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11 September 2008

A metaphysical world in which color is your guide [More:]This is a fun time waster.

My color is "grape royal"

YOU have a complex nature and are not satisfied with the superficial. There is a longing inside of you for something more that wants to be embraced. Discipline, action and flexibility should be integrated for you to feel calm and balanced. Deep emotions should be explored with love and compassion or your thoughts can become negative or antagonistic. Your personal color helps you release limiting thoughts and beliefs. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Grape Royale connects you to your royal nature. It helps activate your intuition and your strong sense of truth.

I will surround myself with grape royal!
My color is Fiesta. Oh snap. It looks like the red of older McDonald's signs.

Not sure if surrounding myself in it would be such a good idea...
posted by defenestration 11 September | 19:49
I can't see anything on this site - even after dl'ing the flash!

posted by Lipstick Thespian 11 September | 21:05
LoriFLA, Madeleine Eleanor Pode & I will all look lovely in Grape Royale.

I can't see anything on this site

April 25th, Lipstick Thespian? Your colour is Azure Blue.

YOU are kind and spiritual and want to connect to something greater than yourself. There is a strong calling to do something helpful and meaningful. Many of you have healing ability. Touch is very important to you and so is being by the water. Artistic and theatrical, you are able to convey strong emotions. Your personal color connects you to the calm of the sea. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Azure Blue helps you move through the tides of change without feeling overwhelmed or lost.
posted by goshling 11 September | 21:49
Raspberry Wine. Yum.
posted by rainbaby 11 September | 22:13
Flamingo? Flaminco? Some ugly-ass orange color that would look terrible on me.
posted by dismas 11 September | 22:14
Okay, this is weird: my color has my name in it.
posted by Specklet 12 September | 05:38
That site should be required by law to have a link to this page.
posted by Wolfdog 12 September | 07:03
Oh no! mandrian orange - a color I do not like to be around, although I don't mind eating the fruit.... maybe this means I'm food-oriented?

What does this indicate about me? Am I not in tune with my true color-self? Should I seek color therapy? Perhaps I should start by painting a small corner of a room mandrian orange and live with it a week, then paint another swath the next week, and on and on until the whole room is orange! Suggestions for color intervention anyone?
posted by mightshould 12 September | 08:43
I am peridot. Green is my favorite but this is a bit too muddy for me.
posted by brujita 12 September | 08:49
Your color is Forest Green. You are an unrepentant hippie, with a peculiar sense of humor, a wry view of the world, and a desire to be kind. You throw like a girl.
posted by theora55 13 September | 10:07
mightshould, you could buy mandarin orange throw pillows, or an orange vase, an orange lamp, etc. Orange is very hip at the moment, it's everywhere! Or, just put a bowl of oranges in a bowl or plant orange flowers. My color is a dark purple. I wouldn't put such a dark color on the wall, I'm not brave enough. (It's nearly black.) I would buy purple stuff though.

This is all bull bologna, but it's fun.
posted by LoriFLA 13 September | 16:58
I like to do "do-gooder" things because I find them fun and interesting... || Oh no.