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28 November 2008

I hate working the day after Thanksgiving ... And I really hate the crappy radio station I am forced to listen to here. What the liveing HELL is this aural fungus that sounds like a complete note for note rip off of "Werewolves of London"??? [More:]And that wretched John Mayer "Say What You Need to Say" song makes me feel like my internal organs are going to spontaneously rupture to escape its presence. And that Timbaland song... *shudder*. I think it kills marine mammals in a 10 mile radius.

No offense if you like these songs. I just can't stand repetative radio while I am working, and if I don't like a song it makes it a million times worse. I once had a boss who had to put "Marquee Moon" on repeat all day while we worked, and would lock his office when he left so we couldn't turn it off. I liked that album once... now it makes me feel like Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" every time I hear it.

Anyone have similar issues to share? On top of the crap music, I am also bored to death.
I think you're thinking of Kid Rock's All Summer Long. It does suck. The fact that I can't appreciate it for the fun little song it's supposed to be makes me feel like a stick in the mud.

I kind of like that "Say What You Need to Say" song. I have no idea because I generally do not like John Mayer's sound. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Top 40, but I heard that Say.. song while I was skating with my kids and I was in a good mood and it kind of grew on me.
posted by LoriFLA 28 November | 20:16
I think that werewolves of london crap is kid rock. I heard that song once and that was enough. That guy sucks.
posted by puke & cry 28 November | 20:16
LoriFLA: I think what makes the song so painful is the fact that I can't hear the music 100% clearly, so all I can hear is the repetative chorus... over and over again, at least 2x a night.

Oh well, at least they aren't playing the damn Christmas station... yet. Another year of "Walking in Seattle's Latte Land" awaits me...
posted by evilcupcakes 28 November | 20:31
Kid Rock..... BLEARGH. That guy is such a waster of carbon. Figures. How the hell is he getting away with ripping of Warren Zevon??
posted by evilcupcakes 28 November | 20:35
ER, WASTE of carbon. I was trying to imply he sucked, not that he didn't recycle :D
posted by evilcupcakes 28 November | 20:37
Well shit, that made me look up whether "Werewolves of London" or "Sweet Home Alabama" came out first. I mean, sure, we're in the sampling age so ripoffs are truly ripoffs, but if we're saying something's stolen, the Skynyrd song came out in 1974.

Of course, both songs sound eerily similar because they're both using the same chords and colors as thousands before them.

I'm sure Rock paid Zevon's heirs and what's left of Skynyrd for use of their music since they're both such extensive samples, but he probably coulda gotten away with getting his touring band to perform it and saying, hey, that chord progression's in the public domain, baby.

Because Kid Rock says shit like baby or honey at the end of all his sentences, sweets.

In any case, it's nowhere near as blatant as U2 ripping off A-Ha's "The Sun Always Shines on TV" for their hit, "Beautiful Day." But U2 has crazy international lawyers to keep that shit so in check that Bono can mock accusations of plagiarism by singing "The Sun Always Shines" over "Beautiful Day," and then has gall enough to suggest that "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" sounds the same as both songs so really A-ha was ripping off the Beatles, which aside from being patently false is a shameful snow job for such a paragon of international handshaking as Bono. In Oslo, no less, in front of a crowd of A-ha's compatriots. Classy.
posted by Hugh Janus 28 November | 22:06
Years ago my (now-ex) husband and I were staying at this hotel in Hampshire, quite a nice place but not exactly cutting edge. The background music in the restaurant was usually Pan Pipes. Which I fucking hate.

Anyone, one evening we were waiting for our starters and I said to him "what the hell is this song?". You know when you know you should recognise it but there's something that's 'off' about it. Well, after a few more seconds we realised that it was a pan pipe rendition of .... "Born to Run".

Honest to God, I have never heard suck a fucking abomination in my life. It was both horrifying and hilarious. By the time it got to that descending riff, we were almost on the floor laughing. Everyone around us, being at least 74 years old, didn't get the joke.

"Born to Run was followed by a pan pipe version of "Honky Tonk Women", and it was all I could do to stop my husband from jumping on the table and holding his lighter in the air when the final track was "Freebird".

We tried to find the bit of the hotel where the CD player was, so we get the name of the CD, but we couldn't find it.
posted by essexjan 29 November | 10:29
When I worked at the mall as a teen, we had tapes that would loop. A shift was 4 hours, and the tape was just about 3 and a half hours. So when you starting hearing the same songs you heard when you came in, you knew it was almost time to go home. You'd heard the same tape for weeks and weeks. There are still times certain songs end and my mind automatically cues what whatever song was next on one of those tapes.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 November | 13:01
The John Mayer song reminds me of Sideways by Citizen Cope and Which Way Your Heart Will Go by Mason Jennings. Not that they sound alike, or are particularly exceptional, but I listened to them around the same time when the Mayer song came out.

Here is song, a great song, just because. Pour yourself a drink and sing to dance to this one if you're so inclined.
posted by LoriFLA 29 November | 17:34
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