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09 October 2008

Was last night's Project Runway a total WTF for anyone else? [SPOILERS] [More:]Jerell, one of the more consistent designers throughout the whole season, IMO, kicked off. And over Korto's uninspired pair of dresses. So now Kenley is still in the show, even though she should have been kicked off 1, if not 2 episodes ago. And not to mention they've ALL already had shows at fashion week anyway (including Jerell, Suede and Joe (runway show spoilers)). So given they'd already seen these collections, how much did this affect their decisions? I've always given PR a pass at the typical reality show decision for ratings, but I can't help but see this as a bit contrived. It seems they'd have to keep the designer with the best runway show in, despite the given challenge results.
I don't usually watch it, but I love a total WTF. Should I download the episode?
posted by box 09 October | 10:42
I'm not sure. You might not get the full context.
posted by Hellbient 09 October | 10:45
I hate Kenley. HAAAATE HER. It's such bullshit that she's going to Fashion Week after doing the same exact design every freakin' week, while being rude to all the judges, Tim, and her fellow contestants. But I guess the producers wanted a "bad guy" in the final 3.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 10:49
You're probably right--I mean, I'm familiar enough with the concept, but, yeah, I wouldn't have a sense of Jerell's consistency, for example. On the other hand, if I d/l'ed the whole season thus far, I'd have something new to talk about with the coworkers instead of politics, restaurants and this guy who's been coming in all the time, spending the whole day here, using the computers to watch Creflo Dollar sermons and Lil Wayne freestyles.
posted by box 09 October | 10:51
Yeah, Kenley is totally obnoxious. A critique from an expert should be seen as a gift, not something to get defensive about. You keep your mouth shut and listen.
It's making me wonder if she's going to win. The judges have already seen her runway show, and the music challenge and the gown challenge were bad for her, and they've all commented on her shitty attitude. So is she still on for any reason besides ratings?
posted by Hellbient 09 October | 11:01
To clarify: their decision could not have been affected by seeing all of the collections, because the events depicted in last night's episode were taped BEFORE the Bryant Park runway show. I do, however, firmly believe many of the judges' decisions are manipulated by the producers in the interest of maximum drama. That probably explains why Kenley wasn't booted a few episodes ago (though I did think her wedding dress was better than both Jerrel's and Korto's).

As for Jerrel being auf'ed instead of Korto, I think past performance played a large role in that decision. Jerrel's a nice guy, but I think Korto is a much, much better designer. I'd be happy if either she or Leanne won.
posted by Atom Eyes 09 October | 11:01
I've had enough PR to last me for several years. Bring on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!
posted by StickyCarpet 09 October | 11:29
It was a total WTF, but at the same time, it was obvious after last week that this was the outcome the producers wanted. So transparent.

I think Kenley should have been booted off yesterday, soley based on the ABSOLUTE rip-off job her dress was. Here, for those who want a comparison.
posted by peep 09 October | 12:45
Yeah, I hadn't seen the ripoff they were talking about. Thanks for that. Still, that's a tough one to judge, because it was better than Jerell's and Korto's dresses.
posted by Hellbient 09 October | 12:56
Oh that Kenley! I just can't stand her! That wedding dress was a blatant ripoff and I do not understand the love for her bridesmaid dress. It looked like something from David's Bridal.
posted by jrossi4r 09 October | 14:40
I've wanted Kenley to stay in the whole time just so I can copy her HAIR. She has the cutest things in her hair all the time.

Korto on the other hand, keeps impressing me. Stuff I would likely never wear but I say "verryyy niiice" about. Like that seatbelt coat? So cool. So, "where the hell did you get that shape-idea from when you looked at seatbelts darling"? She's got her own style and unlike some other contestants that blab about having a style but only having an affinity for day-glow colors, Kortos is a style.
posted by dabitch 10 October | 01:15
Hahaha, this is hilarious.
posted by dabitch 10 October | 01:20
Dabs, that was perfect.
i haven't seen any other recent rungays or been anywhere near the Bravo site yet, and finally having seen it, i gotta say one thing first:

Bridesmaid challenge?
Total Project Runway Australia RIP OFF!

Okay, let me give you a little lesson in "Ffffashion" turn to the left, especially for you, Hellboy:

It's all about beauty as an aspirational concept, "beauty" as a higher state of being, as an ideal, idealizations, and Art, be it conceptual, revelatory, stripped to a deft sketch or ripped and wrought into a swaddled bough of dreams too intense to bear--

--and most of the time it won't come close, not by a loooong shot. And that stuff is not for wearing out or even being worn, except as a showcase of aspirations, concepts and displays of skill and hella hard, tedious, delicate work.

Fashion as far as clothes people wear gets the trickle down effect (one of the few places that concept works and is even demonstrable) and clothes on people isn't often about "beauty" or even beauty, but they're damn happy to get pretty.

Done before but pretty will win over unique but unflattering.

i know why everyone hates Kenley. i'm not saying i like Kenley. i'm not saying i don't want a tugboat.
Kenley is young, fraught with issues, and so oblivious (of how she comes off, of the chips on her shoulder like the scales of her dress, of the entire fashion industry at large) it almost makes you tear up like you, too, are imagining you'll one day not be a tugboat orphan, but someone who people will let wrap lots of thick rope around their necks, because hangings mean hangers, and the padded kind, duh.
What Kenley can do is make a pretty dress, like how little girls and Dior (who she's never heard of) and consequently decades imagined "a pretty dress." It was called the "New Look" and it's new to Kenley. It will always be new to Kenley.

Leanimal has something different going on, and craftsmanship. She's making fabric do things, and doing it pretty well. It's distinctive, and, once pushed, styled, and pretty.

Korto is the one i would have been upset about not getting a show because i think she's the one who shows something you don't usually see, a different perspective in shapes and form and volume. It doesn't really try for pretty. It's trying for new. That's really what these shows should be about, and when you see PR Canada and PR Australia, you see some new and different like we saw when we had Jay, first time around.
When they make her do pretty, we usually get boring, because it's not her thing, making women look like white 50s Barbie, and i dig that. She's done some really nice pieces, and that dress with the circular print that looks so much like the one DVF has been using in ads? It was pretty, but it was also hot and distinctive and new (until we kept seeing that print).
Also, i guess i just like her.

i don't think that Jerell was particularly new or distinctive, but he has style, a certain style, and that seems to be it.
i don't think i got a decent look at that jacket the PR alumni voted to win but i didn't know what the big deal was. i get his style ok, it works and i see exactly who it works for, where it works, and that person at that event. Good for that person.

So that's why i think we've got our final three. If there was more talent in the pack, i don't think i was paying enough attention to catch it or (since i've been wondering if it's me, lack of Bravo, or) if it really was so much less interesting now. Isn't PR's fate kind of up in the air with everything else that is waiting to hit the ground these days?
The show will go on but where or when…

i haven't seen the runway shows yet or the rap up, or this reunion show (where is it? i want it!) but, it's a crapshoot,
and, shoot, they like their crap pretty.

Because if you can't be new or stylish or distinctive or conceptually revolutionary, you at least wanna be pretty.
Or at least not ugly. Certainly not unflattering.

Honestly, i'm pretty happy with not distractingly unflattering most days. Not unflattering can make my day.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 06:23
Oh, crap, where did it go?
Ok, take two.

i totally forgot the WTF factor until i saw the Rungay:
"It was bullshitty in the first place that Jerell even had to compete for a spot in Bryant Park. He won that last challenge and by the rules of the competition that should have guaranteed him a spot."

So it is total bullshitty bullshit manufactured drama.
Shame on you, PR! i wonder what Tim thinks.

But even if Jerrell doesn't get a chance at their measly prizes, he still gets to show a show with as much money and intention as the others, which is still more than Joe and Suede, and that's the real prize here. Sure, now they help hook people up with a job and advisers, but anyone who doesn't still gets the attention of people who'd be willing to do some of the same. Ok, the direct sales deal is pretty sweet if you make stuff people really like. Like a nice shirt.
Someone make a nice shirt people can afford already.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 07:51
I'm not sure what I said to warrant that lecture, but yeah, I'm with you. Believe it or not, this dumb metalhead understands that it's not for the street. If it were, I wouldn't be watching it.

The reunion show is next week, I guess, right?

I just thought the way things went down, Jerell should have been in before the wedding gown thing. But having seen his collection of just a few hits, I'm glad he didn't get in.

I think it should come down to Korto and Leanne, judging from the runway collections. Leanne has been my favorite throughout the season, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Korto got it.

Kenley is 21. A few years from now, she'll get it together and be able to step outside herself and see that everyone has pain, and she'll be embarrassed by it all. You can see her trying now.

I wonder if you can get Canada and Australia PRs on DVD? Haven't seen any.
posted by Hellbient 10 October | 12:05
That wasn't meant as a lecture. It was meant to amuse you.
*sad frowny pout*
i've never said you were dumb or a metalhead, not that i knew you were a metalhead.

You can see them on YT and probably torrents. i've linked to one and someone else the other.

Gee, i always thought we liked each other.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 12:17
Does liking some metal make me a metalhead?
Does being backstage at Metallica before they became idiots make me a metalhead? Does AC/DC being my first real concert?
Does loving Dethklök make me a metalhead?
Because they do fashion.

Are you calling me a fucking metalhead?

Just because we shared a Pig Destroyer moment.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 12:21
Oh, yeah, i'm all for Korto for the win.
There was a whole lot of sucking ugly going on in those shows.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 12:23
OKay, maybe I got a little defensive, eth. Cuz sometimes I am a dumb metalhead.
*half-assed, Kenley-like apology*

AC/DC was also my first concert. 7th grade. Wow, things were different after that. I honestly can't think of a better first concert to have. A friend of mine is seeing them now for the first time, and I kinda envy him just a little.

We shared a Pig Destroyer moment? When?
And, yeah, I guess that makes you a fuckin metalhead.

Not my favorite season by far, but I did miss a lot of shows in the middle. I'll just stick with Leanne to make things interesting. But I have a feeling the judges will say her stuff is cohesive but not enough color to win. Something like that.
posted by Hellbient 10 October | 12:53
Oh, how quickly they forget.
So, what does it mean that i'm about to hear The Shins or Marvin Gaye (depending on where i hit the shuffle)? i'm only allowed to wear the Jaquelin Smith collection?


But if you don't care, sorry, i bothered.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 13:02
Ffffashion, turn to the left
is from Bowie. Sorry if he's not fashionably metal enough for you.
His wife host PR Canada.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 13:04
Linky? I honestly don't remember. Oh wait, found it. Yes, safetyfork and all. Kind of a fun thread.
Yeah, I got the Bowie reference. I keep waiting for him to guest on PR. You know it's coming, cuz love is not loving.
posted by Hellbient 10 October | 13:22
It came, i think, just not here.

Ah, remember the good old days when we all used the radio and TheDonF would play music and safetyfork was playing and able to hang out, and there was diversity, sometimes horrifyingly, like that time weretable played Toto and sent link of maroon 5.
When we had only swaps and downloads? i still have too many untitled tracks from then.

Yes, music is fashion and fashion is music and you can find the shows you missed on YT but i darent link again because they get shut down enough and i just don't think Leanne's is functional enough for many women to want to wear. On the other hand, Korto's collection had color, diversity in shape and fit and was the only runway show that didn't make me go fugwha? about the majority.
Good god, some of those were painful. But it's fun to see past models and ANTM alumns as well.
Amanda is never going away.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 13:38
Damn, I'll make a vowel to try and do more radio shows. If nothing else, for an hour or so.

REally, Bowie was on elsewhere? Must find.

Just looked at Korto's collection again. You might be right. It's really good.
Still like Leanne's stuff, from a sci-fi movie that hasn't been made yet.
I'd be happy if either one of them won.
posted by Hellbient 10 October | 14:01

And while i have and do consort with metalheads, been accepted by them and freely move amongst them, and may qualify through the porous barriers of category and interactions with their gods, if you feel the need to label me, it wouldn't be metalhead, even when i don the trapping of such.
i just like music, but if necessary, i think i'd be called punk.
Not because of hair color, clothing, number of piercing or even most frequently indulged genre.
To paraphrase others, it's something with how you stir your coffee or how you deal with an empty box.
It's something about how you see the world and what you do about it.
But i could possibly be mistaken for one just for my near hippie hair and thankful lack of looking like Stevie Nicks.

i need a new look, but probably not The New Look. That's for those who are interested and Kenley, who is just totally bullshit when she says she never looks at designers and collections, then slips up and goes "that is so McQueen!"

i'd be fine with Leaminal's paws on the prize. i like her ideas and a Portland win and bringing a certain sensibility, but i think she really benefited from Tim pushing her and being pushed, listening and learning. i think she's still evolving her style with her sensibilities or visa versa, and i like that too.

Like my minimal interaction with sports, knowing nothing else, i will root for the region i like better or don't hate.
So, if i knew nothing else, i'd be all "Win it for Liberia, girl, and Arky" but i do think she would make the most of it out of everyone. She's older with priorities and sensibilities that extend into her designs, dressing the woman who is not a stick or fifties Barbie and coming from a wholly different place to a different point of view.

Leanimal's smart, clever and awake in the NW. She knows how to use the resources literally on her doorstep. She's on Etsy and this is has all been a crazy big boost of exposure. If she doesn't find the right big time helper, she knows she can always keep on with DIY and doesn't have to do it all herself any more. In fact, i think she'd really benefit from a collective or partner to help keep her moving forward.
i think Korto not only deserves it but can make the most of it, which benefits the whole of PR, but i don't know how else someone in Arkansas gets a toehold in the business.

None of that matters, in a way.
It's about the clothes, and i still say "Go Team Korto!"

And if i'm dragging this thread on, it's bugging people and no one is interested any more in what i have to say, say so. Let me know. i just haven't gotten to talk PR at all so i had a backlog of stuff to say, and liked saying it. Especially some parts i should remember to save should the site go all kablooey.
i've been blunt and verbose and purposefully wacky lately and i know it.
i'll apologize in advance just for the sake of anyone it's bothered.

i guess i don't know most of you any more or you me, but those who do hopefully would tell you that even if you can't hear my comedy inflections, if i'm not out and out to amuse on some level, i usually consistently mean well with a goal for ultimate good, no matter what get inferred or why.
i'm sticking this here in part because it makes it even easier to ignore.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 05:21
Didn't we bet like 500 bucks on this? Pay up.
posted by Hellbient 16 October | 15:11
≡ Click to see image ≡
Like i have any trust left in the PR/Bravo set up any more.
It seems like they are still pushing Kenley on people, she's the preset pick on the "Who should have one?" poll on the site.

It got solidly spoilered on me less than an hour before i watched it, but i suspected last night until it happened.
It was so choppy i felt like there was stuff that got left out of what i got to see. i can totally see them picking her because she's younger and less formed, and what they want is someone who will do something next, the potential future pick, but as i tried to rationalize where they were coming from i just got pissed off and have been putting off posting about it all day.
Not about who won, but how little i cared because it's gotten all spoiled and sucky.

Why keep pushing Kenley on us? How much worse will it be in LA? Stupid Kenley. Stupid Weinsteins. Stupid project rundown.

Leanne's cool and all (and i think the sustainable fabrics were a good thing) and i liked her runway better with the music, etc. but there was stuff missing besides the chopped up edits.
And what was with the crippled La Lopez excuse? How different would that have been?

i would say PR owes us, but it's given me quite a bit. i guess it was banking credit. Now they're being hassled by actors waiting for a strike they can't afford to take.

The world is full of suck.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 16 October | 15:47
This is a whuffle thread. || Here I sit, broken-hearted.