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30 October 2008

Love, Chillmost Oops. I just accidently closed and sent a formal work related email like this...[More:]

...Please confirm blah blah blah blah.

My Real Name

I didn't notice til a few minutes later after I was digging in my outbox for something else.

Oh well, nothing wrong with sending more love out into the world.

At least I didn't start it with, "Dear Penthouse..."
I've logged into the company IRC server with the nickname "octothorpe" set a couple times.
posted by octothorpe 30 October | 07:04
haha! I often sign off "kisses, taz". At least you didn't do that!

me/ is worried about how this will escalate. :)
posted by taz 30 October | 07:15
I've ended a few work phone conversations with "OKloveyoubye.
posted by jrossi4r 30 October | 08:04
Awww bless for sending some more love out into the world.
posted by gomichild 30 October | 08:10
I haven't done this yet (neither email nor phone), but I've been close enough to constantly worry about it. It's just a question of time before it happens -- I just hope it's to one of my work friends and not the boss :)
posted by AwkwardPause 30 October | 08:14
i hope you're happy, i almost ended a bunch of emails with love.
While not tragic, a bit inappropriate.
Luckily, i don't usually "sign" emails, identifier's included, redundancy's redundant.

What i have done in the last few weeks is that common curse of the multitaskers: right response, wrong respondent.
Text box, message or mail, copy and paste is not always your friend.
Strangely, i never heard of any fall out from it. One wonders.

But then, I also get non spam mail from time to time from people who are sure i'm someone else they know.
i've stopped answering them and scaring the bejeezus out of people, but some of them are interesting.

One of my aliases was a common name of people from high profile casting agents to people who receive alligator attack pictures.
posted by ethylene 30 October | 09:04
I was chatting one time and this guy walks into my office and I go "what can I do for you dearie," which was about 180 degrees from how that guy would like to be addressed. . .I just got my realms mixed up.
posted by danf 30 October | 09:52
This thread is hilarious.
Reminds me of in high school when you'd accidently call your teacher "Mom."
posted by chococat 30 October | 10:01
OH my, I used to slip up and call my brother by my hubby's name at times....

but, hey, it was the only male name I was frequently using: sortof a one-size-fits-all thing.

My biggest problem is seeing people out of context even when they finally realize I am clueless and say "I'm soandso" it takes me forever to place them. So, it makes for some very interesting discussion as I flail away in the back of my mind for whoisthisperson? while trying to engage in small talk.

And, I've signed at least one office email with hugs.
posted by mightshould 30 October | 10:24
I've signed a lot of emails with "high fives" - it usually led to actual high fives when I saw whoever I was emailing.
posted by heeeraldo 30 October | 11:04
One of my guy friends has called me "Mom" more than once. Makes us laugh for a good several minutes.
posted by Specklet 30 October | 11:55
Three points:

More often than I care to count, random people have offhandedly called me, 'Sir'. [And upon seeing my quizzical expression, apologized profusely.] I could be both biased and mistaken, but I don't believe I bear [m]any masculine qualities.

My boss's last name is my fiance's first and I've been known to call my boss by my fiance's name. This usually results in me resisting the overwhelming urge to say very loudly, "How 'bout those Bears?!" ala Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

The sign off in the automated signature of one of our contract intructors is "Yours in [insert city here]". It always makes me blush a bit because it so reeks of Victorian era intimacy. I keep wanting to change mine to "Mine in San Francisco" when I deal with him to, but I'm not certain this would be a wise conversation to instigate.
posted by Frisbee Girl 30 October | 13:14
Fris!!! I am happy to see you!
posted by jrossi4r 30 October | 13:17
More often than I care to count, random people have offhandedly called me, 'Sir'.

Lady Bird Johnson called me 'sir.'

posted by mudpuppie 30 October | 13:41
Lady Bird Johnson called me 'sir.'

So much makes sense to me now.
posted by danf 30 October | 13:48
i get sir'd when i have to be the one who gives the low down or throw down, or in charge of something.
It's kinda funny. i never point it out.
posted by ethylene 30 October | 14:10
Oh, and i've been sending out "love, eth" on every other email today, just for you guys.
*tosses the frisbee of love out to the world*
posted by ethylene 30 October | 14:12

Hi guys!
posted by Frisbee Girl 30 October | 17:03
I used to call a co-worker "mom" once in a while. We both just laughed about it.

Lady Bird Johnson called me 'sir.'

I just told my mum about this; she thought it was pretty funny.
posted by deborah 31 October | 22:32
Yo, wordz nerdz of the puzzley flavor: || I awoke this morning to the sound of...