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30 October 2008

I awoke this morning to the sound of... [More:]

the cat knocking a bunch of stuff off the bureau.

so how's your day going?
I walked into my edit room to find the AC blasting again, and it was 52 degrees F in here.

Other than numb fingers, everything's fine.
posted by BoringPostcards 30 October | 08:26
I'm trying to get motivated to get out of the house for a little bit. It's tough.
posted by Specklet 30 October | 08:49
kinda bleh, see above post... but ok considering :)
posted by By the Grace of God 30 October | 08:54
Surprisingly on the ball, considering.
i expect i've jinxed myself now.
posted by ethylene 30 October | 09:26
I sleep until the babby wakes up, which this morning was 9.30, making 3 weeks of sleeping 12+ hours! Yay!

(and every morning I wake to the sound of construction, and the subway underneath my building, but that's just comforting NYC noise)
posted by gaspode 30 October | 09:31
I woke to my iPhone alarm because I'm in Juneau on business and still haven't gotten out of bed. I wish there was a way to lock the screen orientation so I could read MeCha in bed easier.
posted by rhapsodie 30 October | 09:59
I woke to the sound of construction, too. The building was vibrating. Turned out the construction company had cut a big square of sidewalk with a jackhammer and were picking at it with a backhoe. It was cool :)
posted by halonine 30 October | 10:02
Work calls woke me up twice last night. Sick baby woke me up three times. My sinuses are trying to destroy me one bucket of dense mucus at a time. I sat on a wet toilet seat at the office (seriously, this is not a truck stop, WTF?), and if I find that man, I'm going to rub his nasty, diseased little face in it.

I am in a shit-stirring mood today, now where is my goddamn blankie.
posted by middleclasstool 30 October | 10:05
My day is tiring and long. But the dark winter days are finally here and that makes me pretty happy.
posted by cmonkey 30 October | 10:11
I woke up to the sound of the radio coming on at 6.45 and the nitwits on the Today programme talking about bloody Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross AGAIN. Swiftly turned it off, then was awoken again 3.48 seconds later by mr alto's clangy alarm clock, which can't be trusted to remain working for long enough to go off next morning after it's set, hence the radio backup alarm.
posted by altolinguistic 30 October | 10:17
I woke up a half hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. Which always makes me cranky. I was doubly cranky because I was up until midnight because my brain didn't want to SHUT THE FUCK UP about all the ~~SUPER IMPORTANT THINGS YOU MUST DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~ even though the majority of them are wayyyyyyyyyyyy out there and therefore, I can only deal with one crisis at a time, kthxbai. (FTR, I wake up every morning to my cell phone alarm. Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music". It's hilarious when it gets inserted into dreams.)
posted by sperose 30 October | 10:36
I woke up at 4 a.m. when my alarm was set to go off at 5:30. And then I overslept until almost 6:30, making me late. However, one class canceled, so I have an extra few hours to post here, or rather get work done.
posted by Stewriffic 30 October | 10:42
I woke to the sound of ... nothing. Not even the birds. I wake up so early, everything is still totally dark and silent. I wake up so early, even the dog doesn't stir - and she normally sticks with me every second. She disapproves of late hours and early mornings, though. If I stay up past midnight, she gets up and trots into the bedroom to go to sleep on her rug, all on her own.

And now it's dark again, already. Dark by 5 p.m., which is what I hate about Fall. Everything else, I love. And I really, really miss my old Eastern view of the sunrise. Being a (usually) insanely early riser is so much less fun without it.
posted by taz 30 October | 11:04
No one panic! I have confirmed that I have enough pretty contact paper (not my image) to cover the renter's nightmare of a refrigerator!

I have had it with my old, ugly and completely useless kitchen (how does a full-sized kitchen have only TWO FREAKING FEET of counterspace? and all of that on badly overpainted tile?) and will be spending a little bit of money to reno. Suggestions gratefully accepted.
posted by eatdonuts 30 October | 11:31
Oh I really like that contact paper, eatdonuts.

I woke up to the sound of the boy playing in his crib, followed quickly by his sister climbing into bed with me and complaining about how tired she was. (We woke her up to watch the 9th inning last night. We didn't want her to miss the excitement.) My body does not like to get up as early as I have to, but I remind myself that some day soon I'll be able to sleep as much as I want, but will desperately pine to be awakened by cheerful tiny people. There are a finite amount of "Good morning, Momma!"s in a lifetime.

making 3 weeks of sleeping 12+ hours
What kind of crazy scientist stuff are you doing to that baby to make her sleep so well?
posted by jrossi4r 30 October | 12:15
What kind of crazy scientist stuff are you doing to that baby to make her sleep so well?

In all honesty, I have no idea. I do know I am one lucky lucky woman. and if there is some sort of rebound payback kind of deal in her teenage years, I will not be happy
posted by gaspode 30 October | 12:36
if there is some sort of rebound payback kind of deal in her teenage years, I will not be happy

If your mother is anything like mine, that curse has already been placed on you. Not much you can do about it.
posted by jrossi4r 30 October | 13:16
I have the non-sleeping kind of baby apparently and so was up about 5 times last night. Little devil is asleep on my back now as I try to hack out a website design.

More coffee please.
posted by gomichild 30 October | 18:14
I awoke this morning to the sound of my fucking alarm clock at 5.10am just like I do every other fucking morning.

I have one child that slept perfectly from about 3 months and three that Do. Not. Fucking Sleep. Ever. Well, they are pretty bad about going to sleep, anyway and have been since birth. It's nothing unusual for all three to be still awake at 11pm or later, calling out every now and again in that whiny voice "I can't get to sleep" every five minutes.

*plans to fly to gaspode's place and throw rocks at her baby's windows, just out of spite*
posted by dg 31 October | 04:20
Love, Chillmost || boo, didn't get a job.