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15 October 2008

5 months! Still not damaged or broken him. I think he's still under warranty though right?

We are full on into babywearing which has surprised me because it kinda sounds like a bunch of new-age mumbo jumbo is some respects - but both he and I really like it and it's saved us from many melt downs and tears. For him too.

I prefer to wear him than to have him in a stroller actually. Mainly we are using wraps (Daddy prefers the structured carrier though) - slings though were a no go for us because we discovered that his legs *must* be free at all times.

Anyone else wearing their baby?
Oh and here he is the cheeky devil:

≡ Click to see image ≡

≡ Click to see image ≡

posted by gomichild 15 October | 05:11
Cute. i saw that pic of your hubby wearing the kid.
i think the partial warranty last until they are two or out of diapers, check with your local retailer.
Can you do stuff while wearing her without smushing her or accidentally bopping her in the head?
posted by ethylene 15 October | 05:19
He's gorgeous! Certainly has a cheeky smile. :)
posted by jonathanstrange 15 October | 05:21
Sorry for the sex change. i was thinking of the others, mentally tallying the bunny babies. Who's winning, girls or boys?
posted by ethylene 15 October | 05:25
Oh yeah it rocks for getting stuff done. So far no squishings or accidental head bumps.

On the other hand two mums I know who do not wear but carry their babies now can't do so because they badly hurt their backs. :-(
posted by gomichild 15 October | 05:29
We did several months of Bjorn work with both kids. Stuart outgrew the Bjorn really quickly. Mrs. Plinth liked to sling him, but I couldn't stand the sling. Nowadays (18 months, 34 pounds), I prefer to carry him on my shoulders.
posted by plinth 15 October | 05:36
What a cute little boola...(Boola is our household pet name for all things cuteness....)
posted by bunnyfire 15 October | 07:26
He looks very good-natured and adorable.
posted by casarkos 15 October | 08:02
100% unconditional love warranty included at no extra cost! Enjoy!
posted by mightshould 15 October | 08:58
He is so cute!

I wore my babies -- in a sling. Like the wrap a sling can be configured a million different ways. My kids, especially when they were older, liked their feet out too.
posted by LoriFLA 15 October | 09:13
Awww he's adorable! And an avid reader I see, from your flickr.

We are full on into babywearing which has surprised me because it kinda sounds like a bunch of new-age mumbo jumbo is some respects...I prefer to wear him than to have him in a stroller actually.

Yay! I'ts not new-age mumbo jumbo at all*, people have been carrying their children this way for... well, a long time! Centuries before strollers were invented. I mean the stroller is a victorian era device, and pretty much started as a status thing ("I'm so rich I can buy this thing and not have to carry my child, which would be too much like work for me").
'Course, I'm not saying that's the mindset now. I'm just glad to see a resurgence in actually carrying one's baby instead of using the silly (but admittedly convenient) western contraption.

What? Where was I? Oh yeah.

Sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

*At least, the act of wearing/carrying your baby isn't. I'm not sure what new-age mumbo jumbo they're attaching to the act these days, though.
posted by CitrusFreak12 15 October | 09:50
Squeeeee! Itty bitty baybeee! Sucha cutiepie!

Heh, I liked my sling so much I sold them for a while. Older Boy loved it and still asks to get in it. Younger Boy was always trying to escape. I have a length of tshirt material that I use in a child meltdown emergency. Kid goes floppy, I roll out the wrap, tie him up, and we move on.

oh, that new-agey stuff is pretty delirious at times, CF12. Mamas going on about how their babby will change the world, be non violent, always be "attached". Castigating "detached parenting" as evidenced by strollers, pacifiers, and formula feeding.
posted by lysdexic 15 October | 10:12
I absolutely love this photo from when he was a new-born.
posted by essexjan 15 October | 10:24
Lord, he's adorable.

I don't have kids, but I like the look of babywearing. It looks comfy and efficient. The fact that I detest strollers with a fiery personal hatred helps on that. Good on you for not going down the stroller road.

What CF says about them being a status object is 100% true - and it's gotten much worse in the last 20 years, as strollers have morphed into 6' long, 3' wide mini-SUVs with compartments and saddlebags for carrying children and copious amounts of Stuff. They block sidewalks, clog store aisles, take up an inordinate amount of space at crowded events, and make more hassle for parents with the folding, unfolding, packing and shuffling of goods. Yeesh.
posted by Miko 15 October | 10:33
He's just sooooo adorable, gomi!! So happy and twinkly eyed!

Neither of my kids would consent to be worn. They just absolutely hated it. Plus, they got totally enormous very quickly which makes the mechanics of strapping them on just about impossible. I remember when my daughter was little I tried to put her in the backpack to go to the farmers market. I strapped her on, stood up and immediately fell over backwards. Fortunately, the frame of the pack kept her from smacking her head on the asphalt, but the humiliation of lying like an overturned turtle in the middle of a crowded parking lot lingers. So I say, Yay strollers! They won't hurt you and they have a place to put your drink!
posted by jrossi4r 15 October | 11:00
I *love* your pics of him, gomichild!

Miss M. loves her sling, and I take her out and about in it every day. We have a bjorn, but haven't used it yet. Weekends, or when we are eating out, we tend to take her in the stroller because it's not comfortable to sit at a table with her in the sling.
posted by gaspode 15 October | 11:35
Oh, that's a funny story, jrossi. And nobody got hurt!
posted by Miko 15 October | 12:06
Yay gomi! He's gorgeous, and good job!
posted by goo 15 October | 14:46
Aww thanks guys for the lovely comments.

Yeah the "new age" aspect comes from reading some of the information about it. I actually belong to a forum with several normal women who do it because it's convenient, baby doesn't cry and you can do stuff.

OMG jrossi4r!

At restaurants we have taken the stroller because he's not old enough to sit in a high chair. Now however he's so excited about food he won't sit in there - but he will sit on your lap and be calm enough to eat. He likes sushi train restaurants because all the interesting stuff keeps coming past.

I have been using a 5 metre long piece of jersey fabric to wrap him - but we are very soon going to a woven wrap so we can do back carries as well. I will definitely be practicing those over our very soft bed so as not to do a jrossi4r!
posted by gomichild 15 October | 18:40
Oh beautiful baby, nice work! Wore both my kids, sewed my own slings for me and Mr. Haunted and many soon-to-be-parent friends. Handy for nursing too. Heavy babies do change things quickly, true!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 15 October | 20:26
squeeeeeeiiiiii! awmahgawd that's an adorable little fellar.
posted by dabitch 16 October | 11:28
Jrossi, you had me rolling.

I tried the sling with my first one, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I was always afraid he'd somehow slip out. But we both loved the front carrier. It was much easier to shop than using a stroller. With my second one, I took the boys to a cave once in Pennsylvania. My then 8 month old fell asleep in the back carrier I was wearing - hanging with his head sticking out sideways! I had to negotiate the cavern walls like a crab so as not to knock him into anything.

He is such a cutie pie. Any chance of an arranged marriage between him and gaspode's little darling? They are both such beautiful babies.
posted by redvixen 16 October | 18:37
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