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04 October 2009

Drug house update [More:]
So the letter from the city council president went out Thursday. Also, per channels, the landlords -- two of them for three properties on this block, and another one two blocks away from us -- all would have had meetings with a nuisance case officer from the police department during the last week or early next.

Unsurprisingly things have changed little. I think I got a little more moderation from them beginning a week ago Saturday when I was awakened at 5am by a noisy departure, and called again at 7am and 7:30 as customers rolled in. I call the landlord, but only get his voicemail mostly; the first call I got his wife, and hissed at her "The food that you put on your table is bought with drug money!"

So this week, they put a blanket over the front window and confined almost all their activity to the night-time. Improvement in the sense that they were probably conforming to his request to be more discreet. For about two days there was absolutely no activity at all, further evidence of the lack of a normal family routine.

We still had some of the same cast of characters, though, and continued noisy behavior ramped up to "normal" at night Friday and Saturday, meaning a car coming and going every 20-30 minutes or so. And yesterday the boyfriend of the granddaughter (according to rumor, she isn't the tenant, her grandma is) appeared in full gang regalia, complete with Asian-style head bandana like a kamikaze pilot. Still pretty brazen, in other words.

Other stuff that apparently happened was that one of the dealers down the street (or his girlfriend) was evicted, and another seems to have gone to ground after being sought by the K9 unit around midweek (would have liked to have seen that). Combine that with the street construction and there's been no real daytime stream of customers.

Anyway, we'll probably have to wait a few days for any "results". As it was, I was woken up at 3am today by honking.
Geez. All I can say is good luck, and be careful.
posted by redvixen 04 October | 17:49
I've got my fingers crossed for things to get better soon. Be safe!
posted by sperose 04 October | 18:03
Well, the landlord was just observed visiting, so we can hope he read her the riot act. All her girlfriends showed up, whether for moral support or character references I can't say.

As a landlord myself I can only imagine the "that was my ex-boyfriend's cousin from Albuquerque, I had no idea" CYA dance.
posted by dhartung 04 October | 18:44
That sucks so hardcore, dhartung. I hope this gets resolved soon.
posted by msali 04 October | 20:44
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 October | 21:08
Another summer ruined, that's for sure. My #1 long-term goal is to get my mom moved out of here. The house is something my dad chose, and she has no real love for it anymore.
posted by dhartung 04 October | 21:12
It's blissfully quiet this morning.
posted by dhartung 05 October | 10:39
Well, a lot of the same characters are bopping in and out over the course of the day. This ain't over yet, and I worry about a show of defiance of some kind. I did see the afro-hair Hmong kid very carefully scanning the territory before he walked out the front door.

Also, the trash out front has yet to be picked up.
posted by dhartung 05 October | 16:07
Ugh. Sorry 'bout this, man.
posted by Stewriffic 06 October | 09:51
Well, the police have had a chitchat with them, to very little effect so far. Trash outside, guys literally a minute ago marched out to their car yelling "motherfucker" and so forth.

I'm also informed that the landlord wants to use my 3am voicemails to him against me, and may press harassment charges.
posted by dhartung 06 October | 16:27
Please explain "Lady Gaga" to me and my elderly wife || Ever work as a UPS package handler?