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11 September 2008

Oh no. [More:]
My head hurts for this kid.

I was a sneaker. My sister also sneaked her boyfriend in. One time they fell asleep. My father was leaving for work and saw the boyfriend's motorcycle parked outside. I'm glad I wasn't there that morning. From that day our friends called my dad, "Stompin' Rob".
I love that part in Rapunzel where he finally gets to see her and gets his head smashed in at 4 in the morning.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 11 September | 20:59
Whoa, that's quite the story. Poorly written too!

While, as a father of young girls, I would like to reserve the right to wallop any naked boys I find in their room, something seems a little extreme in the hitting-people-with-pipes aspect of this.
posted by richat 11 September | 21:02
I did the sneaking thing once. It seems phenomenally reckless, looking back on it now...
posted by scarabic 11 September | 22:10
I offered the one I found a hot chocolate. He declined.
posted by goshling 11 September | 22:15
My best friend tried to sneak around to the back of my house to my room late at night once- she was upset about boy troubles, and wanted to talk to me. Meanwhile, all I hear is scary noises at my bedroom door (I had a sliding door to the ouside). I run into my Mom's bedroom. Mom! There's someone outside my room!! She walks me back to my room to show me what she's sure is just the ceiling fan, we both catch a glimpse of my friend's silhouette against the moon, and SCREEEEEAM!!!! Oh man, that was a fright. She was lucky my Dad wasn't home, my Dad probably would've kicked her butt.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 September | 22:42
(I was a sneaker and a sneakee.) Luckily, I never got caught. I think my parents pretty much suspected, but they never were able to prove anything legitimately (which is the way things work in our house, because if you don't have real proof, you can't really be in trouble).
The only problem is I live on a dead-end street. In the middle of nowhere.
posted by sperose 12 September | 01:16
Former sneaker here. One thing I learned by cutting through peoples' back yards is that if you throw your arms out wide and wave them up and down, you can walk back a crazy fucking dog barking at you and threatining to wake up "Dad". It helps that I knew "Dad" didn't own a gun.

Goddamn, sometimes I miss the 80's.
posted by trondant 12 September | 22:22
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