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04 November 2009

Lyrics challenge for old people... No Googling! Just be old, and then it's easy!
1. That ain't why I stayed
2. I mean that most sincerely
3. Just like before the accident
4. So I had to self destruct
5. It's too late to stop now
6. I could talk all night
7. I really meant I was sorry
8. All I see turns to brown
9. What's the matter with you, boy?
10. Fall, mountains
( I will not be available to moderate for the next few hours, but don't worry - these are all super obvious and I know you can do it )
posted by Meatbomb 04 November | 19:34
is #7 the beatles?

I feel young....
posted by aniola 04 November | 19:47
9. Miss You, the Rolling Stones
posted by jamaro 04 November | 19:56
#8 is Kashmir by Zep.
posted by octothorpe 04 November | 19:56
#2 I've Got Big Balls, AC/DC.
posted by buzzman 04 November | 22:05
#5 - Into the Mystic, Van Morrison

#7 - Chicago? Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry?

posted by Miko 04 November | 23:25
6: Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello
posted by misteraitch 05 November | 03:29

#5 - Into the Mystic, Van Morrison - 1 point to Miko
6: Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello - 1 point for misteraitch
#8 is Kashmir by Zep - 1 point to octothorpe
9. Miss You, the Rolling Stones - 1 point for jamaro

Ladies, Gentlemen, this is most disappointing. In about 12 hours I will reveal the super easy ones that have been missed.
posted by Meatbomb 05 November | 06:02
2. Have A Cigar, Pink Floyd
posted by Specklet 05 November | 06:43
Full points to specklet.

1,3,4,7,10 remaining. Are there no old people here? Is this mic on?
posted by Meatbomb 05 November | 08:19
Got me. . .I don't know any of these and I am super old.
posted by danf 05 November | 10:43
3 is The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise by Devo.

"Are we not men? No! We are Devo!"
posted by essexjan 05 November | 12:44
Dangit, I cannot extract #4 from my mental database.
posted by initapplette 05 November | 17:55
(I think I know them all. Yes, I'm THAT OLD but I didn't want to be a jerk and answer all of them in one go. #4 is Disco Inferno by the Trammps. Dammit now that song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Burn baby burn.)
posted by jamaro 05 November | 18:42
Full points, essexjan and jamaro.

1: Join me in LA, Warren Zevon
7: Cold Shot, Stevie Ray Vaughan
10: If 6 was 9, Jimi Hendrix
posted by Meatbomb 05 November | 19:10
The problem is that I'm old enough to know these but too old to remember them. Almost all of the sound familiar but I couldn't pull out the names without googling.
posted by octothorpe 06 November | 07:32
What octothorpe said. All of those are tantalisingly familiar, but I'll be buggered if I can place them.
posted by dg 06 November | 07:40
#5 - Into the Mystic, Van Morrison - 1 point to Miko

Actually, the line is simply "too late to stop now." (at which point the song abruptly stops.)
Apparently there's a recently released old live album titled thusly.

And don't quote any liner notes at me, those are proven to be unauthorized.
I've recently made quite a little study of "Into the Mystic"
That song is an quite intricately constructed little Faberge egg.
posted by StickyCarpet 06 November | 12:49
Here's one of my favorite Sesame Street clips. || It's Time For A Special "What's Wrong With Metafilter" Edition of Ask LT Anything!