "Upstairs, Donwstairs."
posted by eekacat 05 November | 15:48
I was always fascinated with the sand animations on Sesame Street. I still dream about them occasionally. Someone here linked Feist on Sesame street and I sing it with the offspring every day still.
posted by dabitch 05 November | 15:51
I have been shaking it to Pinball 12 (linked above by initapplette) for a couple of days.

I love love love the lost kid. "I'm lost, I know it, I'm really lost."
posted by Elsa 05 November | 15:55
Frazzle! "He goes 'aarrrfbbhfjgsfsknflgbffffgf'!"
posted by Elsa 05 November | 16:08
Caffiene is a helluva drug.... || Lyrics challenge for old people...