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09 October 2008

Here I sit, broken-hearted. I lead my fantasy football league in points, but am somehow in 8th place with a 1-4 record.[More:]Whine or brag, tell me what's going on in your fantasy football world.
I don't have a fantasy football world, but I'm sending you some virtual chicken wings to soothe your broken heart. They're sticky and chewey and have my special secret spicy sauce on them.
posted by Specklet 09 October | 11:09
I had to give up Fantasy Football after a disastrous '05 season. (I've got Vick and Joe Horn! I'm gold!) Honestly, I haven't missed it at all. Football season is too short and (mostly) confined to one day, and I don't want my interests getting all mucked up by rooting for a team I don't care about to not only win, but also dominate on both sides because I happen to have their defense.

Instead, I do a confidence pool at work, where you simply pick the winners of games, without spreads, and assign a different point value between (1-n, n being number of games played that weekend) for each game. Most points each week gets a prize, most points at the end of the season (after dropping everyone's best and worst week) gets a big prize.

No fuss, no muss. Still the occasional conflicted interest (I pick the Colts to win because I think they will, but would love, personally, if they lose, for instance) but at least it's macro.
posted by SpiffyRob 09 October | 11:10
I am currently in fifth place. Out of six teams. I ROCK! However, I'm not giving up on it because I'm tied with three others on wins and losses and I'm not that far off with points. So, hopefully I won't end up in last. hahaha.

I'm doing better with mecha pick em. However, it's still early in the season and I tend to start making stupid picks the longer the season goes on.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 October | 12:22
I'm 4th in scoring in the mecha league, but sitting 3 spots out of the final playoff spot. Only one game behind that last spot, though, so it's still interesting. Had some tough injuries, and drafted some Browns who have been a bust, as well as Tomlinson who has been so-so at best ... but I think I've got an alright team overall.

Doing well in my family league, and again scoring ok but down in the standing in the 3rd league I'm playing this year. My NFL team is looking better htan expected though, so fantasy is kinda taking a back seat to that excitement on Sunday.
posted by danostuporstar 09 October | 12:32
Doing quite poorly in the MeFi and MeCha leagues, but I'm well positioned in my money league, thanks to an early trade for Steve Slaton. My forgetfulness in Pick 'em extended into this year, and I forgot to even sign up for the MeCha pool. But on the whole, it's been a very entertaining season so far, so I can't really complain.
posted by kyleg 09 October | 13:32
in one of my leagues, i'm 0-4-1.

That's right, a tie! I'm averaging around 60 pts a game in that league.
posted by stynxno 09 October | 13:45
I was unable to make either live draft. And I had Brady. And Colston. I'm a winless 16 of 16 in spofi, and just trying to field teams and keep it interesting in metachat.

(trade proposals welcome)

posted by rainbaby 09 October | 13:57
I'm currently entered into a general pool contest through Wells Fargo for real estate brokers, and for our branch office, I've either come in first or damn near close to it almost every week. My secret weapon? Um, I can't say because I'm typing from the office!
posted by TrishaLynn 09 October | 14:35
Doing quite poorly in the MeFi and MeCha leagues

Me too. Doing pretty well in my other league, though, which I thought would be an auto-draft fiasco.
posted by mudpuppie 09 October | 14:37
Hey, speaking of fantasy football, does anyone know of a source for stats like rushing touchdowns allowed, receiving touchdowns allowed, and stuff like that?
posted by mudpuppie 09 October | 15:14
I think if you go to the yahoo team stats and change the group to defense and the category to passing or rushing, you can that sort of info.
posted by danostuporstar 09 October | 15:29
That works well enough, dano. Thanks.
posted by mudpuppie 09 October | 15:42
I lost my game last week by 0.05 points. That just about sums up my season.
posted by misskaz 10 October | 10:02
Was last night's Project Runway a total WTF for anyone else? [SPOILERS] || Love!