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28 December 2007

Black cats and MeFites? Is it just me or is there a plethora of black cat owners on MeFi/Metachat? [More:]For example: jessamyn's, batgirlHG's, tastybrains', and of course my two.
Mine's mostly white, with light gray spots. Perfect for two goths!
But hey, speaking of cats, mine's gone insane!
posted by kellydamnit 28 December | 23:53
I've got a black tabby. I don't keep black cats for long. The 'real' owner shows up, it gets stupid and runs into traffic.

I've always wanted a black cat. :(
posted by lysdexic 29 December | 00:10
I fostered three black kittens once. I named them Larry, Daryl, and Daryl. They where the best 'cause they where more like goofy dogs than cats. And on freezing winter nights (northern New England and i had little for heat that winter) they would snuggle under the covers with me and make a purring cat blanket over my chest. They went to great homes but I miss them still.
posted by MonkeyButter 29 December | 01:31
Four examples out of 60,000-odd users? Sounds like confirmation bias to me.

(We have two cats. Neither is black.)
posted by dersins 29 December | 01:41
Well, okay, four does not a trend make but at least we can all agree that the skin tastes good. I mean, everyone likes the skin.
posted by MonkeyButter 29 December | 02:02
i do like the skin.

i think there are just a lot of black cats. Being nocturnal and all, you'd think it'd be a plus that would give even the stupider cats a leg up.
i never picked, they just ended up that way. i was given the first one, the second one was bald when it picked me, and this one just showed up. They seem to just end up looking kind of the same with the yellow eyes and black hair, but this one seems to be developing green edges to her pupils and her hair is short, so if i ever get another one, maybe it gets to be different.

Someone once said to me that black cats have more human expressions. i dunno about that. Maybe it is a blanker slate to interpret into our cartoon wishes.
posted by ethylene 29 December | 02:35
I am a black cat.

Or at least I wish I was one.
posted by treepour 29 December | 02:39
Out of the three cats I've had, two were black. I think one reason we like them because it's a snub to the "unlucky" black cat belief, and we suspect that black cats have been probably historically suffered more mistreatment at the hands of superstitious, sadistic creeps.
posted by taz 29 December | 03:00
One of mine is black too.
posted by misteraitch 29 December | 03:34
I've had one full black cat named XTC also known as "baby" or "Puppy" because he was the size of a dog. My other black cats had white socks or chests but this guy didn't even have a single white hair. He lived to 14 years old and died two years ago. He was found in an alley way off 16th street by Unions Square in New York City and spent the last part of his life in Harrison with a back yard.

My current cat is a lion gray tabby. (lion gray as in it looks yellow at times but really, he's pretty much as gray as they come). I've had one red cat, and when I asked for this cat (and his bro) from the kitten-farmer I ask for one gray and one red. Sadly the fox visited the kittens hideway that night and the two left were gray, so I took them.
posted by dabitch 29 December | 06:10
I have two cats. They are not black.
posted by essexjan 29 December | 07:00
I have two cats. One of them is black.
posted by birdherder 29 December | 07:59
Mine is grey. The one I had before, who defected to my sister, is striped, sort of grey, sort of brown, sort of sage.
posted by crush-onastick 29 December | 08:29
I have two black cats. Also one white cat.
posted by JanetLand 29 December | 10:01
My cat Moose is also black. He is the smartest cat I've ever been around, and my friends swap stories about things he's done.
posted by Sil 29 December | 10:35
I had a black cat but it's dead now.
posted by Doohickie 29 December | 12:42
I have no cats but my sister and Dad both have black ones. My dad has two actually.
posted by jessamyn 29 December | 12:53
1. Black cats are least likely to be adopted.
2. Mefis & Chatters have good hearts.
3. ???
4. Love : )
posted by Feisty 29 December | 13:22
I have a tabby, a calico, and a tortoiseshell. The closest to black is the tortoiseshell, unless you count the tabby's heart.
posted by interrobang 29 December | 14:54
All of ours have been foundlings - three were black, one tuxedo and one grey tabby... All unique and wonderful creatures, very loved, and loving in exchange for food and skritching.
posted by mightshould 29 December | 15:40
The closest to black is the tortoiseshell, unless you count the tabby's heart.

Aw, poor Boing.

My mum has a black cat that used to be mine. He was the one kitten out of a feral litter that wasn't afraid of me. I scooped him up and took him home. Mum hosted him (and my other, orange, cat) while I was moving from San Antonio to Seattle. She decided possession was 9/10 of the law and kept him and gave me back my orange kitty.

I currently have two grey and white kitties, an orange kitty and an orange & white kitty.
posted by deborah 29 December | 16:40
How black are these cats?
posted by theora55 29 December | 17:31
My black cat, Slade.
posted by rainbaby 29 December | 19:27
Is it just me or is there a plethora of black cat owners on MeFi/Metachat?

I dunno. I think there are as many white, Latino and Asian cat owners as there are blacks.
posted by shane 30 December | 00:50
Fry is a russet tabby. Munch, however, the itty-bitty stray I tried to save, was black.
posted by stilicho 30 December | 02:01
Ever heard the band Glossary? || Has anyone read "The Interpretation of Murder"? [probable spoilers]