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16 October 2008

three point update! [More:]

1) OMG Segway! Remind me - is today National Segway Day or something? Because not ten minutes after seeing that at the top of my flickr contacts feed, I headed out the door to grab a sandwich, and promptly witnessed some poor schmuck on a Segway get pwn3d by the rr trax next to my office. While it is not strange that the rr trax nearly ate him (Union Pacific's gonna owe me a new set of rims if they don't get their shit together soon), it is highly strange that there was a Segway involved in this equation. Segways are beyond uncommon around these parts. I can safely say I've never seen a Segway in Boulder for the entire 8 years I've been in these parts. In fact, come to think on it, I've never actually seen a Segway in the wild before today, if I don't count the ones the Pretentious Rentacops stand around on at Local Pretentious Mall. [derail]: I love those friggin rr trax. They provide me with a disproportionate amount of entertainment value on a daily basis, with occasional nods to the surreal, re: Segway pwnage and random goat sightings.

2) I get to dog-sit (and bonus! cat-sit! ...but do cats honestly need a sitter for one weekend?) for a teammate all weekend! Yay! dogsitting!

3) I have butter on my pants. :(
1. I have Omelette Anxiety after reading too many recipes on the Internet. I've just been putting mixed-up eggs in a pan all these years, but it turns out to be incredibly subtle and complicated with many essential tricks.

2. I have not had any alcohol for 8 days as part of an attempt to lose a few pounds. Mysteriously this has given me a craving for cigarettes.

3. I got a box of books from Amazon. Also they have just lowered their Free Delivery threshold to £5, which could change my life significantly.
posted by TheophileEscargot 16 October | 15:58
1. Went to a big "Get Out the Vote" organizational meeting yesterday in an auditorium my neighborhood (at the National Aviary oddly enough). At the end of the meeting they asked us to flip over the sheet that we had filled out with our volunteer commitments for the next three weeks and on the other side was a call sheet with ten names on it. They said, OK, now everyone get out your phone and make ten calls to invite the people on your list to the Michelle Obama rally tomorrow morning. The creativity and organizational skills of that campaign keep surprising me.

2. My house still doesn't have heat but I'm getting closer to the point where I can re-install the radiators.

3. Bought myself an air compressor with three nail guns. Woo! I'm either going to do some serious carpentry or accidentally nail my head to a coffee table.
posted by octothorpe 16 October | 16:00
1. Today is my first of 12 days off! WOOT! SUCK IT HATERZ!
2. The weather turned spectacular for my days off. YAY!
3. I will have Sushi inside me soon. YAY!

other than airports, or the Denver convention center, I've never seen a Segway in the wild either. I also can't remember the last time I was in a mall for actual shopping...

posted by eekacat 16 October | 16:00
1. Went to Whole Foods (lol)

2. Had "Breakfast" at Starbucks

3. Wrote a long-ass post in MeCha
posted by hellojed 16 October | 16:07
1. Still jobless. Damn you, crappy world economy! Starting to freak out a little bit about money. It's tight.
2. Having a devil of a time finding episodes of The Tudors to watch online. TheDonF is going to get me up to speed on bittorrenting.
3. Full of super nummy black bean soup. Cumin, garlic, cayenne... how I love thee.
posted by Specklet 16 October | 16:09
1. I just unclogged my slow shower drain with some boiling water and a plunger. Completing simple household tasks makes me feel LIKE A SUPERHERO.
2. Plan for the evening: library, Pathmark, "Smart People" on DVD.
3. Going upstate on Saturday to visit some friends in their new house. Can't wait! It's been far too long.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 October | 16:11
Three points kinda in response to things other people have said:

1. Likewise, the only times I've ever seen a Segway, a cop's been riding it.

2. I'm also pet-sitting this weekend. The last time I visited these friends, I left some beer in their fridge. Convenient.

3. A little while back, I helped my construction-company-owning buddy on a rush job. I got to use one of those Ramset nail guns. All I could think of was The Wire.
posted by box 16 October | 16:19
Where are Segways common? i don't know if i wanna know.
Lack of a responsible cat sitter may derail any out of town plans for me, that would be person who can care for and reassure my cat while not snooping, stealing, or in any way arranging/disposing of my stuff.
i, too, will have sushifood.

1. Fuck.
2. Shit.
3. Ow.

Oh, wait, in generic US English:
1. Just remembered who's suppose to be on Letterman tonight. While i could just be worried he won't give the man the business, having gotten up at 3am means i'm tired now.
2. Had to be interveningly bossy. Do not regret it. Really hope i riled up enough people so i don't have to actually follow up tonight or tomorrow, because, Jesus! Wah wah wah! You are gong to the goddamn doctor before i show you pictures of excavated jaw sections while calling your husband. So there. Feh.
3. i have punched out, world. You can offer me overtime but i do not claim any responsibility for my actions, this disclaimer activated in exactly fifteen minutes. Various things ache.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 16:29
1. home sick
2. drunk
3. I dunno
posted by jonmc 16 October | 16:29
Wait, swap out 1 for this:
Must make more computer feet.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 16:31
1. Strained both wrists carting the kid around the other week. Still in lots of pain.

2. Spending too much time and money on etsy.

3. Started running again yesterday. Fitness not as gone to shit as I thought, but it will be a while until I can run a 10 km again.
posted by gaspode 16 October | 17:08
1. Substitute professor is possibly even more useless than the regular prof.

2. My sore throat/cold thingy has gone back to mostly being a sore throat.

3. Tired of seemingly endless emotional turmoil.
posted by Joe Invisible 16 October | 17:36
1. Went to the mall, got hubs a pair of pants, me a pair of jeans. Had to walk past mall kiosks staffed by really aggressive annoying salesfolk who think they are in a Chiang Mai street market... arggg...

2. Very pleased to note mall has a new Soubrette hot dog stand inside. This has sentimental meaning to me and my hubby. Also, it will serve to actually persuade him to go to the mall with me!

3. Dinner tonight will be courtesy of John McCain, literally. (The victory office gave us leftover lasagna and salad from the debate party last night.Yum!)

3a. Obama is coming to town Sunday! Yup, Fayetteville. That is one of the days we have Sunday voting and I wonder if he realizes that churches were already planning to bus parishioners to the polls. I suspect they will choose to go SEE the candidate and put off VOTING for him. But I suppose it depends on when he is scheduled to speak....that's pending.
posted by bunnyfire 16 October | 18:06
1. See Joe Invisible's #3.
2. Dyed my hair last night. No one noticed. Not a bad thing.
3. Can't think of anything...wait, tomorrow's payday!!
posted by redvixen 16 October | 18:21
1. Enjoying pumpkin seasonal ale.
2. Enjoying going back to work, and being welcomed back by a hundred people I used to work and be friends with.

3. I'm attending a dinner done up by the Portsmouth Democratic Party tomorrow night with a ticket given to me from the campaign, so I can network with fellow Dems and talk to our elected officials about how I can become one.

I feel beautiful about this. For some reason, as insane as this election has been, with all of the sturm und drang and reprisals, it has brought me to myself and given me a voice.

I feel that when I look back in a year from now, I will have to recognize that this was the year when all of my latent talents came to the fore and I created something of lasting value not only to myself, but to many other people.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 16 October | 19:32
2) Going camping tomorrow in the mountains...
3) ...after presenting at a conference. I have not yet written the presentation. But it's an easy one.
posted by Stewriffic 16 October | 20:32
I feel that when I look back in a year from now, I will have to recognize that this was the year when all of my latent talents came to the fore and I created something of lasting value not only to myself, but to many other people.

That is a beautiful realization. I'm beaming for you.
posted by Stewriffic 16 October | 20:33
1. I got my hair done today. I love it.

2. I am drinking beer and watching the presidential candidates crack jokes.

3. I'm about to watch Tim Gunn at 10.
posted by LoriFLA 16 October | 20:42
1. I got my hair done on Tuesday - a sassy short bob with texture that I also love!
2. I meet the mother's boyfriend tonight - and I think that will be interesting, but my friend Tash is coming to stay, which will be nice for me, and also take some of the pressure off the whole situation for me.
3. I have an appointment to do my taxes this afternoon, which will be great, as with my tax-return I'll be buying one of the new macbooks. Woo!
posted by jonathanstrange 16 October | 20:47
1. Class tonight was kinda suckassed, due to the fact that we had to do group work in DIALOG but at least my parter was willing to let me do the typing, especially since she wasn't there last week. FAIL. (At least we got the in-class assignment that's due next week done early so we could leave early.) Next issue to tackle: the group project.

2. It's the weekend, which is probably going to lead to lots of thinking about things that will potentially lead to badness. I'm worried about what it could all mean. The only way things will be good is if it helps me write some. I just can't get it out of my head.

3. My experiment in not taking sleeping pills ends tonight, which I'm glad for. It's terrible that I'm on them, but at least I sleep a normal amount, during normal sleeping hours, and therefore don't make stupid errors at work during the day. Of course, going this long without them is probably not going to help #2 any.
posted by sperose 16 October | 21:04
1. Dreading my nemesis, the dishes. I've put them off this week and they're glaring at me. But if I don't, I'll have that much more tomorrow, and I've got to get the boys' presents and make the cake, which I've also been putting off.

2. Listening to small child pretend he's asleep.

3. STILL sore from hacking at the lawn. Weeds suck.
posted by lysdexic 16 October | 21:43
1. Third day of working (temporarily) a semi-normal shift while my co-worker recovers from a hysterectomy. 6am to 2pm is great in that I feel like I actually get to be a human being again, but my sleep schedule is completely screwed and my system still feels like 5am should be bedtime, not waking-up-time. Still looking for a job with less isolating hours. Still nothing.

2. I have a bike now and want to start using it to commute to work, but since I haven't ridden at all in eight years, I'm afraid of getting run over by a bus. Seriously.

3. Samson & Delila opens Saturday night and I will be attending with my favorite opera date, Mom.
posted by notquitemaryann 16 October | 22:16
1. Working on an essay on the life cycle of information, as demonstrated by Harry Potter and the Harry Potter Lexicon. I want to poke my eyes out. Or at least drop out of grad school. *sigh*

2. Generally stressed out about some health stuff I have going on. I don't want to deal with it, but I'm being responsible, and I hate being responsible.

3. Tired, tired, tired.
posted by Fuzzbean 16 October | 23:17
"Working on an essay on the life cycle of information, as demonstrated by Harry Potter and the Harry Potter Lexicon."

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send this to me when you are done!!!
posted by arse_hat 16 October | 23:37
Trust me, arsey, it's a HELL of a lot less exciting than it sounds.

The series has sold more than 400 million copies (CITE) and is widely collected in public and school libraries and, presumably, given the sheer volume sold, in personal collections as well. Both adults and children read them; in the United Kingdom different editions were published targeted at older and younger audiences. (CITE) WorldCat categorizes the various American editions as the genre of fantasy fiction and splits the material type between “elementary and junior high school, fiction” for the first four books and “fiction, juvenile audience” for the last three. The subjects generally include topics like “wizards”, “magic”, “schools”, and “England” under the headings of fiction and juvenile fiction.
posted by Fuzzbean 17 October | 00:18
Discovered that one should ALWAYS buy a dress sized to fit one's hips instead of the chest. What I found even managed to conceal my gut.

My cousin's wedding was lovely--she and her SO have been seeing each other for six years, lived together for two and he was beaming the whole night.

Made a royal cock-up of the meetup, but it was SO good to see DaShiv again!
posted by brujita 17 October | 01:31
I went to Whole Foods for the first time. || Here is a story about a really, really bad driver.