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22 October 2009

Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? Any veterans in the house who feel like showing their scars and telling a few tall stories?
I'm on the fence, like usual. (Winner for 3 years, haven't done it in 2.) I likely won't make a final decision until 11:59pm on the 31st. My novel is this weirdly heading-into-clusterfuck-of-an-epic territory that started out as a joke during a night of tequila shots. (That's where the title came from.)

I see it in my head on an almost daily basis, little scenes and wee moments between characters. It's like my own personal movie that I can only watch about 30 seconds of at a time, but I can rewind and pause those little bits over and over again. They sometimes disappear once I write about them (and sometimes I only get one or two shots at something before it flits away), but as of late, I've been getting a ridiculous mental trailer-style viewing for about a few minutes worth of what I want to consider is the breaking between the 'first' and 'second' books, but in reality, is about halfway through the first book. It has background music and everything!

A good chunk of it is random wish-fulfillment with a big heaping of Mary-Sue-ism, but I don't really mind. There's a tiny part of my brain that is all 'oh yeah, making this into a movie would be badass but marketing would be a bitch' but really, I just do this for my own entertainment. Plus it makes me seem like less of a freak for spending 95% of my waking time in front of a computer screen. There were some choice quotes that wound up on the board during college about it, such as my roommate asking me about when we were going to go to dinner and I said 'We can go after I kill you'.
posted by sperose 22 October | 19:40
Hmmm. I've so many half-started novels that it's ridiculous. With any luck, this will be the cold barrel against the cheek of my internal editor.

Either that or I'm just going to go nuts from too much coffee and end up being committed. I've been told that might happen. I'm almost looking forward to it.
posted by ninazer0 23 October | 01:44
I wanna do it, but can't justify the time sink.
posted by Eideteker 23 October | 14:23
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