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23 September 2008

PSA: Obama and McCain in "Field and Stream." [More:]

For some inexplicable reason, Field and Stream has been showing up in my mailbox for the past few months. It normally goes right into the recycle bin, but the one that came today has Obama and McCain on the cover. They both sat down for interviews with and editor.

Interviews are here.

I thought it was really interesting, if only from the perspective of analyzing their contact with a voting bloc I pay very little attention to.

Also interesting is the full-page NRA ad in the same issue whose tagline reads "Defend Freedom. Defeat Obama." (The URL in the ad, if you feel like following it, is

Oh dear. I watched one of those ads.

"Who is this Obama? He's probably never been hunting a day in his life"

posted by special-k 23 September | 17:48
What I find interesting is the comments section at the interview page. This is kind of a typical reaction in certain groups.

As most of you know, I'm a blue collar guy. Politically I'm an independent, and like to think of myself as a practical type. Today, I was in a class for work with some of my my peers, and a political discussion broke out (and I was having no part of). There is one guy that is a complete conservative discussing the election with 2 Obama supporters. He brought up all the hysterical arguments against Obama, like his likelihood of going Muslim etc. Nothing fact based. After their discussion was over, I asked him if he understood what the current financial crisis was about. He had no clue about the lack of oversight in the mortgage industry, that properties were getting flipped 2 or 3 times before they even sold, about the huge influx of money into the system, or anything. I gave him a bit of education about the subject. I asked him why he thought McCain would have a better answer than Obama if dealing with the current situation, and he gave an answer about how Obama is a Socialist, but gave no actual factual information about either candidates position. So then I asked him how he could make a decision based on a purely emotional reaction with no understanding of either candidates position. He could not give me fact one about either position. He just looked at me. This is the same person that was accusing people who supported Obama of having no abilities in critical thinking. There are a whole plethora of folks like this on both sides, and it's frustrating. As in the comments section of the linked interviews, people make purely emotional decisions rather than reasoned ones.
posted by eekacat 23 September | 17:59
"LICATA: Do you hunt and fish?"

This shit drives me crazy.
posted by mullacc 23 September | 18:16
people make purely emotional decisions rather than reasoned ones.

That's why the Republicans are better at relating to people like that. A Republican will say "I'm going to put extra money in your pocket", and a Democrat will say "I'm going to lower taxes 3% for every taxpayer below the $250,000 a year bracket." It's fine to give details, but kick it off with something that ordinary people can grasp, make it a little personal. It's so frustrating to watch Democrats miss this again and again.
posted by Hellbient 23 September | 20:56