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26 September 2008

AskMeCha? What's a good network to watch the debate on? Least bad? I generally just flip through till I find one I like, but I can't do that this time because I'll be recording for a friend.
Do you have basic cable? I like C-Span, but their coverage style is definitely different than the other networks. This is probably an obvious suggestion, but why not ask your friend if they have a preference?
posted by box 26 September | 12:47
Is McCain going to show up? or is Barack going to have to debate himself? It'll be exhausting running from podium to podium like that.
posted by jonmc 26 September | 12:48
McCain is showing up. (Now that he's fixed the economy.)

Piggybacking on this--what's the best streaming video option for watching this online? Something else?
posted by Prospero 26 September | 12:53
PBS, no? I know they showed the conventions. I was planning on watching the debates on PBS because it's the only US channel I have... I hope they're showing it.
posted by loiseau 26 September | 13:02
PBS is running it. If I'm home, I'll watch that but I might be at an Obama campaign party.
posted by octothorpe 26 September | 13:06
If I can stay awake long enough (I'll try to get a nap if possible and will set the alarm) I'll watch it on the BBC News 24 Channel, if only for the fact that the debate is being presented for the BBC by someone named Katty Kay.
posted by essexjan 26 September | 14:06
Best debate moment ever.

Yes, I know it's a VP debate. But it still rocks.
posted by essexjan 26 September | 14:44
I think my favourite debate, though, was Gore-Quayle-Stockdale in 1992. I loved the bit when Stockdale had turned off his hearing aid. And in 1992 Al Gore was definitely a VPILF.

I wonder if Palin will be wired up like Bush?
posted by essexjan 26 September | 15:01
I would be amazed if PBS didn't show it since tonight it's their guy moderating.
I liked their convention coverage.
posted by kellydamnit 26 September | 15:52
And in 1992 Al Gore was definitely a VPILF.
Hot damn! the things you don't notice when you're thirteen!
posted by kellydamnit 26 September | 16:01
I wonder if Palin will be wired up like Bush?

I've been seeing blog comments starting to predict she will.

The convoluted conspiracy speak is getting real good, too. One of my favorites right now is that canceling the debate tonight would have let them push Palin's first debate further up so that she could weather a soon to be breaking new story about final proof that her Trig is really her daughters son. The real story, however, might be that her financial records will be coming out, I think, the 6th. Personally, I want her to admit that she is 1/2 alien with a penchant for cost-play.
posted by MonkeyButter 26 September | 18:14
Okay, I'll try C-Span. I don't get PBS (well, I do, but it's crappy quality). My friend doesn't really care, but I figure I should try. I think the one I reaally want her to watch is the VP that may more may not happen.

Thanks all!
posted by moonshine 26 September | 18:14
Oh, and Prospero, that question just got asked over on the green.
posted by moonshine 26 September | 18:16
Thanks, moonshine.
posted by Prospero 26 September | 18:31
You know, I'm not sure if I've ever seen video of the whole Bentsen-Quayle exchange before, essexjan. That was pretty beautiful.
posted by grouse 27 September | 13:31
Joe Biden chokes up over Rocky Bleier recollection || Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week