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26 October 2008

Why do our politicians continue to ignore the great international glue scandal? I ask you, my friends. I recycle jars for storing spices, nuts, flour, sugar, coffee, etc., but the hot water I waste trying to get the blasted glue off of them has to outweigh whatever green benefit might accrue. Do the glue lobbyists have our leaders pasted into their pockets? Why don't overgluing charges ever stick? Is the mainstream media sniffing glue? Why won't they report on these sticky-fingered thieves? This is a disgrace.
srsly just spent 15 minutes trying to deglue a peanut butter jar. It's still a little gluey.
posted by taz 26 October | 04:36
the horse lobby is also v. concerned about this issue
posted by loiseau 26 October | 07:33
We just throw all the jars, cans and bottles into blue bags and leave them at the curb. If they tried to get us lazy Americans to clean the labels off before we recycled them, no one would bother.
posted by octothorpe 26 October | 07:37
The hobby horse lobby is up arms, or legs.
i let it heat up filled with hot water so the glue soaks off into the paper or away in general, if i'm reusing them.
posted by ethylene 26 October | 07:50
Don't you just leave the labels on? I wouldn't bother trying to get them off.
posted by DarkForest 26 October | 08:01
Eucalyptus oil on a paper towel or cotton ball - glue rubs right off. It can make a mess of some types of plastic, but glass is fine.
posted by goo 26 October | 08:27
Or, apparently, break out the ky.
posted by ethylene 26 October | 08:49
i have a new rule: only skim askme until the first mention of how you have got to stop all masturbation or masturbate more.
Unfortunately, it happened way too quickly this time.
posted by ethylene 26 October | 09:28
posted by box 26 October | 10:14
That's a pretty evil peanut butter jar. I just leave things in super hot water to soak. It gets most of it off, and then I'll start using the jar even if it's all stripy. The following dish-washer tours after the jar has been used, takes care of the remnant glue. Yeah, I'm lazy.
posted by dabitch 26 October | 16:32
Taz, you can soak the jars for 24 hours. The water doesn't need to be hot. A heavy duty scrub sponge and a razor will get all the glue off then.
posted by halonine 27 October | 02:12
Seconding Goo-Gone. I bought a little bottle at the dollah store and it works wonders. It's one of the 3 items out of 397 I've ever bought at the dollah store that actually works.
posted by heyallie 27 October | 18:17
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