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30 October 2008

Yo, wordz nerdz of the puzzley flavor: Don't miss the great game Blocks With Letters On, posted by Sitegeist at MeFi (it gets much harder after the first 10 or 15 levels, in a good way). Also... [More:]

I've been meaning to post the crossword archive at The Chronicle of Higher Learning. These are like NYT crosswords at the Friday or Saturday level, I'd say. Very nice.
grr, taz, I was supposed to be getting some work done today! (this is good).

so what's the word on level 22 if it isn't 'carrots'?
posted by altolinguistic 30 October | 06:52
Do you really want me to tell you?

(warning: don't look at the small word below if you are viewing on phone or pda... or maybe low resolution monitor)


copy/paste that teeeeeeeeny word above (which is the answer) to the comment box to see it reg size.
posted by taz 30 October | 07:11
I got to level 10 and couldn't figure it out. Probably gave up too easily.

Taz, what a cool way of sharing but not spoiling a potential spoiler.
posted by marsha56 30 October | 10:10
hee, thanks taz - I could just about read it when viewing Metachat on my phone, though... hope no-one else is caught out that way.
posted by altolinguistic 30 October | 10:14
ooh, good point! I altered it a bit to include some space and a warning.
posted by taz 30 October | 11:10
Speaking of puzzles and things altered, i just copied my response to "follow it" up (didn't post it) because
…it's displaying the same frequent errors i've been getting when trying to post a comment. Maybe you can see it, seanyboy.

i keep getting a single line in the middle of a post that doesn't show up completely or at all.
Anyone else?
posted by ethylene 30 October | 11:29
eth, you might email seanyboy about that. I'm not sure I understand what you are describing, but he probably does.

Also, I'm on level 54. Is this really helping my tension headache?
posted by taz 30 October | 13:27
Wow. That was so frustrating. I think I made it to level 5. I had no trouble with the words, but the whole spatial thing kicked my ass.
posted by mudpuppie 30 October | 16:32
I'm stuck on 23. Can't figure out how to get the number four switch to stay switched, since the oh WAIT I GOT IT!
posted by Specklet 30 October | 18:16
That was fun! Thanks.
posted by goo 30 October | 20:16
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