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22 October 2009

Conan the Scaredy Cat ... but what's he so afraid of?
He's not afraid, he's in ASS-KICKING MODE.

It's been interesting to raise this new crop of kittens. My other two were always really skittish and anti-social. Turtle is also very skittish (though I wouldn't call her stand-offish; she's plenty lovey). But Zuzu is unlike any other cat I've ever had a relationship with. She's scared of NOTHING. Someone knocks on the door, she runs to see who it is and will be licking them as soon as they step inside. The only thing she's even mildly afraid of is the vacuum cleaner, but even with it, she walks right up to it and hisses in its face. (Which is adorable.) No running away for her.
posted by mudpuppie 22 October | 16:43
Yep, Conan ain't afraid of nuthin'!

Oliver and Abigail are one pair of siblings. Oliver is like Zuzu - he's never met a stranger. When we've taken him out on his harness for a walk he'll walk up to any size dog just to say hello. When people come to visit and sit down, Oliver is on their laps and in their faces before their butt hits the couch. Oliver will also whack at the vacuum cleaner. Abbie is fairly skittish and, although she eventually comes out, she'll hide from strangers.

Mingo and Fanty are the other pair of siblings. Mingo is huge and he's the biggest scaredy cat you'll (n)ever meet. He's mortally afraid of the vacuum. Fanty on the other hand is almost as brave as Oliver, but he's never been outside. He's pretty friendly with strangers and will follow the vacuum cleaner around from a safe distance.
posted by deborah 22 October | 19:39
The little kitten I grabbed off the freeway a few months ago went through a phase where she would elaborately threat posture over everything (at the time, she was the same size/age Conan appears to be in that video so maybe it's a kitten developmental stage?)

Anyhoo, at the height of it, she was bouncing around on my bed while I was picking up around the room and she'd puff up to 3x normal size, arch her back and spit loudly (like "KACK!") every time I bent over. It took me a few to realize she was feeling threatened by the sight of my butt.

posted by jamaro 22 October | 23:18
That's terribly cute, but the soundtrack is driving me mad. What is that from? I could swear it was in a Flash game or something similar I played recently.
posted by maudlin 23 October | 00:16
I just looked at your photos of Monty, jamaro. She's gotten so big! And I sure wish all four of my kitties got along like yours.
posted by deborah 23 October | 13:37
Thanks Deborah! Monty is a darling, she gets along with everyone I think because she came in so young that the older cats each adopted her.

My pics don't show the long-simmering feud between Daisy and Delia for the spot of Queen Bee as the heat from the desk lamp seems to stun them into a temporary truce.
posted by jamaro 23 October | 14:55
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