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23 September 2008

Is Clay gay? No. No. No!...Okay...Yes.
Yes, yes. We ALL already knew. And no, no NOBODY cares. (except for those of you who do...and you know who you are)
posted by ColdChef 23 September | 19:19
He never actively denied that he was gay. Just refused to answer the question in a straight(heh)forward manner.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 September | 19:22
It's sad he felt he had to shade it and that people hound people about their sex lives in the first place.

Hey, it took Elton ages, and even if our conscious minds never strung the words together, the Muppet Show spelled it out.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 19:25
So that's what Clay Aiken looks like. I have seen his face before but this is the first time I ever associated it with the name.
posted by Ardiril 23 September | 19:26
Ah, thanks for confirming what I knew. It was confusing when he had a child by a woman with a man's name, Jaymes, spelled a different way.

Oh, good. Glad he came out. Honesty is a good thing.
posted by nickyskye 23 September | 19:46
What happened to his face?!
posted by typewriter 23 September | 19:53
My reaction to this is the same as always: "Thank goodness." And "What took so damn long?"
posted by divka 23 September | 20:01
I have no idea who this person is, other than every time I saw an article about him it would about him denying he was, um, not straight. So ... yay, you! Whoever you are.
posted by WolfDaddy 23 September | 20:14
oh, i wonder what kathy griffin is going to say, squee!
posted by eatdonuts 23 September | 20:17
My reaction to this is the same as always: "I wish all you star fuckers would give these folks some room to breathe, let them live their lives, and leave them the fuck alone already."
posted by eekacat 23 September | 20:36
In other Homo Headlines, Lindsay Lohan admitted her relationship with whats-her-face today too.

I haven't received the memo yet on whether we're supposed to be celebrating, mourning, or forging a new agenda. When I get the official word, I'll let you all know.
posted by mudpuppie 23 September | 21:13
i'd be happy for an Autumnal Outing, some proud confirmations, a ballroom debutante hand off.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 21:20
Do celebrity coming-outs come in threes, like deaths? And if so, who will be the third?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 September | 21:22
Maybe the third is Rachel Maddow getting her own chat/news show on MSNBC.
posted by MonkeyButter 23 September | 21:26
It's all about defining yourself for whatever reason.

Honestly, i'd have a tiny gay wedding in my heart and living room if Queen Latifa and Anderson Cooper both did it.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 21:29
Nah, not Rachel Maddow -- she was too out before she got her show. (Yay her. I likes her.)

Is it possible Jodie Foster was the first, or was that too long ago?
posted by mudpuppie 23 September | 21:30
Jodi was too long ago IMHO. So, we have two woman so far who's the third?
posted by MonkeyButter 23 September | 21:32
(I joke. I'm a joker.)
posted by MonkeyButter 23 September | 21:34
I'm Gay!
posted by Hellbient 23 September | 21:53


Brain Candy. Most. Quotable. Movie. EVAR!
posted by WolfDaddy 23 September | 22:05
In other news, Michael Jackson may not be the ideal babysitter.
posted by jonmc 23 September | 22:36
Outing Celebrities
posted by MonkeyButter 23 September | 23:19
Clay is from North Carolina, where apparently you are not really gay till you say you are gay.

This reminds me of a fellow I went to school with (and went to my senior prom with.) We all knew he was gay from seventh grade on-but back then people didn't talk about it much.

Our freshman year in college, he wrote me a letter. Coming out. Well, duh. (Seriously, I didn't tell him I already knew. What would have been the point?)
posted by bunnyfire 23 September | 23:23

[] Girl hole

[] Boy hole

[] Other
posted by taz 23 September | 23:39
Sorry, I'm gonna disagree a bit here. As someone who was once a gay youngin' in a hostile world, the closeted-ness of those celebrities I recognized a bit of myself in (I'm looking at you, Elton John and George Michael, for starters) really did contribute to that horrible feeling that my orientation was something to be deeply ashamed about. Yet it was a much less gay-friendly time than now, so I can kinda forgive them. On the other hand, now that being gay is no longer likely to ruin your showbiz career, why not be a little selfless and give some encouragement to those still stuck in the closets their immediate society and/or family has set up for them?
posted by treepour 24 September | 00:13
My only question is: what the HELL is up with the zipper cardigan over the shirt/tie combo in that MSNBC article?? The only person who could rock the cardi/shirt/tie was Mr. Rogers, and CLAY AIKEN, YOU ARE NO FRED ROGERS.
posted by scody 24 September | 00:22
Hun? I thought he was always gay-and-out for years. Guess I was wrong.
posted by Claudia_SF 24 September | 01:36
Yay! Singers of popular songs can now announce to the world after only three years of speculation that they are homosexuals.

In other news: Politicians, teachers, doctors: Still not allowed out of closet.
posted by seanyboy 24 September | 01:44
Am I supposed to care about this?

taz, I'm confused about your quiz - is the question related to what I have or what I want to cleave to? I'm too afraid to answer "other".
posted by dg 24 September | 02:53
Maybe this would work better:


I have a
[] Girl hole
[] Boy hole
[] Other hole
[] Two or more of the above.

I want a
[] Girl hole
[] Boy hole
[] Any hole is fine by me.
posted by dg 24 September | 02:57
I think you may be confusing holes, poles and mouth moles.
Also, donut hole.
posted by Ardiril 24 September | 03:42
[] Any donut hole is fine by me.
posted by rmless2 24 September | 09:54
[] I prefer the whole donut, thanks.
posted by WolfDaddy 24 September | 11:30
/favourites scody's comment.
posted by richat 24 September | 12:15
If I officially "come out" as fat, can I get a People Magazine cover?
posted by wendell 24 September | 13:44
only if it's a fold-out.

(sorry, dude. I kid because I love)
posted by jonmc 24 September | 13:52
Ah. This is what I was waiting for...the backlash:

I have been a CLay fan from the start and a member of this board since 2004. I know many of you from my Clay travels and have enjoyed your company and influence in my life immensely. I felt I owed you my goodbye though lately I had not posted much. Here are my feelings. .....

I love Clay with all my heart and that will never change. I feel nothing but love. However, I am deeply saddened. I know one thing is that I do not hate him. I never will. I will support him but the support I will give til the day I die is that of a different kind. Like Clay, I need to be honest and true to myself. I will support him in prayer but I can't continue to be a fan at this time. I do not agree with his belief about homosexuality or by what I believe to be his choice. Many of you may disagree with me and even rail at me. Your right and I understand. I respect that this has had to be very difficult for him and actually understand why he hid it all even for as long as he did.
However, how I feel and what am I going to do now.....
I am grieving deeply as I will miss that glorious gift of God that is Clay, his voice, his love, his passion. I will miss the fandom. The fun. The comaraderie. I will miss him and I will miss all of you. This tears me apart and pains me greatly. This is one of the most difficult days of my life. I am in deep sorrow that I have to walk away like this now. But I can't stay and live a lie myself, no matter what. No matter how much I love his voice and many things about him. No matter how much I want the experience of being a fan in many ways. I have to do what I believe is right. And no matter how painful that is.
I have given much of the last 5 years to Clay. I have met him 3 times: Book signing, the tour bus and my M&G. I have seen him perform live almost 100 times. I have supported him at other appearances even when he was not singing. I have gone to gala's. I have contributed to UNICEF and the Bubel Aiken Foundation in money and time. I have promoted and defended the man to the hilt in many ways. All choices. My choices. Blessings have been mine the whole time. Though looking back perhaps I gave too much of my life and there has been a down side to my fandom. I have put CLay before God, my husband and my children and friends, often times. But again that was my choice and I believe no good intention, effort, or relationship was a waste. All comes together for the good.

I hope the best for Clay all his life.

I love him and I love you all

With this I say goodbye to Clay and this fanhood

posted by ColdChef 24 September | 19:03
Sadly, he may care about Marge.
Let it go, Clay. It's Chinatown.
posted by ethylene 24 September | 19:08
Oh, Marge, it's okay! You still have Anne Geddes!
posted by mudpuppie 24 September | 19:08
Maybe Thanksgiving Eve can be National Out Day.
The NOD. Find a flag and fly it.
i wonder what i'll come out as.
posted by ethylene 24 September | 19:12
PSA: Obama and McCain in "Field and Stream." || ooh, really pretty and soothing photographs of Scotland