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17 September 2008

I has a website NEED MOAR CONTENT - and that's where you come in. I need pictures of your cute black cats. I know you has them.[More:]All submissions will be attributed and I'll link to your site if you like. lolcats are fine as long as they're your cat or you have permission for the pic. There are no ads and I'm not selling anything. You can post your links here or email me at

(and yes, the design is not up to par at the moment, but I'll work on it after the wedding. If you like CSS AND cats, drop me a line.)
I haz a black cat! I'll try to get a decent picture when I next have access to mr alto's camera.

The first video on the page is 'no longer available', it would seem.
posted by altolinguistic 17 September | 07:47
I replaced the video, thanks. I have to go to traffic court now :( and then work :( :( but I can respond to emails and I'll be back on mecha tonight.
posted by desjardins 17 September | 07:56
My tabby doesn't mind having her picture taken. My black cat does so I only have a few.

Doodlebug on the windowsill

Doodlebug in US government property

my cats photostream which has a few more shots of the Doodlebug.

When you start up I'll have a lot more pix.
posted by birdherder 17 September | 08:23
I had two black cats, once upon a time... but sadly have no photos of them.

One lives upstairs, though, so I might try to nab me a shot or two. He almost never does anything goofy though. He used to be a tough-guy, before he was neutered... and now he doesn't go out looking for trouble-with-a-capital-"T" anymore, and getting mauled all the time, but he does often lay languorously about, giving us the premium stink-eye when I take Sky (NOT CAT-IST) in or out of the building. Maybe I'll get a nice stink-eye pic.
posted by taz 17 September | 08:29
While I do have a black cat, he is neither cute, nor easily photographed. I'll try to have a sitting with him, though.
posted by rainbaby 17 September | 09:10
Guinness, in what used to be our windowbox, and is now a cat-bed.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 September | 09:30
God I had so many black cats and kitties before the days of digital storing of photos I don't know how to get them on my HD now.... I dropped my scanner recently. It made a funky *ker-rash-klirr* noise. Is very very dead
posted by dabitch 17 September | 12:59
I know you has them too, you beautiful you, you.
Might as well get that one out of the way.
posted by dhartung 17 September | 14:00
Oh, the cat I tried to rescue last spring (Munch) was cute and black and I took one fuzzy photo of him in the short time he lived.
posted by stilicho 17 September | 16:54
posted by pompomtom 17 September | 19:10
My flickr has The Bees and cats that look like her.
posted by ethylene 18 September | 02:59
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 19 September | 00:23
oooh, eth! Did you knit that? Can you make me one?

posted by taz 19 September | 00:31
Small, super-dense, very dark, delicious, single-layer chocolate cake? || Burqa Band