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18 October 2009

How's your weekend going? [More:]
I went to a speed-dating event last night, followed by salsa dancing.

The speed-dating was fun, but mixed in terms of how successful I thought it was. Before we began, my friends and I chatted to some of the other women. One was utterly dismayed to see that three of the security guards from her office were part of the male contingency, thus reducing her choice of men by three.

We were one man and one woman short, so my first date was only about a minute long where the organiser had to move us around. But this date was the most promising - nearest to my age, interesting, and lives about 3 miles from me (unlike some of the dates who lived 40 or 50 miles away.) I didn't get a chance to talk to him at the break and he didn't stay for the salsa, but I put him down as a 'yes' on the form, and if he's done the same, then we'll be put in touch.

There were two others I'd date, although I think that I might be too old for one guy, but he was really nice. The third was a sweet, shy man who I had a good conversation with.

The others were all 'definitely not'. During the break the women were talking about one guy and we all got the vibe from him that he was gay. But he was fun and interesting and would probably make a good friend but none of the women could see him as a potential boyfriend. One man would have been happy talking into a mirror.

One guy was a bit creepy, and there were a couple of men who were socially very awkward and with even fewer social skills than I, although one of them was very sweet and complimented every single woman on how nice she looked. A lot of them were too young and I had nothing in common with them.

So, I'll wait and see if any of my 'yes' men have marked me 'yes' too, in which case our numbers/emails will be exchanged. But for an evening out, it was fun and I'd probably do it again.

After the speed-dating we went upstairs to the salsa club where we had a very basic lesson (mambo and rumba). I danced with the 'gay' speed date first and he was very good, but then we all had to swap partners and I ended up with the security guard fellas none of whom had any sense of rhythm and timing.

Then the club proper started, and, wow, some of those dancers were amazing. Age and size had no bearing on how good a dancer they were. There was a woman aged about 60, probably 200lbs, who was amazing. It was Cuban salsa and so very fast. I mambo'd and rumba'd a bit, with a couple of the speed-date men, but I need more lessons to be a non-liability on the dancefloor. But I didn't send anyone home in an ambulance, it was a lot of fun and I'd definitely go again.

I just got back from lunch with a friend from NYC. We had Lebanese food and I'm so full now that I feel that if I looked in the mirror I'd see Jabba the Hutt staring back at me. Tomorrow will be a fruit day, I think.

How's your weekend going?
Sigh. I'd had a brief email exchange on OK Cupid with a man who seemed interesting. He just emailed me to let me know that he's married, and asked if that is likely to be a problem.

I'm not having much luck with OK Cupid. My 'perfect match' was a male-to-female transsexual, my coffee date was gay, then I was emailed by Mr Broccoli (who eats only savoury food, thinks desserts are a waste of money, have no nutritional value and that a meal should be ended with a plate of steamed broccoli) and now this player.

*sends off application to join nunnery*
posted by essexjan 18 October | 10:25
Did some chores yesterday and actually got up on the roof to treat moss that has been neglected. Then the rains started so came in, read, took a nap. I have been trying my wife's patience by watching the Angels-Yankees late into the last two nights. . .My hopes for a Freeway Series are a bit dimmer now. Damn.

Today, oldest bestest friend comes down from Seattle and daughter is showing up also to see oldest bestest friend, so a fuller house, at least for a few days. Yay!

Today also, wife goes to NIA and I work out at the gym while she's in doing NIA.
posted by danf 18 October | 10:47
Busy. Friday is supposed to be my day off between jobs, but I got called in to the clinic I work at on weekends and went in for about 8.5 hours that day. Just now I got called by the other weekend guy to see if I could cover for him this afternoon, so I'll wind up pulling a ~63 hour week. By the time Thursday evening rolls around, I'll have worked over 100 hours in an 11-day period. I'm likely to crash after that.
posted by ufez 18 October | 11:04
Glad to hear you had at least a few prospects from your speed-dating, EJ! One tip of OKC- you should email the ones you like, don't wait for men to email you or else you tend to get the weirdos. At least that's the way it's been for me.

My weekend is going very well so far, I am still on a smiley high from my good date on Friday, and yesterday I saw my friend and her baby and she made really good bagels from scratch. I was impressed.

I also went to a friend's birthday party last night which was a costume party with a "prose and hos" theme- you were supposed to dress up as a slutty version of your favorite literary character. I thought it would be hilarious to go as a slutty Gregor Samsa cockroach from Metamorphosis, but I couldn't figure out how to pull it off, so I ended up wearing my best friend's dirdle and going as a slutty Gretel. I met a bunch of fun people at the party, including a mostly nude but for a striped scarf Harry Potter and his girlfriend, the serpent from the bible with a giant apple in hand.

Today I have to make a cake for a dinner party and I think I'm going to go with a lemon bundt cake with lemon icing.
posted by rmless2 18 October | 11:27
essexjan: oh, I feel for you. One guy on okcupid flatly refused to tell me his age, after I asked a couple of times, because he "felt much younger than he really was" and "didn't want me to judge him by his age." I don't judge by age if he really feels younger (have dated people like that before), but I do judge by lying!

And my home page always has three "suggestions." Some of them aren't bad, but in the past couple of days a few of them have stated GAY. Not bi or anything, but gay. Isn't that a pretty basic part of their algorithm?!

Anyhoo, weekend ok. Finishing big project that will earn big fat check to go towards purchasing viola. Involves proofreading some very pornographic romance novels. Watched movie "Tap" with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover, TOTALLY OSSEM movie.
posted by Melismata 18 October | 11:34
Having a decent day but a difficult weekend and week. My mom had to be taken to the hospital on Wednesday, with what turned out to be a gallbladder attack. I was at the hospital with her from Wednesday until Saturday (yesterday), when my brother came down from Tennessee to stay overnight; he has to go home today, though, so I'm going back to the hospital this evening.

Last I heard (and it keeps changing, which is annoying as hell) they'll remove her gallbladder either Monday or Tuesday, sending her home the day after. I'll probably be staying with her all week, at the hospital and then at home for a couple of days while she recovers. She has severe mobility problems due to arthritis, and is also hypoglycemic, so the recovery will probably take her a little longer than it would many folks.

So, it's been stressful- Mom is pretty phobic about doctors and hospitals, so EVERYTHING is a source of stress for her. And it's a miserable experience for anyone- being jabbed with needles a dozen-plus times per day, the difficulty of getting any sleep, the fact they've had her fasting since she was admitted, etc. No fun at all. I really can't wait to get this overwith and get her back home so she can rest and have a little peace.

But for right now, I'm just enjoying a few hours of NOT being inside that damn hospital.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 October | 12:00
Pretty much blah, all things considered. I've been still feeling really down and have been spending much of my time in bed. I doubt that the constantly grey weather that is supposed to break up on Monday is helping matters.

I like my new car but there's still a few kinks that I need to pound out (such as the fact that it idles by thrums between 1000-1500 RPMs and that the drivers side seatbelt is twisted in a bad way that doesn't seem to want to untwist). I also need to get the clock set and hook up iRock and listen to my first tunes in the car. (It's a ritual that the first music I'll listen to in a new car is Metallica's S&M album, straight through.) I also need to bring down the box of crap that's supposed to go into the car (my emergency kit, a blanket, snow shovel, ice scraper, first-aid kit, ouija board, bumper stickers, etc). The spare tire stuff was transferred from Prissy, since the kit wasn't damaged but my brother swapped out the donut spare for a full size.) I've been pretty pleased with it's performance so far, even if I do feel like I'm riding around in a sled straight on asphalt since it rides lower than Prissy (which I'm looking forward to replacing the oil pan after the first pothole I hit) and I've been driving a Forrester and Equinox which are both wayyyyyyyyyyy the fuck up in the air. But finally, my own wheels! A fucking year plus some after Prissy being totalled, ugh. (It took a while to find a car that met enough of the requirements that was cheap enough and didn't have sellers flaking out. And we still had to go to New Jersey to get it!)

Work is a clusterfuck since the office is a mess with carts everywhere, I've got a fair number of films to process, the CSA list wasn't checked since late-Thursday, and I need to do the Thursday-today stats. Ugh.

I need to sit down and actually go through my paycheck from Thursday and get that divvied up into it's envelopes and pay off my credit card. And I need to get my to-do list sorted and maybe actually start doing some of the things on it. I also need to quit being a chickenshit and deal with some of the social invitations I've been ignoring because I'm in a funk and not feeling up to being sociable and making dinner for my 2 local friends. I've barely been feeding myself lately! (Fuck, note to self: make carrots before they go bad.)
posted by sperose 18 October | 12:25
Oh, BP, I feel for you. It's amazing how suddenly and completely the hospital can become your whole world, if only for a few days. Take care of yourself as well as you are taking care of your mother. Sending whuffles your way, whether you need them or not.
posted by Elsa 18 October | 13:20
We had a lovely day apple picking yesterday. Now I have apples galore! I hope to make some applesauce today, to eat with breakfast this week.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 October | 13:23
EJ, I'm not a huge fan of OKCupid. I'd tried that some months ago, when Mr. V and I were first separated and before trying (and failing) again. All I seemed to get were foot-fetish people, guys who were way too young, and guys looking for a quick hookup. I did find one nice guy, but he lives in another state, and seems to be often depressed. I deleted my profile.

Yesterday was a surprise party for one of my best friend's husbands - he turned 50. She had it at an airport that had a quaint restaurant on site; the idea was that she was going to surprise him with a private flight, then while he was in the air, us guests were supposed to arrive to surprise him upon landing. But the weather did not cooperate; she just brought him on the pretense of buying him a gift certificate. He was very surprised! I'd brought the cake, because I work with a very talented decorator, and she made a cake shaped like a WW2 bomber. Very detailed. It was a hit.

Today is best for staying inside, reading a good book, hanging with my kids. I got the paper and doughnuts this morning; we're ordering pizza later. I like lazy Sundays.
posted by redvixen 18 October | 13:39
I just got the feedback from the speed-dating and nobody wants to date me :-( The gay man and the two men I liked want to be friends, but not the man who lives near me.
posted by essexjan 18 October | 13:48
Aww, buck up EJ! Someone great is out there for you, and you're doing all the right things to meet him.
posted by rmless2 18 October | 14:19
I just got back from a long walk with the hellhound. There's so much pollen blowing around that, from down the street, my end of the block -- which is very cedar-heavy -- looks like the site of a localized yellow dust storm.

The pollen isn't bothering my breathing passages, but it's not so great on my eyes. I had to walk the last fifty or sixty yards with my hands in front of my face, peering through a tiny gap around my nose. Then I had to stumble to the bathroom and take out my contact lenses.

My windows are only open a crack, but on any black surfaces -- like the keyboard I'm typing on right now -- you can see a delicate chartreuse overlay.
posted by tangerine 18 October | 18:42
Saturday was okay. This morning I woke up feeling quite crappy (lots of cold symptoms) and spent most of it in bed. Finished reading and watching Into the Wild and they've left me in a rather somber mood.
posted by deborah 19 October | 01:30
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