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26 October 2008

Sunday 3-point update [More:]

1. Plans to go out today for a walk with my camera have been frustrated by the torrential rain and gale-force wind. But this is the best it's going to get for the next few days, because next week we're going to have near-freezing temperatures too.

2. It's a whole year since the identity of my secret boo was revealed on MetaChat.

3. Our clocks went back last night for the end of British Summer Time. Whilst the lighter mornings will be nice on my 6am starts, I don't like coming home in the dark. I don't know where this year has gone. We've already planned our Christmas lunch at work.
1. Squigs ate his first pumpkin

≡ Click to see image ≡

Um I mean "wore".

2. I am about to make ravioli. Pumpkin and broccoli ravioli.

3. I hope to get more than 4 hours sleep tonight.
posted by gomichild 26 October | 04:21
1) Toruń continues to dazzle me. Yesterday we went for a walk along the Vistula quay as the sun set and just stood there open-mouthed as the sky exploded into a thousand shades of ochre and a mist descended in the even-ing. "My dreams aren't supposed to come true," a friend I was walking with whispered. Seeing the contrails of airplanes far above us usually, we both agreed, made us want to be elsewhere, but not anymore. I think I'm going to be here for a while.

2) Going to drop off my smoky clothes at the dry cleaners. Taking a cab over there because I don't want to walk down the road for a mile and change with some crumpled, smelly trousers.

3) Contemporary Art Center today!
posted by mdonley 26 October | 05:42
  1. *sings* On the road again - in Cairns until Thursday night. I hate away jobs that start on Monday morning because I have to give up 25% of my weekend.
  2. That's it for now.
posted by dg 26 October | 06:20
1) I need coffee
2) I'm sewing a little house on the prairie getup for Halloween. I don't use patterns. Not because I'm a sewing whiz or anything, oh no. Patterns befuddle me. So far the skirt is done, and a mock up of the top is...coming along. As soon as I figure out the sleeves and neck, I'll do the real one. Wish me luck!
3) I need coffee so BAD. Also, my arm still hurts from a tetanus shot I had on Wednesday. OUCH!
posted by Stewriffic 26 October | 07:22
1. I finally took Space Coyote's bin-cleaning advice and am now recycling compostables again.

2. Latest weightloss experiment is a near-total failure. Two weeks with only one booze-drink per week, and no cooked meals on weekdays, has resulted in only 1 measly pound lost.

3. Renaissance Faces was a bit of grab-bag: a few interesting things, but a lot of it was from the regular collection. It's annoying when they just cart a bunch of paintings downstairs and charge you a tenner.
posted by TheophileEscargot 26 October | 07:42
1. What I thought was a cold is now a raging chest infection.

2. Fever dreams are awesome - more dreams about balls spinning on the heads of pins, please (NOT).

3. I'm on call, and it's Sunday and my back-up on call person isn't answering her phone. Please please please let there not be any emergencies that require more than a vague acknowledgement of occurrence on my part. Please.
posted by goo 26 October | 08:35
Fever dreams are awesome - more dreams about balls spinning on the heads of pins

Ugh. I usually get the one about having a constellation of dots that need to be connected in all possible permutations. over and over and over...
posted by DarkForest 26 October | 08:44
1. Day three of merging the three kittens with the 14 year old cat is a smashing success. After lots of posturing and hissing at the beginning on the part of the older cat, they'll all getting a long. We've even seen all 4 cats sleep together. (sad side note: up until 2 weeks ago, we had two 14 year old cats, but we had to put Chinaski to sleep after she kept getting sicker).

2. Waiting for Noon(ish) to pop open a beer. Yesterday a neighbor dropped off a case of beer for the Mrs and I to try (he works for a distributor). How cool is that? One minute I'm standing in the kitchen in my boxers and t-shirt eating some cereal, and a doorbell ring later I'm a case of beer richer. Without leaving the house! And it wasn't my birthday!

3. Chillout movie day at the Slack household. It's the first day in quite a while that Mrs Slack and I are both home together with nothing planned, so there will be lots of catching up on Netflix and Tivo.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 26 October | 08:45
1. Four hours of canvasing yesterday morning did a number on my ankles. Half the houses around here have two stories of steps leading up or down to the front door.

2. Walked down to Heinz Field to spend the afternoon watching Pitt's football team get humiliated by Rutgers.

3. Still no heat in my house, I've painted the radiators but still waiting to hear from the contractor to find out when the plumber can get here to install them.
posted by octothorpe 26 October | 09:02
1. Headache. Should i stop thinking coffee will help?
2. Sleeping in chunks is not great. i thought i posted this already. Headache.
3. Things are getting done today, dammit.
posted by ethylene 26 October | 09:14
1. Just finished a bowl of chicken and rice soup.

2. I'm leaving here in five minutes to visit my parents.

3. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
posted by LoriFLA 26 October | 09:37
1. Away from home. Here.
2. Not exactly sure what I am supposed to be doing here, but trying to soak it all in and figure it out.
3. Ailing guinea pig back in Toronto who I can't help. :(
posted by typewriter 26 October | 09:57
1. Brain is doing lots of thinking about bridges that will likely be burned come May/June. Not productive in the slightest.

2. Courier has come and gone for today, which gives me 3 hours to fuck around and pretend to do work.

3. I thought I had more than $7 in cash but was wrong. Now it's going to really suck to go get gas this afternoon.
posted by sperose 26 October | 11:12
1. Got my paper topic approved, he's going to make me think and not regurgitate...he put the grr in regurgitate!
2. Madly doing research so I can get a grasp on my topic.
3 Fighting the need to take a nap and drink some wine--not in that order. Wow, still sounds good...I'm reading, I'm reading!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 26 October | 12:27
1) Yesterday was pretty crappy, I'm not sure why, it just was.

2) I got my new computer up and running, playing TF2 on maximum settings is great

3) I have 2 midterms to work on. YAY!
posted by hellojed 26 October | 12:28
1. Finally the wind stopped so I could reset my Halloween decorations, again. Found one of my skulls halfway down the street. For some reason, that makes me giggle.
2. Mr. V is making a seafood/beans/rice dish for dinner tonight. Yay, not having to cook!!
3. Thinking I should be doing something, but I'm really enjoying just relaxing.
posted by redvixen 26 October | 13:51
1. Slept late and still got a lot of stuff done: swept, made breakfast, cleaned kitchen, cleaned bunny cage, ordered new litter, put away laundry, changed sheets, temporarily fixed toilet chain.

2. Going to see Rachel Getting Married today after I go on a walk.

3. Maybe I'll be super accomplished and also take stuff to the dry cleaner but prob not.
posted by rmless2 26 October | 14:13
1. I wasted the night I had to myself last night on sleep.

2. on the upside, I was wide awake today

3. for no reason at all, I'm putting temporary hair color on right now.

and squeee! Gomi! punkin covered punkin!
posted by lysdexic 26 October | 15:06
1. V. cooked steaks for lunch while we drank wine and giggled at animal videos.

2. Had afternoon wine nap and read for a while: this NY Times bestseller thingy because I've heard so many people say how much they like Preston and Child, and because it's set at the "New York Museum of Natural History", but I'm feeling kind of meh about it so far. Meh.

3. Now cooking minestrone for tomorrow. We failed to bathe the dog today.
posted by taz 26 October | 15:10
1. Booked flights for Canada today--got to go home to get winter clothes, then Vancouver to visit my much-missed friends (I'm looking at you, Zack_Replica), then off to Calgary (brrr) to paint my step-mum's house (and she's paying me--yay!) and spend xmas with Dad (also yay).

2. Lazy Sunday. Going to knit & watch BOP play Fable II. (It's like a movie! That never ends! Really, it is kinda fun to watch.) Then making quiche for dinner.

3. hbLH and taz have made me want wine, but I don't have any. *sigh* Vodka it is, then.
posted by elizard 26 October | 15:29
Had afternoon wine nap and read for a while

That's it, I can't take it! *runs to kitchen*
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 26 October | 16:08
Jan, I am having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that it seems like just yesterday you were entertaining us on Boxing Day. This year has FLOWN by. *sigh*
posted by terrapin 27 October | 10:21
Parallels || Why do our politicians continue to ignore the great international glue scandal?