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16 October 2008

*doffs cap*

I once ate a 21oz burger with bacon & blue cheese. I won a scotch and got my polaroid on the wall. That's small potatoes compared to this.
posted by jonmc 16 October | 18:27
Oh my good lord.
posted by elizard 16 October | 18:28
Yeah. Homeboy musta shit wet cannonballs for a few days.
posted by jonmc 16 October | 18:30
I've wanted to do this since forever. Ever since I first heard about it and saw pictures. Whenever I hear or read about these "eat this fucking giant piece of food" challenges, a small voice in my head goes, "I wanna do that."
posted by kkokkodalk 16 October | 21:18
Trying to finish a mushroom swiss burger nearly killed me earlier.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 21:20
Ahh, you gotta love western Pennsylvania! It's amazing that we don't all weigh 400 pounds out here.
posted by octothorpe 16 October | 22:21
Make this look kinda small.
posted by doctor_negative 16 October | 23:56
Wow. Just wow. I had dinner at the Seaview Hotel in Townsville recently and they have a 1kg steak (~2.2lb) where, if you eat the whole thing, you get your name on the wall. The prize rump I had was so good that I reckon I could have eaten the 1kg without blinking but ...

That ... that thing you linked to makes this look like a kid's snack.

Wow. *tips hat*

posted by dg 17 October | 04:24
Good lord. The burger included a bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and relish.

I wouldn't even have been able to eat the condiments on that beast.
posted by taz 17 October | 04:44
Can you imagine the calories on this? Mastercook, anyone? I'm betting the guy won't have to eat for three weeks because of the caloric intake here!

posted by Luminous Phenomena 17 October | 15:49
That middle picture insures he won't have to worry about dating for a while either.
posted by ethylene 17 October | 18:48
My hat is also off.

I've got a 'Burger Nerd' quibble, though.

From the article: "The 5-foot-11, 180-pound western Pennsylvania chef is the first person to eat a monstrosity called the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser: a 15-pound burger with toppings and a bun that brought the total weight to 20.2 pounds."

That's not the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser Burger he ate, it was The Beer Barrel Belly Buster.

The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser is much, much bigger. "The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser: Two 25 pound beef patties, 4 pounds of cheese, five heads of lettuce, a couple of onions, a cup of peppers, a jar of relish, and plenty of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser stands 34 inches tall and can feed 35 to 50 people."

And even that's not The World's Biggest Burger. More Giant Burger Craziness here.
posted by Fuzzy Monster 17 October | 21:39
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