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15 October 2008

Life is pretty shit, when you look at it. I'm feeling really crap at the moment.[More:] No idea why. It's been lovely weather, and I had a gorgeous weekend. Spent time with my friends, got lots of sun, saw a gorgeous little animation, bought a couple of really cute tops. Felt refreshed and recharged.

But ever since then I've felt like crap, and I'm not sure why. Partly because of my hayfever which was playing up - and the anti-hayfever medicine zonked me out. Partly the cloud of stress at work - my boss had an operation yesterday, she's fine, and it wasn't cancer, so that's good, but it's been stressful with that looming. It's also our busiest time of the year, and my workload is quite large - though I'm actually approaching the hump, and it's getting lighter again than it was. I have my performance review on Monday, and I'm dreading it - not because I think I'm a really bad employee - but maybe I am! maybe I'm delusional. Maybe I'm going to get fired.

My Mother's new boyfriend is coming to stay this weekend. I'm sure he's nice - but he's trying too hard, and I don't think I'm going to like him.

In short (though this has been nothing but long winded) life is feeling that much harder at the moment. I just want to curl up in bed and not leave. I don't want to see anyone, do anything, just sleep.

Remember to take a thermos of coffee and cookies to bed with you.
posted by gomichild 15 October | 04:59
Maybe the moon
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and space madness.
posted by ethylene 15 October | 05:15
hmm...the moon is pretty full tonight. Bed and chocolate it is.
posted by jonathanstrange 15 October | 06:09
Take care, js. That performance review and the mom thing would have me stressed out.

Here it was a "red sky at morning, sailors take warning" kind of a morning. Not sure what's ahead.
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posted by DarkForest 15 October | 06:38
DarkForest, that link got munged, but it works if you snip off the last little bits. Gorgeous photo.

I've got the blues pretty bad, as well, Jonathanstrange. The days get shorter, and I have some quandaries to ponder. The full moon helps. It was beautiful last night; really bright and clear.

Your performance review will be fine. Take the time to review your accomplishments. It's good to remind your boss just how fabulous you are.

If the bf is sweet to your Mom, you'll probably put up with him.

Sending hugs to everybody! it's quite good exercise, actually.
posted by theora55 15 October | 09:48
Blech, I know exactly what you mean jonathanstrange. I've been in a similar funk for a while now.
I'm taking a mental health day and not going to 2 out of my 3 classes.

Best wishes.
posted by CitrusFreak12 15 October | 09:55
I'm with you today. I just had A Dissapointment. Stupid, because I had a great weekend. I guess that's how you know you're happy, because sometimes you're sad.
posted by rainbaby 15 October | 10:03
Oops, sorry if the link is bad. Seems to work for me, but... I was lazy and used imageshack instead of my usual flickr... It was a pretty sky this morning, lucky I saw it. It only lasted 5 minutes or so. Mainly just more bits to store on the hard drive.

Other than that my day is sucking so far. Blech. I'm stressed out.
posted by DarkForest 15 October | 10:19
Take good care of yourself, js.
posted by essexjan 15 October | 10:26
And if it is Space Madness, do NOT, I repeat DO NOT press the Red Button. The Shiny Red Button. The Candy-Colored Red Button...
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posted by wendell 15 October | 13:06

Thanks heaps for the kindness. I'm feeling better today. Got lots of work suddenly on my desk, which has actually weirdly chirped me up.

Also had a really lovely few conversations / emails with my older sister who I've been missing and just not connecting with for the last couple of years. That's been super nice also.

The moon thing makes weird sense to me - I'll have to see if I get a similar thing next month too.

*hugs to all* and thanks so much once again.
posted by jonathanstrange 15 October | 19:41
I feel ya.
I won't say more.
I hope things look up soon.
posted by loiseau 15 October | 20:08
I've been going through a lot of the same stuff, bro. It will pass, even though I feel like crawling into a hole right now.
posted by reenum 16 October | 10:19
See a bunny from space! || 5 months!