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12 October 2008

Those always-soft bed-of-chemicals cookies creep me out. WTF are they made of? Just give me my nice old Chips Ahoy and Oreos. also made of who knows wtf. Sadly, I find I can't really eat much anything sweet anymore and feel good. I think part of me has just died.
posted by DarkForest 12 October | 19:10
Have you gone buttnutty? And how about Nutterbutters?
Just read the labels. Oreos are now vegan, i think. Doesn't mean you should live on them.
i was just thinking it was chocolate cake season.
The quickest best for you chocolate we keep repeating is the get a can of pumpkin, get a chocolate cake mix and combine. Bake at time and temp on the box. Voilá, chocolate cake, vegan and fat free, under three dollars.
i like to add cream cheese frosting sometimes but i'm too lazy to do that without a craving or company.
Heck, i bet i can go make one right now.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 19:17
It is chocolate cake season. One was made in my honor tonight. I ain't sayin' why. I'd click a picture, but I'm sure you're all tired of my pics here by now. It was delicious, utterly, but I'll be payin' for it about 3AM. Who's gonna be up then? I hope you all post a lot of interesting stuff for my middle of the night readin'.
posted by DarkForest 12 October | 19:25
ethylene, wait! You only add a can of pumpkin...solamente? Also, what size can? I can convert! Need specifics!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 12 October | 20:40
i used the big kind, just ran into the pantry to check so the cat thinks it must be canned food opportunity.
29oz/1 lb 13oz/822g
That's it. It's moist enough to turn all the cake powder into a thick batter. And there's a pumpkin roll recipe on the back.
A friend of mine made the best little pumpkin cakes, like a flat sheet cut into little petitfour size bites.

i know at least a handful of other people here have made it.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 20:46
mmm, thanks!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 12 October | 20:48
Also, check it early, every oven is different. It will be firm but moist when done.
Pumpkin is kinda awesome. Very versatile, few calories, good for you.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 20:50
Oh, that cake sounds fabulous. Make sure it's not pumpkin pie filling though, right? Also, pumpkin is so good for you. Fiber, fiber, fiber!!
posted by Stewriffic 12 October | 22:47
Campfire! || Um.