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26 October 2009

Victory is ours! That drug house has been evicted.[More:]
According to what I heard back from the council president, the landlord did take action once he had met with the police and received our letter, possibly issuing a 14-day notice with no right to cure, based on the timing.

So, maybe the body on the front lawn wasn't instrumental after all. Awwww. I do think his credibility is pretty tenuous now and he'll do background checks from now on, because the police really stress that as a tool.

(Up in Madison (aka Berkeley-on-the-Lake), there's actually a window of protection for felons -- depending on what type of crime -- that the landlord is or isn't able to consider. Fortunately that isn't statewide.)

I'll share some good-ish news, I guess. We filed for my parents' bankruptcy last week, and halted the sheriff's sale of the cash cow building. Now all we need to do is fill it up with tenants -- amid 11% unemployment. My numbers sort of still work with a 20% rent fallback, so crossing my fingers.

Second, we had a work crew here from a local church charity (not even our family's church!) who have been fixing some of the repair issues with the homestead that my dad had allowed to languish and I had no idea when I could deal with. We got a ceiling fan up in the kitchen, where all we had was a junction box after the swag lamp broke, and they sealed up the porch where the squirrels were getting in. There's more to come on that, too.
*high fives dhartung*

Send your evicting mojo this way, in the hope that upstairs asshole fucks up again soon. He's not living there yet, he still has to reinstall all his ripped-out appliances, but it won't be long before he's back full-time.
posted by essexjan 26 October | 15:02
Good news, dhartung!
posted by gaspode 26 October | 15:19
posted by sperose 26 October | 15:37
Great news, dhartung. I know how happy you must be to be putting some of this behind you. What a relief.
posted by msali 26 October | 15:48
Oh HELL Yeah. Yay! I can't imagine the level of stress you've had dealing with this for so long. Whew.
posted by Stewriffic 26 October | 16:30
Congrats on being rid of them!
Good luck finding new tenants, I hope they come soon.
posted by rmless2 26 October | 16:36
Great news!
posted by arse_hat 26 October | 16:47
Congrats. It sucks having ongoing criminal activity right next to your house.

That said, about this:

(Up in Madison (aka Berkeley-on-the-Lake), there's actually a window of protection for felons -- depending on what type of crime -- that the landlord is or isn't able to consider. Fortunately that isn't statewide.)

Do you really favor people who've ever been convicted of a felony being excluded from rental housing? Do you think they should be forced into homelessness for the rest of their lives? That's not going to help recidivism rates. Quite the contrary.
posted by dersins 26 October | 17:16
Yay. Must be a huge relief.
posted by gomichild 26 October | 17:32
dersins articulated my thoughts.
posted by aniola 26 October | 18:36
posted by Obscure Reference 26 October | 20:32
That's such wonderful news, dhartung. Huzzah!
posted by deborah 26 October | 21:41
One hurdle overcome so on to the next! Whenever I achieve a goal amidst a larger series of problems I hear the voice of Hank Hill in my head saying, "One Day at a Time, like the drunks say."

Here's to finding good tenants that will pay rent within the boundaries of "on timish" and not cause irreparable or costly damage to the building!
posted by readery 26 October | 21:59
Thank goodness!
posted by Specklet 27 October | 03:19
posted by drezdn 27 October | 11:50
dersins, I prefer to exercise my own judgement, and frankly, there are plenty of landlords who WILL rent to felons. Some of them on my particular block. I don't think I need to be one of them.

Judging from practice as well, felons have little to no problem moving into many apartments as an off-lease boyfriend.

We use a local multi-church program called WIN-WIN that teaches people who've suffered eviction to be better tenants and money managers. People who graduate from the program are referred to local participating landlords. I'd take someone in that program if they had a non-violent crime a few years ago, but I'd think long and hard (and want something like a pastor's character reference) before taking on someone with any drugs or violence convictions.
posted by dhartung 27 October | 12:56
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