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30 September 2008

Once Upon a Time iconomy taught us how to remove the text from our Firefox bookmarks toolbar, leaving only the favicons for a nice, tidy look, and a lot more more available space. [More:]

But I forgot. Time passed. I started using the laptop instead of the PC, I had a new, uncustomized bookmarks tool bar, and every now and then, in irritation, I would click View > Toolbars > Customize, and try to figure out how we did that again, but it never became clear. I tried right clicking on the toolbar... but no. I tried to search that iconomy comment, but couldn't find it. It was like that itch you can't scratch right in the middle of your back, unless you have really, really long arms or something, but then you sort of forget about it until the next time so you never go buy a backscratcher, and your arms never get longer.

So, today I thought, "let's settle this once and for all" and googled "firefox bookmarks toolbar remove text". The first return was this blog entry which just says "Very simple: In your bookmark toolbar, remove all the text associated with a particular bookmark, and use the favicon instead."


Well, I figured, at least it must be something so simple that this person (top return for the question, remember) doesn't even feel the need to say how, which is what I suspected, but still hadn't hit upon. So instead of moar seerching, I went back to the drawing board and tried the next most obvious thing besides "customize" in Toolbars: I right-clicked the individual bookmarks on the toolbar, and selected "properties"... and yes, folks, that's where you do it. Just delete the associated text in the first field.

So, like this:

> Right click on the bookmark in the toolbar

> Select "properties"

> Where it says "name", delete that text

> Save changes


So, you probably already knew that, huh? But look, here's the cool part of this post if you did: You know how some sites don't have a favicon? So get the generic blank-page icon, or maybe you have five of the ubiquitous Blogger orange-"B" favicons? You can change them with an add-on. Yes!


Favicon Picker 3

Works with Firefox 3, and lets you choose any image to replace any favicon (or lack thereof). Neato.

(One simple place to find replacement icons in convenient sizes to show up as favicons is the Icon Archive, or some prettier ones available for download here... anyway, not hard to find cool icon-y goodness)
And for extra fun, tell us what you have on your bookmarks toolbar?

I have Gmail, google calendar, google news, metachat, mefi, local weather report, local news link, FF addons, world time (gives me the current time of all the cities of the world that I've selected), buncha e-book forums, buncha photo sites, a few music blogs, a couple of specialized search engines, Wordpress, a couple of font sites, weather for my parents' location (maybe weird, but they are in a hurricane zone), a few miscellaneous things: Post Secret, NYT Crossword Drawings, the Flickr-related tag browser; and now a couple of icon sites.
posted by taz 30 September | 04:20
My bookmarks list? Ugh. I have about a thousand unsorted bookmarks. I never use them because I refuse to sort through them looking for what I want. I also seem to refuse to sort them out. There are 2 bookmarks I use. One is for my local weather. The other is the photo friday wiki page, since I can never seem to get there from the mecha front page.
posted by DarkForest 30 September | 06:23
No, no... not your bookmarks list, your bookmarks toolbar.

I've totally given up on anything else "bookmarks".
posted by taz 30 September | 06:31
You can also:

- Open the Bookmarks menu
- Choose "Organize Bookmarks"
- Pick "Bookmarks Toolbar"

...and see and change them all at once.

Thanks for this tip. I didn't outright remove all the text from the toolbar, but I shortened the page titles considerably, so that all the bookmarks on the toolbar will now actually fit on a single line. Yay.
posted by Daniel Charms 30 September | 06:57
I have this. I love it. I love having all those little clickables up there. It jogs the memory.
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 07:02
Oh, now I see what you all mean. That sounds kind of cool. I'll have to try it.
posted by DarkForest 30 September | 07:31
Oh, cool, Daniel Charms - much better to see them all at once. I guess I haven't looked at "Organize Bookmarks" in quite a while... it looks totally different. I don't remember seeing the toolbar on there like that before. Nice!
posted by taz 30 September | 07:43
This is so *fun* and practical! And nifty even. Thanks taz!!! :)

On my bookmarks toolbar:

MetaFilter, Google, Gmail, jimmyr, WeatherUnderground for NYC, World Clock (because my computer clock constantly changes, grrr) delicious save, Wiki Portal News (da best) and da bunny.
posted by nickyskye 30 September | 08:22
PS tax that NY Times Crossword Drawings site is sooo cool.
posted by nickyskye 30 September | 08:35
I actually like the text, for otherwise I'd have too damn many things to click, too damn conveniently.

I have: Yahoo!, Metachat, gmail, everything2, Blue's News, Gamespot, SpoilerFix, LOLcats, Wiki, APOD, Flickr, my router's admin page, a Usenet search site, YouTube, Twitter, Newsarama, Gemcraft, and Electric Sheep on my bar. And that's all I need.

...and this ashtray...and this paddle game...and that's all I need!
posted by WolfDaddy 30 September | 09:02
My bookmarks toolbar only has and Bloglines buttons on it. Because I use keyboard shortcuts a lot, I think that [ctrl-t, m, e, down (or down-down, for mefi), return] is easier than clicking a button. Good lord, what's wrong with me?
posted by box 30 September | 09:03
I use my blogger page links as a jump page for most of surfing and seldom go to my bookmarks folders anymore. has become my go-to rather than adding to the bookmarks folder

My Firefox Bookmarks toolbar (l to r): my Blogger page, ISP homepage, Gmail, my, my flickr, NetVibes, ReelRadio, Google Analystics, BookMarks folders (with tons of subfolders of every batch of bookmarks I've created over the past 7 or 8 years), Temp Interest Folder (the only place I seem to still use bookmarks), my and post to

Ever since I customized my FireFox search engine bar I was able to dump a lot of icons in the bookmarks toolbar. My searchbar is loaded with (top to bottom): Google, WikiPedia, IMDB, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, YouTube, tags, Amazon, flickr tags, Reuters US, BBC News, RefDesk, Yahoo, Acronym Finder,, eBay, Reverse Dictionary, FindLawLegal Dictionary.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 30 September | 09:07
At work, on the Portable FF I run, I have these bookmarks: link to the intraweb, the online catalog for all the libraries in our system, the closed stack pull list, and the UMCP pull list.
At home, I run everything off Morning Coffee (which is the shit, let me tell you): gmail, f-list on lj, askmefi, mecha, gcal, youtube site for Twilight, and statements.
posted by sperose 30 September | 09:36
Um, my firefx won't display my favicons when I remove the text. I just get a little blank bubble. Does anyone know why?
posted by LunaticFringe 30 September | 10:55
Um, my firefx won't display my favicons when I remove the text. I just get a little blank bubble. Does anyone know why?

Visit the site again. I've had this problem before, but it seems to be solved if you go back to the site you've got bookmarked.
posted by mudpuppie 30 September | 14:11
Thanks for the add-on thing! Many of the sites on my toolbar are government ones, so no favicons (don't get me started on how little government agencies understand about the Web). I also edit the titles to be as short as possible (and all lower-case to be uber-cool). On my toolbar are, google maps, google bookmarks,,,,, queensland training information service (godawful URL - see note above re governments and the Web), my business unit home page on our portal, the portal page with our quality-controlled documents, outlook web access site, local weather radar, local tv guide, our business unit wiki, the page to log an IT issue,, department thesaurus (related to electronic file naming/storage conventions only) and a page about developing resources for delivery of on-line training.

Things like MeFi and MeCha I don't keep bookmarked because they are just a "m, down arrow a couple of times, enter" away and I am hardly likely to forget the URL anyway. I don't use any browser bookmarks, because I got sick of losing them, so just use google bookmarks for things I want to keep forever (never warmed to for some reason).
posted by dg 30 September | 15:32
Speaking of iconomy, where is she? Am I the only one suspicious that both she and quonsar have disappeared simultaneously?
posted by dg 30 September | 15:34
My AskMe question re traveling with my mother || Pirates: