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22 November 2008

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! Mashed potatoes - skin off or on?
I say off - makes for a smoother creamier mash.
Get a potato ricer. I've never even heard of people leaving the skins on for mash, but the ricer lets you boil them with the skins on and then magically squish them out. Win - win, as they say.
posted by GeckoDundee 22 November | 09:30
off is smoother and creamier, on is tastier. IMO.
posted by gaspode 22 November | 09:36
On. . .mashed potatoes rustica.
posted by danf 22 November | 09:43
The guys at the organic place down the road from work leave the skin on, but I thought that was a bug, not a feature.

Do people really leave the skins on? When serving up to the poloi?
posted by GeckoDundee 22 November | 10:15
On. Becoming trendy to leave them on. Like apples, there's supposedly good stuff in the skin.
posted by Melismata 22 November | 10:21
I like on, my husband likes off... he usually wins. Sometimes we actually compromise by half-peeling.
posted by taz 22 November | 10:38
On for family, off for company. For family too, I boil extra long so I can leave them a bit lumpy, they like 'em that way but then my gravies are a bit thicker than most with bits of onion and mushroom and a radically reduced stock. Also. my using ranch dressing to mash the potatoes has been a big hit.
posted by Ardiril 22 November | 10:41
I always leave them on, or half peel like taz does.
posted by LoriFLA 22 November | 10:47
On. So much tastier.
posted by BoringPostcards 22 November | 10:51
Mashed: off.

Smashed: on.
posted by Elsa 22 November | 11:13
Either way.
posted by spork 22 November | 11:24
Depends on what kind of potato. The round red ones and smaller - on. Big long brown ones (like you use for baking) - off.
posted by casarkos 22 November | 11:31
Skin ON. That's where all the vitamins are. What the hell is wrong with you peeps?
posted by ColdChef 22 November | 11:33
What casarkos said. With LOTS of butter. The hell with healthy.
posted by Pips 22 November | 11:39
Also. my using ranch dressing to mash the potatoes has been a big hit.

Will you marry me?
posted by essexjan 22 November | 11:47
Off. On is almost as wrong as putting the roll of toilet paper so it dispenses underhand.

Also: cream cheese in with the butter and milk.
posted by ROU Xenophobe 22 November | 11:51
It doesn't matter. They will soon be in my belly.
posted by Eideteker 22 November | 12:02
posted by jason's_planet 22 November | 12:06
on, most of the nutrients are in the skin. And I say leaving them on balances out the heavy cream I use when mashing.
I like baby reds or yukon gold, and always hand-mash. IThe golden or red skins are pretty, too. I prefer the wavy S type masher to the circle with a grate in it, for cleaning simplicity.
posted by kellydamnit 22 November | 12:14
I don't eat mashed potatoes for their nutrients. Skins off, butter and cream ON.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 November | 12:19
posted by ColdChef 22 November | 12:48
This is turning into one of those "which way up should I mount the toilet roll?" discussions ... :-)
My fav is leave the skins on -- mash with some sour cream and chives (or chopped spring onions/scallions). Makes a really tasty dish.
posted by Susurration 22 November | 13:54
Whoops - just spotted that ROU Xenophobe beat me to my punchline ... :-(
posted by Susurration 22 November | 13:55
Skin off, and then comes the awesome part: I cut the skins into smaller triangles and bake them for a couple minutes more on a cookie sheet, after sprinkling them with cheese and sour cream.
posted by pieisexactlythree 22 November | 15:15
Skins on, always, but I don't own a peeler and I'm laaaazzzzyyyyy.
posted by goo 22 November | 15:38
What casarkos said. With LOTS of butter. The hell with healthy.

What pips said. Red and yukon gold's keep their skins, large baking potatoes get peeled. And it's all about the butter. Only a bit of milk, a ton of butter and salt.
posted by rhapsodie 22 November | 15:43
Skins on and never use baking potatoes for mash. For a change throw in some diced garlic add milk, whip, and spread on a cookie sheet. Fluff it up with a spoon and put it under the broiler until the tips brown.
posted by arse_hat 22 November | 16:07
yes, yes. skins on, plenty of garlic, lots of butter.

you'll bring them here to me now, right?

i don't think we're doing thanksgiving this year. :(
posted by brina 22 November | 18:09
I have never ever heard of mashed potatoes with skin on.

The lazy sod in me LOVES the idea.
posted by jonathanstrange 22 November | 18:19
Peel your potatoes to avoid toxins [both natural and man made], says Cornell researcher

"Should you mourn the loss of nutrients from peeling? No, says Mondy. It's a myth that most of a potato's nutrients are in or near the skin. For example, vitamin C is concentrated in the center of the potato, and a seven-ounce potato still contributes about two grams of fiber even without its peel."
posted by D.C. 22 November | 19:14
Off is more conventional. I prefer them with the skin on. There is a flavor to the skins that I really like.
posted by Doohickie 22 November | 22:00
Weird. At work today, I overheard rthese two ladies talking about a (no joke) 'Mashed Potato Martini Bar.' Apparently, they give you mashed potatoes in a martini glass and you garnish them with butter, green onions, cheese, etc. I have to admit that's a pretty shrewd marketing idea.
posted by jonmc 22 November | 22:09
On. You can still whip the hell out of them and use sour cream or something else to make them creamy.
posted by terrapin 23 November | 06:57
Definitely off... bugger trendy.

(though I agree with GeckoDundee, get the potato ricer thingy, so you have the best of both (lazy and good mash) worlds).
posted by pompomtom 23 November | 21:44
The latest GF is FAIL. || I need a haircut.