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22 November 2008

My horoscope tells me today is a good day for a party... [More:]Which is handy, as I'm having a big all day birthday extravaganza.

Happy Birthday to ME!

We're off to see a band called Fireside Bellows, which play some really cool folk music, then on to another venue to see MORE really great folk music and have dinner and lots of fun.

Actually it's been a weekend for music. My friend T has stayed since friday, and we went and saw some country music on friday - not my usual but nice - and went to a "Renaissance" Festival yesterday - Read Hippy Commune. It was on the Murray River, up near Shepparton - for anyone that knows, and was about a 3 hour drive from Melbourne. T and her friend Tip played at the "Cuddle Puddle" - a pit in the ground that had about 15-20 of us piled in, with a massive beanbag piled on top. The hail that was pouring down was literally the size of peas.

T had another gig in Melbourne last night, which was lovely, and then we came home, made a big pot of Vege soup, watched A Room with a View (and the last part of Dr Horrible) and ate too many Tim Tams.

It's been a great weekend, and hopefully today will too.
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's a great year for you. What is a Tim Tam?
posted by Kangaroo 22 November | 17:55
Oh Kangaroo!!
A Tim Tam is delicious. We ate the double coated ones last night. Extra chocolate. MMMM....
posted by jonathanstrange 22 November | 18:05
Happy Birthday!! Sounds as if it's a great one. Enjoy!
posted by redvixen 22 November | 19:22
Hooray - sounds like a lovely way to spend your birthday! The weather has been pretty awful round here lately, but cuddly hippies and beanbags and music go a long way to helping with that. The country around Shep is beautiful and would be nice to see the Murray with actual flowing water in it as opposed to muddy sludge that it seemed to be last time I was up that way.

My friend had her birthday yesterday - was originally going to be a picnic somewhere around Yarra Bend park, but due to rain/hail/catsndogs we relocated to a Greek restaurant in Richmond. It was all sorts of ace. Greek beer is... a taste I am yet to acquire, but saganaki is a devastatingly delicious substance. Various small children provided mondo lols for all.

Is your friend T playing anywhere else in Melbourne while she's down here?
posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein 23 November | 02:14
≡ Click to see image ≡

Woooooo! Glad to hear you're having such a wonderful time! *throws confetti*
posted by taz 23 November | 03:46
Are you the 23rd jonathonstrange? Because (not meaning to threadjack) so am I! Happy birthday to us! I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend.

Has the weather in Melbourne been truly terrible? My sister's a volunteer SES captain in Brisbane, and this is what she and her crew have been cleaning up all week.
posted by goo 23 November | 09:12
Heh! Thanks guys!


We're Birthday Twins!

Had a grand time - even if I missed out on Fireside Bellows - they sold out! ooops!

T (or Tash Parker) is off to Tasmania with the Leah Flannagan Band this week, but has lots of gigs around.

The weather in Melbourne has been pretty wet, and there was hail on Saturday, but nothing like Brisbane.

And thanks for the birthday pic, Taz, it's so cute! :D
posted by jonathanstrange 23 November | 17:14
Which book should I read first? || Following on from this ...