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26 September 2008

Joe Biden chokes up over Rocky Bleier recollection All too infrequently do stump speeches bring me to tears. This one did. I love the Rooney family. I love the Steelers.
I love Joe Biden (and I love Rocky Bleier, who was drafted by the Steelers, then drafted into service in Vietnam, wounded in action and still came back to the NFL for a distinguished career). (and speaking cynically, this will make him waaaay more appealing to Joe Sixpack voters than Caribou Barbie).
posted by jonmc 26 September | 12:11
I am new to the Steelers-loving game. My husband is a native Pittsburgher, and rabid Steelers fan. He pointed this story out to me just now, I just had to post it.
Getting an endorsement from the Rooney family is golden in western Pennsylvania.
posted by msali 26 September | 12:16
The Rooney's live in my neighborhood right near the stadium and seem to live a pretty unpretentious life. They still live in the house that Dan grew up in and has lived in for 70+ years. They're not exactly the flashy Mark Cuban type of sports team owners.

posted by octothorpe 26 September | 13:14
Go Joe! This was a nice post.

I'm not that into the Steelers or their lore (I'm a West Coaster born and bred - so it's the SF Giants and the 49'ers for me), but good on ya, Mr. Biden.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 26 September | 23:06
Joe Biden seems like a really, really nice guy. Not "nice," but actual nice. Like the kind of person who, if they were your neighbor, would be on the list of reasons not to move.
posted by kellydamnit 27 September | 00:05
I am a life-long Stillers fan. My wife grew up ignoring most sports but now she is a huge Steelers fan. She gets very upset if she can't watch them, and bummed out if they lose. We had a grand time watching every game at the local pub in Montpelier during their last super bowl run.

Looking forward to Monday night, and sure hope Willie Parker gets well soon.
posted by terrapin 27 September | 12:46
Job Opportunity || AskMeCha? What's a good network to watch the debate on? Least bad?