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16 October 2008

Heh. That reminds me of a friend I had many many years ago, who we called 'The Antichrist' both for his resemblance to Damien in The Omen and for his sheer twistedness. One time he was out driving with a bunch of friends when he got pulled over, and when the dust settled he came out of it with twelve tickets. Too many people in the car, driving under the influence, driving while license suspended, etc etc, but the best was definitely "Being in Public While Under Quarantine." News to the ten people in the car with him.
posted by elizard 16 October | 17:46
Also, I would love to see the list of this guy's offenses. I bet it would make for some entertaining reading.
posted by elizard 16 October | 18:27
Eastern Europe seems to be a great source of daredevil drivers.

Back home in the States, we do get the occasional gem.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 October | 19:58
elizard, that's SWEET!! I'd love to have that on my record!
posted by small_ruminant 16 October | 23:39
We got stopped, but never charged.

Young, bored. I'm going over to Tom's anyways and he's pretty sure that he'll be there - has to pick up some spray paint. I get there and he's decided that he needs to spray paint his car. Yeah, suburban punks full of Repo Man, Suburbia and the DK's, I do some sweet skull and crossbones for his doors, and we do an anarchy symbol on the hood (black on the white car yeah punk all over your ass bitch). Driving to the gig later on that night, we get pulled by the cops, of course. Mr Cop saunters over to the car, looks at the (sweet) paintjobby, looks at us all slow like "fuckers wasting my time", leans in the window.
(me = big black hair, big Crass logo on back of jacket. Tom = mohawk, leather, spikes.)
Mr Cop says, <derision>"Punks, ..huh?"</derision>.
Tom looks him up and down says, <derision>"Cop, ..huh?"</derision>
Officer Friendly goes back to his car looking not-so-friendly and runs the plates - no go. We're squeaky. Tells us to blow, trails us to the gig, leaves. "Uh huh, aren't there some real bad guys you can catch?"
On the way back, way too drunk to drive, but we're doing it anyways cos we're young, dumb, and apathetic, as it took Tom 5 min to get the bastard car started, and he had (?) to threaten the engine while standing in the mud in his socks so his DM's didn't get dirty I dunno Anyway.
Me - "So you're not really ok to drive, huh?"
Him - "Sure I am, y'just follow the white line down the middle of the road and it works."
2am in the morning and no cops and we're both still alive. I'm sure we'd have payed (what little) money (we had) to have the title of "Being in Public While Under Quarantine." Cool story, e.
posted by Zack_Replica 17 October | 00:25
I perform 28 offenses before I get out of bed in the morning.
posted by StickyCarpet 17 October | 18:54
three point update! || Twenty-pound hamburger. Four hours, 39 minutes.