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28 November 2008

Turkey success! I was told more than once "this is the best turkey I've ever had!!"[More:]I didn't do the full Chow thing, I used my normal seasonings, but I followed their temperature instructions and put the bacon on at the end.
Seriously, it was awesome. It did come out horrifying looking, but the meat was even more moist than turkeys cooked in those bags.
I fully recommend all turkeys should be covered in bacon before the last 45 min of cooking.
(the gravy was great and bacon-y, too)
Excellent, kelly! Turkey with bacon sounds great to me. I do see what you mean about it not looking so attractive. ;-)

Isn't it nice when things go smoothly? Compliments are the best. It sounds like it was a huge success.
posted by LoriFLA 28 November | 23:21
Bacon makes everything better.
posted by puke & cry 28 November | 23:27
I came across this bacon-turkey recipe just a little too late to actually implement it. I'm glad it turned out so well!
posted by rhapsodie 28 November | 23:51
I just start cooking the turkey upside-down - keeps the breast meat nice and moist. Recipe per Cook's Illustrated.
posted by misskaz 29 November | 09:15
Were you able to use the drippings for gravy? and how was it? Bacon-covered turkey sounds completely awesome.
posted by theora55 29 November | 10:07
Were you able to use the drippings for gravy
Totally. The gravy was really good, it had a hint of bacon taste to it, but not much. Just a bit richer than usual. Didn't need any extra salt, either.
posted by kellydamnit 29 November | 12:50
I just start cooking the turkey upside-down
I've thought of that, but don't trust myself to flip a 25 pound hot turkey without incident.
posted by kellydamnit 29 November | 12:52
So how did the Tofurkey work out, Kelly?
posted by Susurration 29 November | 15:25
quite well. I steamed it, and only had to toss it in the oven to keep warm while the turkey rested.
posted by kellydamnit 01 December | 11:46
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