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20 October 2008

Three Point Spoooooky Time of Year Update! What's spooky with you? [More:]

1. There Are Mo**er**cking Deer In The Mo**er**cking Park - making each attempt to get poo out of the dog a Blair Witch type episode of hearing noises (me) and smelling things (her). Very spooky.

2. I finally got my Mother on the phone today, she was hospitalized over the weekend. She's in declining health, but this is no emergency. Though normally never confused, she told me she understood why I had been so busy and couldn't call her - she saw me on TV last night portraying Mary Todd Lincoln. Only in retrospect do I remember that history was not kind to Mary Todd. She was, by accounts, a trial to our Abraham. Am I my Mother's Mary Todd? Spooky.

3. We had our killing frost last night. I shudder to have cleaned and fired the furnace. Gas Bills = Spooooooky.
1. I HAVE HAD A HEADACHE FOR A WEEK and not sleeping well the past three nights has not helped.
2. Not getting to sleep in tomorrow- having to get up early again to go do jury duty again. Please, don't let me get picked for a jury.
3. Tonight- various cleaning around the house, laying around trying to make the headache go away.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 October | 18:33
1. There is less than one point difference between rainbaby and me in the fantasy football. She has two players tonight, and I have one. I'm hoping her QB gets negative points (which is conceivable). I'ma spook you, rainbabby!
posted by mudpuppie 20 October | 18:35
hah - DOH - just posted an update thread, this wasn't there when I started mine. Whoops!

Spooky updates...
1. Am preparing my costume for Halloween. Not sure what I'm going as, but thinking a nice Vampire might be nice. Though I love the suffragette idea....
posted by jonathanstrange 20 October | 18:45
1. My sister just told me a lengthy story about one of her co-workers who has Brucellosis. She had to go to Gainesville to get a diagnosis. Doctors around here were baffled with the cause of her symptoms. She now has aphasia and can't string two words together.

2. Today my son told me that his best friend (second graders) "talks about girls all of the time". "He calls girls chicks and says they're hot." Second grade! My son thinks talking about girls is "disgusting". I'm not sure what to think about this.

3. I have my skeleton up and two fake Jack o' lanterns. I'll carve real pumpkins a couple days before Halloween.

3a. It's 39 degrees in New England! I'm scared!
posted by LoriFLA 20 October | 19:40
1. The lift maintenance dude came by today and ran BOTH GODDAMN LIFTS down to around 10%. Bastard. Hopefully they'll be fully charged by tomorrow.

2. I had to walk around the aisles because said lifts were low on battery power (instead of riding around on the lift) and I learned that the automatic lights don't come on if you enter the aisle from the end until you get about halfway up. That's creepy.

3. I wrote two new poems. I'm not sure where this burst of inspiration came from, but I wonder how long it'll last. (Now that I've said that, it'll disappear on me again.)
posted by sperose 20 October | 20:09
1. Heh. Rainbaby's mom is dreaming of Mary Todd Lincoln (or at least her daughter portraying the former first lady). I had a dream last night that Mr. V was Lincoln, and he pissed me off, and I whacked him on the back of the head when he wasn't looking. Then pretended to care that he was injured.

2. Found out why my bird seed was disappearing so fast from my ground feeder. Came outside to find a very fat groundhog sitting on the feeder, munching away. I wondered what his girth says about the coming winter.

3. Actually turned the heat on for the first time. I've tried not to, but last night it got down into the 30's, and although Mr. V and I like a cold room, it's only fair to offer heat to the rest of the family.
posted by redvixen 20 October | 20:20
1. Three weeks ago, I had eight death calls in one weekend. Every single one was a man.

2. Two weeks ago, I had six death calls in one weekend. They were all women.

3. In a diverse religious area, I buried ten Baptists in a row. I asked one of the preachers if this was the rapture and he just wasn't telling the Catholics.
posted by ColdChef 20 October | 21:52
1. Today has been kind of crappy. Small things that went wrong kind of added up to one mediocre day.

2. I need to finish the site design for a class project, like now, what am I doing here?

3. My computer parts will be here on the 22nd, woo hoo!
posted by hellojed 20 October | 22:22
1. Halloween apparently only exists here in the form of giving out unpleasant schedules in late October.

2. There are no post offices within a mile of my house, making my absentee ballot a bigger hassle to mail than I thought it would be.

3. On Mondays and Wednesdays I go out to a satellite school and we come back in a Peugeot 205 with a UK-style right-side-drive steering wheel. Every time we go it's like some scary drive through the woods since the driver can't really see well enough to pass and I have to play wingman.
posted by mdonley 21 October | 00:43
Ok, redvixen and ColdChef, that's spooky stuff. If you get any Lincolns, ColdChef, let us know, along with denominations and gender.
posted by rainbaby 21 October | 18:41
Billy Idol as easy listening shopping music || Tuesday two-point!